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Wonderful Nature


Wonderful Nature

Denmark is an incredibly safe aka. uneventful place to live.

We have the least corrupt politicians and law enforcements in the world. We have a low crime rate, and we have never had something like a serial killer because the country is so small that if you kill someone you will have nowhere to hide, and we have a good relationship with our surrounding countries so if you try to hide in any of them, the Danish police will be called up by Sweden/Norway/Germany and asked, “Hey, we have a weird Dane running around. You’re looking for him or something?”
Even our nature is ridiculously safe. We have no nature catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes or big forest fires. No mountains to fall from. Our biggest predator is the fox, and our only poisonous snake is only sort of lethal if your old or sick.

So when a moose swam from Sweden to Denmark, we freaked out! Because what if it stepped on someone!?
It either got shot or hit by a train (can't remember which) but believe me, if it was still around it would most likely have killed someone, because Danes have no idea what to do around big wild animals. :XD:

28th August 2009

8 hours ago #9140678      

poor moose


18 days ago #9128324      

Oh, yes.
I remember the painful discussions whether to shoot it or not.
In the end it was hit by a train, poor thing.


22 M
26 days ago #9122974      

Well except for the one hurricane in '99


31 F
1 month ago #9113622      

Wow impressive! Hows the immigration law? Can i immigrate to denmark now? Lol

1 month ago #9110519      

they dont know how to handel wild life, but they know how to handel raids.

1 month ago #9106412      

Seriously... How on earth is that moose going to step on someone??? I mean, the main danger that mooses bring is that they are pretty dangerous if you hit them with a car... You know, crashing through the windshield with their pretty large weight.

Poor moose... You couldn't just send it back to Sweden instead of killing it?

2 months ago #9105488      

Reminds me of Hälge ^^

2 months ago #9101562      

@Dagnis We do, actually. We have the "Elgburger" (Moose Burger) which is pretty popular amongst hunters.

2 months ago #9101234      

In Norway moose is Elg...

2 months ago #9086471      

Denmark should visit the USA. He can meet all alligators, mountain lions, Buffalo, bears, and the most dreaded of all animals, the moose.

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