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Too big for Denmark


Too big for Denmark

Another “Denmark is scared of nature” joke, this time disguised as a cheap sex joke.

I thought it would be funny to post this now after all that talk about their sexualities. Hopefully you were thinking, “NOO!! She’s turning it into a slash comic!” at least for a second. :giggle:

24th September 2009

1 month ago #9298919        

you are evil but genius XD


19 O
1 month ago #9298677        

I wanted a slash comic ;(

2 months ago #9276694        

My god this is GENIUS!!!xDDDD


22 F
2 months ago #9274781        

I love the expression on Denmark in the last pic XD. Love this comic <3

4 months ago #9260037        

... You didn't know it was a she? I figerd that out sinds i got here.

4 months ago #9243798        

...and a peninsula.
But you are right. Denmark is a watery country.

6 months ago #9209516        

How did you guys not know she was a she?

7 months ago #9201075        

If the author is a girl then leave her alone. Besides I'm only good at drawing maps of Europe Most of the girls in my school are bloody good at drawing

7 months ago #9199939        

We may not have big rivers, but we DO have lots of other kinds of water. Lots of sea, for example. We are made out of islands. The sea is everywhere. And lakes too. God, the lakes. If you like water, come to Denmark.

7 months ago #9188917        

Why is everyone freaking out because the author is a girl? Sure I thought it was a guy at first (mostly because of all the males) but big deal. I was just like, Oh it's a girl. Neat. Next.

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