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Meet my Sister


Meet my Sister

It's a girl thing. You boys wouldn't understand it.

Anyway, here’s the boys introducing their sisters to each other. All countries have a sibling of the opposite sex. This came to be because the stereotypical Swedish woman is radically different from the stereotypical Swedish man. In fact, she is the complete opposite of everything the Swedish man stands for, so Sweden is not particular proud of her.

21st July 2009

1 day ago #9136944      

man Sweden is truly embarrassed

3 days ago #9135279      

Sister Iceland seems nice.

3 days ago #9135161      

denmarks a whore and no one whines at him! accept for sweden whos a nerd XD


120 O
9 days ago #9131081      

Danish girls are the best. IRL fact.


21 M
1 month ago #9114402      

and the throphy goes to........FINLAND!!!hehe..

1 month ago #9112091      

Finland's happy face!!! >_<


31 F
1 month ago #9111941      

All white ppl look the same....

1 month ago #9109933      

Hahahah, I love them!

1 month ago #9106399      

Ugh... Why is Finland never BLONDE???

Yes. The only thing I'm complaining about drunk creeps who represent Finland is that they're. Not. BLONDE. >:(

2 months ago #9100354      

@iamjtt you're supposed to be able to tell just from looking?

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