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Meet my Sister


Meet my Sister

It's a girl thing. You boys wouldn't understand it.

Anyway, here’s the boys introducing their sisters to each other. All countries have a sibling of the opposite sex. This came to be because the stereotypical Swedish woman is radically different from the stereotypical Swedish man. In fact, she is the complete opposite of everything the Swedish man stands for, so Sweden is not particular proud of her.

21st July 2009


12 M
29 days ago #9253435        

Ooh, a pony..

1 month ago #9245461        

Oh I love how Finland's showing an EXPRESSION other than anger or evilness!

1 month ago #9244129        

Why did Sister Iceland go find her self a pony?

2 months ago #9238609        

I really want sister Denmark to be my sister for some reason

2 months ago #9228524        

@Lovsan I think you mean socially awkward. And whether she is that or not, that's not necessarily it. Sister Iceland is basically like a stereotypical teenage "girly-girl" who likes ponies and cute animals.

4 months ago #9190380        

Sister Iceland and Brother Iceland both are nice!

4 months ago #9186301        

@America-sama Thanks!

4 months ago #9186195        

@DanishGirlDK You are super fun like your avatar!

4 months ago #9178264        

I'm just like sister Iceland whenever I see a pony or a horse, just running up to it and pet it :3

About sister Sweden, I guess it's true :XD:

5 months ago #9162559        

@JWTB Beautiful, not hot.

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