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Sister Iceland

"Oooooh! A pony!"

Like how other countries stay true to their name, Sister Iceland is nothing other than the sibling to Iceland himself . With her brother being the main representative of their country, she makes less appearances. Comics including her are often when the comic has a female theme (although he may appear anyways, just dressed in drag).

"This is my beautiful sister!"
- Brother Iceland

When she was introduced, she was made in a similar formula to her brother, involving sports and beauty. Like him, she has sparkles, sunglasses, a sleeveless top, and bright hair. However, her hair is straighter and slightly spills over the left side of her head, and has darker pants.

In her limited appearances, she doesn't speak nearly as much as her brother and is less expressive, often only becoming active when others are around her, such as sisters Denmark and Norway. She's commonly exposed to themes of sexuality, such as from Romania and Sister Sweden, and usually expresses a distaste to it, giving her an innocent demeanor as opposed to her brother's more extreme, sporty personality.

Since Icelandic Cookbook, her character was changed. Her hair is now "poofier" and round like Iceland's, and has a new personality, although this may only be for when she's alone with her brother.

Due to her tag being incomplete, Sister Iceland's appearances are provided below:
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