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Under The Sea


Under The Sea

I've seen so many fan-comics talking about Denmark not liking the sea, but that is actually the only part of nature he not only likes, but LOVES.

Denmark is mainly made up of islands so the sea is everywhere, and a lot of Danes feel almost claustrophobic if they get too far away from it.

Denmark is hugging a jellyfish because whenever I talk with Swedes or Norwegians who have been here in the summer, they almost always talk about how insanely many jellyfish we have here.
And the mermaid (merman?) thing is of course a joke on The Little Mermaid. If you want to get something with a mermaid on it, go to a Danish souvenir shop. Mermaids EVERYWHERE!

EDIT: No, I'm not saying Norwegians don't like the sea. Norway is just confused that Denmark does.

30th March 2012


20 F
3 days ago #9205380        

I now imagine Denmark to be like Ariel. living in a castle under the sea and drinking potions or using spells to get legs to get up on land.xD

29 days ago #9182822        

In Denmark it's impossible to get more than 50 km away from the sea.

1 month ago #9173704        

@TheDanishDude Well thanks for that, I thought they liked the sea, I'm particulary interested in Vikings, so I would be pleased to know somethings more. I know more about the Portuguese navigation, they decide to sail and were very lucky

1 month ago #9172132        

@TimMogens the vikings did actually not love the sea. They preferred to stay on land, it was not because they loved the sea they where forced to


20 M
2 months ago #9162680        

Guess Denmark hugging a jellyfish explains why i saw so many of them washed ashore when i was there...

2 months ago #9152895        

The mermaid Denmark instantly made me think of Hans Christian Anderson. <3

5 months ago #9105658        

I envy you Denmark, I want to live as a jellyfish loving mere man, but the thing is, what's the hell is going on!!!!!!!!!

Om a nom nom nom nom 0_0

5 months ago #9096694        

I'm kinda jealous. Although I'm in North Carolina and the state touches the sea, I still have to drive a bit to get to it. It would be nice to live around the water I think.

5 months ago #9083562        

He want to be PART OF HIS WORLD~

6 months ago #9075723        

The Danes have one of the best navy in the world, just saying.

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