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Child of the Night

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Child of the Night

Throughout the world Romania have two stereotypes: Vampires and thieving gipsies.

So of course Romania is a vampire who would rather steal your purse than drink your blood. Yes, I know that makes me a horrible person. :XD:

And yes, that is Sister England. Yes, I know you English people envisioned her differently, but this is the kind of women we see in your TV series and movies, so this is what she looks like. :D

7th August 2010

6 days ago #9289061        

I see Sister Finland isn't there, she probably swung her knife at Romania before he did anything

15 days ago #9282790        

I'm Romanian...Should I feel offended? lol Nah, I'm actually not, since there are stealing gypsies all over Europe who are not only from Romania but also from other European countries as well ^^ They arrived in Scandinavian countries over 500 years ago ( ) so yeah...The thing with the stealing gypsies doesn't apply only to those coming from Romania ^^ Also, ethnically they're Indians and Pakistanis, not exactly "Romanian" so to speak. Maybe the word "Rromani" as in "gypsy", and "Romanian" as in citizen of the East European country,Romania, might confuse you, since they might seem similar. Actually, their meaning is very different. We Romanians are descendants of the thracian and dacian people, then after the Roman conquest of Dacia in 106, of the Roman people as well. That's why we are called "Romanians"=descendents of the Romans. The mistake is to think that the word "Român" (Romanian) means the same thing as rroma=gypsy. The word "rrom" is from Rromani language (the gypsy language, not to be confused with Romanian) and it means "man, husband", it has nothing to do with the word "Romanian/Român". There is only a phonetical similarity, but the definition and context couldn't be more different. Sorry if I wrote too much *steams of embarrassment* (*≧∀≦)ゞ That aside, love this comic <3 Please keep up the good work ^^ And if you think "this makes you a horrible person" just do some new panels that involve Romania, so you could "clear your consciousness", that would make my day (*^▽^*)ゞ

25 days ago #9277503        

I like how Denmark is in it too:XD:
Makes total sense with his sexuality xP

1 month ago #9272885        

@Keichwoud You can say that again

1 month ago #9269827        

DAMN the Denmarks look alike.


20 M
3 months ago #9253436        

Ive seen this comic at least twice and this is the first time I noticed Denmark in the lineup with his sister XD

3 months ago #9247671        

I like my vampires non sparkly plz. I'll stick with Dracula

4 months ago #9234677        

I love that Denmark was also a victim xD

7 months ago #9161151        

which one did you prefer?

7 months ago #9160187        

@CharlesXI yeah

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