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Bath Time

Bath Time

You voted, so here they are. The Nordic countries in all their naked glory. Enjoy, you perverts!

There are no stereotypes saying that Finns look like this. I just thought it went well with the I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-think personality I’ve given them. :)

And yes, I actually imagine Sister Norway to be slightly taller than her brother, just because. :D

I didn’t realize it before the picture was done, but I love how you can see that a domino effect will take place in the boys' picture:

Iceland is just standing around being his usual pretty self., distracts Sweden. Therefore he doesn’t notice that Denmark is about to towel whip Norway. When that happens, Norway will jump, and bump into Finland. Finland will drop his beer, and then all hell will break loose! :XD:

17th October 2009
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7 days ago #9328481        

Oh my God, Denmark's rapeface as he stares at Norway's ass! :D


21 M
9 days ago #9327789        

I predict some knife flashing in the near future...

10 days ago #9327331        

@Snowman I wasn't being sarcastic in case you get the wrong idea. (This happens to me a lot)

10 days ago #9327329        

Oh ha-ha @Snowman I just noticed that!

10 days ago #9327328        

Why does my brother keep coming into my room ruining my bi-sexual tendencies?

12 days ago #9326413        

Denmark, what are you going to do with that?


15 F
22 days ago #9322586        

Did enywhone else notice that Sweden is looning on Islands "flag"


19 M
1 month ago #9311846        

@TheDanishDude LOL...all this time I was wondering why the Danes are portrayed as short...

2 months ago #9294376        

i know this is a bit bitchy but would you pls stop portraiting danes as they where dwares. we do after all rank amongst the tallest people on earth. in fact at rank 3 acording to this side
and this
and on this we are the 5

3 months ago #9288461        

... I just realized that I look like Finland.

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