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Brand New Equipment


Brand New Equipment

The penis museum in Iceland finally got a human penis. The world is a better place now. 8D

10th May 2011

6 days ago #9311804        

That is all kinds of scary.


23 F
13 days ago #9308398        

There is a man, I think he lives in Canada, who has the longest erect penis in the world, if I remember correctly from reading this in a news paper article his penis is around 43 cm erect. He has promised our Penis museum his penis when he passes... NO JOKE!! LOL!!!


15 F
23 days ago #9301339        

I named it Drjóli!

1 month ago #9291597        



17 M
2 months ago #9281222        

The more you discover about Iceland, the more you want to visit it, but don't. I don't know. It's just... so different you want to see it... but you don't want to ruin the image in your head.

2 months ago #9278977        

Their faces in the last panel though D8

2 months ago #9277927        

Omg Iceland finally has a human penis, give him a medal, quick!


246 F

Online Now
3 months ago #9269302        

And he's so proud of himself, wow XD


18 M
3 months ago #9267200        

Iceland is really creepy in this one XD


569 F
3 months ago #9265426        

NUUUUUU!! D: Not the dala horse!! :-:

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