Too big for Denmark

Too big for Denmark

Another “Denmark is scared of nature” joke, this time disguised as a cheap sex joke.

I thought it would be funny to post this now after all that talk about their sexualities. Hopefully you were thinking, “NOO!! She’s turning it into a slash comic!” at least for a second. :giggle:

24th September 2009
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8 days ago #9329577        


And yet so far…


21 M
11 days ago #9327773        

AHAHAHAHAHAA, this was perfect xD

1 month ago #9318938        

So close...


21 F
1 month ago #9317389        

A slash comic would have been interesting...

2 months ago #9298919        

you are evil but genius XD


19 O
2 months ago #9298677        

I wanted a slash comic ;(

3 months ago #9276694        

My god this is GENIUS!!!xDDDD


22 F
4 months ago #9274781        

I love the expression on Denmark in the last pic XD. Love this comic <3

5 months ago #9260037        

... You didn't know it was a she? I figerd that out sinds i got here.

6 months ago #9243798        

...and a peninsula.
But you are right. Denmark is a watery country.

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