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Too big for Denmark


Too big for Denmark

Another “Denmark is scared of nature” joke, this time disguised as a cheap sex joke.

I thought it would be funny to post this now after all that talk about their sexualities. Hopefully you were thinking, “NOO!! She’s turning it into a slash comic!” at least for a second. :giggle:

24th September 2009

1 day ago #9138773      

Wait, this comic is by a "she"?

23 days ago #9124200      

wait, you mean this isn't a slash comic? now what i'm suposed to do with all this fanart?


14 F
1 month ago #9117933      

That's... destroy me XD

1 month ago #9115471      

best.... comic... EVER!!!! more like this please! <3 :P


16 M
1 month ago #9111548      

she be one

1 month ago #9106428      

Wait... You're a GIRL?


29 M
2 months ago #9102889      

Do never say BøsseBærer to an Dansih Guy that means Gay Bear

2 months ago #9085822      

Oh... Well I thought that was going in a different direction O_O

3 months ago #9060791      

again, yes we do.

3 months ago #9059105      

All the faces of D00m! XD

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