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Tiny Giant Monsters


Tiny Giant Monsters

Speaks for itself really. :XD:


Something I always thought was kinda funny/cute in the Reptilicus movie was that when the Danes are told that the monster is flying North, they immediately go, "Oslo!!?!" (Norway's capital) and sound less alarmed when they find out it's heading for Sweden's capital. :XD:

17th August 2011

3 days ago #9276248        

Why is the danish film spoken in american?


17 F
20 days ago #9269331        

I was sure Iceland wuold come with one of his demon and Australia with a crocodile XD

22 days ago #9268313        



20 F
8 months ago #9131126        

I love how the dino looks like it's smiling xD

8 months ago #9126565        

Halarious just halarious

8 months ago #9118931        

Maybe it's a weird 4 dimensional illusion based on a series of theory's over the plan on dinosaurs 0_0

9 months ago #9103081        

@Svamlet it kinda looks like a suit..

9 months ago #9096759        

Problems with yaoi? Hmmm...well, maybe in the southern regions...<--is a fujoshi

10 months ago #9066844        

america you have really great problems with yaoi.... and Danes.... You jneed to learn how to love the swedes


25 M
11 months ago #9043014        

We have a "Kaiju" movie from Sweden too. It is called "Space Invasion of Lapland" and it's pretty bad. A giant hairy Ape thing is attacking a Sami village but they fight it off with bow and arrows and spears :P There's also some bald dude with a cape in a UFO who might have something to do with the plot (or not) so there's your "space invasion". I cant remember if the monster was a suit, stop motion or a puppet though because there is no chance in hell that im ever rewatching it.

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