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Child of the Night


Child of the Night

Throughout the world Romania have two stereotypes: Vampires and thieving gipsies.

So of course Romania is a vampire who would rather steal your purse than drink your blood. Yes, I know that makes me a horrible person. :XD:

And yes, that is Sister England. Yes, I know you English people envisioned her differently, but this is the kind of women we see in your TV series and movies, so this is what she looks like. :D

7th August 2010

5 days ago #9137046      

sister england steriotype i think is based on comedies like Faulty Towers and Last of the Summer Wine

10 days ago #9133408      

Count Romania actually sounds better than Count Dracula.

13 days ago #9131364      

Sister England reminds me of Emma Thompson

28 days ago #9121637      

Hi so how was your day o @meanwhile

29 days ago #9120867      


1 month ago #9119101      

@Meanwhile stop repeating yourself!

1 month ago #9119014      

Maybe .....he is a ...pedo...

1 month ago #9118936      

Help my ponce of a brother asked me to clean the dishwasher

1 month ago #9118922      

Come to me my darling! ;)

1 month ago #9118899      

Naw I think he had lockjaw so he had the weird smile

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