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Wonderful Nature

Wonderful Nature

Denmark is an incredibly safe aka. uneventful place to live.

We have the least corrupt politicians and law enforcements in the world. We have a low crime rate, and we have never had something like a serial killer because the country is so small that if you kill someone you will have nowhere to hide, and we have a good relationship with our surrounding countries so if you try to hide in any of them, the Danish police will be called up by Sweden/Norway/Germany and asked, “Hey, we have a weird Dane running around. You’re looking for him or something?”
Even our nature is ridiculously safe. We have no nature catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes or big forest fires. No mountains to fall from. Our biggest predator is the fox, and our only poisonous snake is only sort of lethal if your old or sick.

So when a moose swam from Sweden to Denmark, we freaked out! Because what if it stepped on someone!?
It either got shot or hit by a train (can't remember which) but believe me, if it was still around it would most likely have killed someone, because Danes have no idea what to do around big wild animals. :XD:

29th August 2009

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8 days ago #9360099        

wow... what a stupid bitch. We just don't have any big predator animals. That's just how it is. We had quite a few wolfs 200 years ago. But we sadly killed them all. People got payed good money for each wolf killed. luckily they are starting to come back now, and they are endangered. huge fines are giving out to people who hurt them.

21 days ago #9356737        

Yeah, we don't have much safety in America, our government is extremely corrupt, we have very high crime rates, there has been lots of serial killers, we have earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, AND hurricanes, there's plenty of mountains and canyons to fall from, the greatest predator is the grizzly bear, and our most venomous snake is the Coral snake (which will kill you withinin minutes of being bitten).
But, hey, it could definetly be worse. Like Australia, where basically the entire wildlife is trying to kill you.

22 days ago #9356338        

Lol at the Americans calling other people wimps, the real wimps are the ones hiding behind firearms :)

2 months ago #9343436        

It's official, Danes are wimps, and have no life, basically. They better have 'big shoes'.



21 M
3 months ago #9327769        

You should import some Republicans from Murika, that'd get you nice and terrified for life...


14 M
3 months ago #9324076        

I've been told that Finland is the least corrupt country

4 months ago #9309172        

Three moose. One is named Moosy. What are the other two called?


21 F
5 months ago #9297842        

It's settled. I blame my danish blood for my fear of nature.

6 months ago #9276666        

Our biggest predators are foxes and badgers, but we are beginning to get wolves in Jutland!:D We get them from Germany. A few years ago, a german wolf was found dead in Jutland, and since then, more has come!
Germany might have caused World War 2, but at least now they can help us getting the wolf back!:)
Also, in Bornholm, we're getting bisons in Ekkodalen:)
Otherwise, it's not a very interesting sort of animals we have. Maybe except for the red and the black squirrel. The red squirrel is beautiful, and it originated from the black squirrel. The black squirrel is the REAL danish squirrel, and it's so rare, but it's getting bigger in number!:)
We don't like the gray squirrels that comes here and kills our precious red squirrels!>: (

6 months ago #9274199        

Yep, definitely wanna move to Denmark now xD

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