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Meet my Sister

Meet my Sister

It's a girl thing. You boys wouldn't understand it.

Anyway, here’s the boys introducing their sisters to each other. All countries have a sibling of the opposite sex. This came to be because the stereotypical Swedish woman is radically different from the stereotypical Swedish man. In fact, she is the complete opposite of everything the Swedish man stands for, so Sweden is not particular proud of her.

22nd July 2009
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15 M
2 days ago #9340824        

got to love the faces they make XD

2 days ago #9340624        

Don't worry,Sweden. At least you're sister doesn't dress you up in frilly,pink clothes.


37 F
19 days ago #9333994        

I like how female Iceland couldn't care.

27 days ago #9330561        

Sister Iceland is the one that sees the pony, not sister Denmark



21 M
1 month ago #9327766        

Sister Denmark, that's not a pony... that's Sister Mexico, and is actually a donkey.

1 month ago #9323423        

People shouldn't think that women with big breasts are sluts or "whores". Sister Sweden could be a very good friend. :)


15 F
2 months ago #9322641        

Even Finland looks at her... xD

2 months ago #9318616        

Huh, here in Sweden I personally don't think that the swedish ladies are more sexy or beautiful than other girls from other coutries.

2 months ago #9308116        

i feel a sudden urge to go to sweden for a time...

3 months ago #9301411        

@ZazzlesTheKitten Because Swedish girls are often known to be very.. well attractive. And boobs often seem attractive for men.

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