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Under The Sea

Under The Sea

I've seen so many fan-comics talking about Denmark not liking the sea, but that is actually the only part of nature he not only likes, but LOVES.

Denmark is mainly made up of islands so the sea is everywhere, and a lot of Danes feel almost claustrophobic if they get too far away from it.

Denmark is hugging a jellyfish because whenever I talk with Swedes or Norwegians who have been here in the summer, they almost always talk about how insanely many jellyfish we have here.
And the mermaid (merman?) thing is of course a joke on The Little Mermaid. If you want to get something with a mermaid on it, go to a Danish souvenir shop. Mermaids EVERYWHERE!

EDIT: No, I'm not saying Norwegians don't like the sea. Norway is just confused that Denmark does.

30th March 2012
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1 month ago #9328875        

I totally get that feeling when being too far from the coast. I think it's because I use the coastline as a landmark when looking at a map, using that as a reference frame for every location. Going to an inland location, like central Germany, there's suddenly land for hundreds of kilometers in every direction, and the reference frame is gone.


1 month ago #9324934        

@Planken Perfect.
Does that mean Norway is Flounder?

2 months ago #9312945        

Not just that but the Danes have such a fun name for jellyfish; gopler. Much better then manet.



20 F
4 months ago #9281843        

@lectraMaple Sweden.

4 months ago #9280420        

Well, Only on sjælland, in Jutland we dont see many mermaids :D

4 months ago #9274798        

@Planken So who would be Sebastian and sing under the sea?

7 months ago #9240651        

Am i the only Dane who loves nature but hates the sea? XD

8 months ago #9219310        

The thing about jellyfish, is that they amazingly fun to throw at your friends - only to have them catch it in the air and throw it back at you.


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8 months ago #9205380        

I now imagine Denmark to be like Ariel. living in a castle under the sea and drinking potions or using spells to get legs to get up on land.xD

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