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Wrong answer? Wrong question!

Wrong answer? Wrong question!

In Japan it's quite common for a grown man to adopt another grown man.

It started when company owners wanted to keep the company in their family but either didn't have sons who could inherit it, or didn't think their sons where up for the job. So what to do? Hand it over to their daughters? Ha! Don't be ridiculous! It's much more sensible to adopt a 50 years old man from work legally and keep the company in the family that way!

Gay weddings aren't allowed in Japan, so gay couples use this whole adoption business to become family in the eyes of the law. That way they can secure each other financially and be allowed to see each other in places where only family is allowed.

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4th May 2017
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7 years ago #9629931        

I want to see this truck fixing, bone fighting, flower picking incident.

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7 years ago #9630335        

Never use the sentence "Cannot be worse", or the Universe take it as a personal challenge to prove you are wrong!

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7 years ago #9630551        

"I've seen your sister fix a truck while fighting a skinhead with a broken bottle, while you ran around in a field picking flowers!"

I'd really like to see a picture of that ...

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7 years ago #9630032        

Actually the media is forcing to think that only traditional "gender roles" are acceptable. So they try to force it on gays.

I mean, I read a title about a newly divorced man saying "Will he be able to wash his clothes all by himself?!" I was like, wow, how demeaning. And I'm a woman who can equally good screw a bolt as do the dishes. Screw you media for thinking one or the other sex can't do one or the other thing, screw you!

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7 years ago #9630387        

As a gay guy, I see no issues with traditional gender roles. Hell, my ex was very feminine, and I've always been masculine. I prefer it that way, and so does he. There is no point in getting all upset over someone asking this question. We all KNOW what he's asking. He's pretty much just asking who is the top and who is the bottom. *shrug*

Also, wtf Japan....

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7 years ago #9629993        

Can we see that truck incident with Sister Denmark? that sounds epic !

7 years ago #9629951        

My gay/bi friends all say that the most annoying thing in the world isn't ignorant straight people, but straight people getting upset on behalf of gay people, like the latter were sensitive flowers incapable of forming an opinion.
I dig it.
I get annoyed every time thin people start soapboxing on behalf of us fatsos.
NO. I'm not equating gay people with overweight people, I'm just not gay myself so I used fatties as an example since I am one.
Alternatively I can use hypermobility syndrome sufferers as an example, since I'm also one myself.

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6 years ago #9780986        

Wait.. Sis Denmark fought off a skinhead with a broken bottle while fixing a truck? I need a comic of this.

7 years ago #9629945        

It's like seeing a pair of chopsticks and asking which one is the fork. I share in Aland's outrage.

Also, can we see that truck incident with Sister Denmark?

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7 years ago #9630049        

It does seem to be a false dichotomy, having to equate a member of a gay couple as being the "opposite gender."
Also one of those questions I'd have to be blitzed to ask, too.

But you opened a can of worms, Humon...can we get Sister Denmark fixing fixing a truck while fighting off a skinhead with a broken bottle while Brother Denmark traipses around in a field picking flowers in a dress now?

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