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Bath Time

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Bath Time

You voted, so here they are. The Nordic countries in all their naked glory. Enjoy, you perverts!

There are no stereotypes saying that Finns look like this. I just thought it went well with the I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-think personality I’ve given them. :)

And yes, I actually imagine Sister Norway to be slightly taller than her brother, just because. :D

I didn’t realize it before the picture was done, but I love how you can see that a domino effect will take place in the boys' picture:

Iceland is just standing around being his usual pretty self., distracts Sweden. Therefore he doesn’t notice that Denmark is about to towel whip Norway. When that happens, Norway will jump, and bump into Finland. Finland will drop his beer, and then all hell will break loose! :XD:

17th October 2009


18 M
18 hours ago #9267393        

hmmmm maybe by sketches but it would look weird and take a lot of time....sorry budy =(
they should make an uncensored version of this! @Netherlands
sorry for taking so long but you didnt put the @

2 days ago #9266962        

Sister Finland looks like a boy... I love the two Finlands' faces XD Always the same with their alcohol!
And awww Sweden is so CUTE distracted by Iceland *o*

6 days ago #9265133        

sister Denmark looks like a child o.0

12 days ago #9262727        

Sweden's face is so great in this moment. Personally, I would've loved to see Svalbard and Sister France in a situation like this too heh heh heh

28 days ago #9253564        

some one how is well at art should do it. i cant do it unfurtently, you?


18 M
1 month ago #9251536        

definitely @Netherlands

1 month ago #9251058        

I wish un censored...


18 M
1 month ago #9250180        

i wan to do more denmarks...specially the male one...

1 month ago #9249522        

Is it weird that I want to do both Icelands?

1 month ago #9249112        

Oh! Poor sister finland!

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