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Child of the Night


Child of the Night

Throughout the world Romania have two stereotypes: Vampires and thieving gipsies.

So of course Romania is a vampire who would rather steal your purse than drink your blood. Yes, I know that makes me a horrible person. :XD:

And yes, that is Sister England. Yes, I know you English people envisioned her differently, but this is the kind of women we see in your TV series and movies, so this is what she looks like. :D

7th August 2010

10 days ago #9310608        

funny that both danmark and sister danmark ar ther


25 M
15 days ago #9307982        

@6ArTrA6 well, in the end it's their loss; had a similar reaction over the hollydays,the old folks were worried for a bit


15 F
16 days ago #9307749        

@herby It's just strange how they can think this is serious, even for a second. I laugh so hard at some strips that people near me run away. xD


25 M
17 days ago #9306567        

@6ArTrA6 it's easy to get defensive when you don't realize this is all done in good faith, for the lols


15 F
22 days ago #9302718        

@herby That's exactly what I think every time she brings America in, since I'm American. I just don't get why people are offended by a joke!


23 days ago #9302564        

Having Irish Traveler relatives, I very much sympathize with Romanis.

Also, I love the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The soundtrack, anyway. The movie has jack shit to do with the book.


25 M
29 days ago #9299011        

i'm romanian ... and just have to say that i found this piece of mundane humor ... hilarious!!

1 month ago #9296862        

that was not romania that was obiosly chad duh....

1 month ago #9296810        

Björn now there's a large overstatement. As always poor countries have a larger thieving culture. Jews used to wander aimlessly without a home (until we decided to give them one by stealing someone else's), they settled in countries all over Europe and came to own a large capital inside said countries. The Jew attacks by Nazi-Germany were less hate and more cash based needs.

1 month ago #9296216        

The romani people is the new "jews" of europe. The holocaust-ghost still makes it tabu to come with racistic statements towards the jews (which is a good thing), but for some sad reason, europeans are too retarded to realize that they treat the Romani people today excactly like the germans did in the 20's....

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