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"Uh, I can teach you Spanish if you like."

Mexico is portrayed as a beautiful woman with her hair tied back in a bun with a red rose attached to it. But in the most recent comic starring her, The bestest and biggest hostage taker she has significant changes, her hair being turned to brown and tied to a long braid with a red bow. The red flowers still remain and her hips is now gone, whether this change is permanent or not still remains a mystery.

She and America are in a honeymoon phase of their relationship so they only see the positive aspects of each other; she sees America as a strong, wealthy nation that might help her out of poverty, while America sees her as a beautiful nation with strict religious morals. But much to the annoyance of America, Brother Mexico keeps hopping the fence into America's backyard uninvited and sometimes brings the whole family as well.

When America tells Mexico he is trying to be worldly, Mexico suggests to him that she could teach him Spanish, but he dismisses Mexico's offer and instead brags that he knows Canadian, Australian, British (variations of English).

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