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Child of the Night


Child of the Night

Throughout the world Romania have two stereotypes: Vampires and thieving gipsies.

So of course Romania is a vampire who would rather steal your purse than drink your blood. Yes, I know that makes me a horrible person. :XD:

And yes, that is Sister England. Yes, I know you English people envisioned her differently, but this is the kind of women we see in your TV series and movies, so this is what she looks like. :D

7th August 2010

8 days ago #9272885        

@Keichwoud You can say that again

16 days ago #9269827        

DAMN the Denmarks look alike.


19 M
2 months ago #9253436        

Ive seen this comic at least twice and this is the first time I noticed Denmark in the lineup with his sister XD

2 months ago #9247671        

I like my vampires non sparkly plz. I'll stick with Dracula

3 months ago #9234677        

I love that Denmark was also a victim xD

6 months ago #9161151        

which one did you prefer?

6 months ago #9160187        

@CharlesXI yeah

6 months ago #9158700        

There should be personifications of the states...

6 months ago #9154309        

Ah America... What state?

6 months ago #9154022        

Bake a cake! Go Latvia!
Iceland's was cool too....

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