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Brand New Equipment

Brand New Equipment

The penis museum in Iceland finally got a human penis. The world is a better place now. 8D

10th May 2011

Tagged in Denmark Iceland Norway Sweden

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20 M
5 days ago #9377295        

I don't mind the penis jars as long as there is bjór for me.

2 months ago #9360897        

we also eat sheap balls fyi as traditional food.

2 months ago #9357727        

You know a country is weird when they are weird by swedish standards, and we eat fermented herring and pretend to be frogs, jumping around a pole once a year.

2 months ago #9355364        

@DanishAirsofter -sends multiple vodka care packages- o.o


2 months ago #9354352        

@GamerGirlLucy Can you send some of it this way? What has been seen, cannot be unseen, but maybe it can be drowned.

3 months ago #9347976        

That demon though...

3 months ago #9342914        

You Icelanders are frankly scary.

Please don't hurt me!

4 months ago #9336707        

Iceland will get a second human penis witch is the largest in the world just fyi and just letting you know that one human penis is not enough for iceland :P we're really strange ;)


34 M
4 months ago #9332538        

Im going to join Lucy on this one.......... got any extra vodka?


20 M
5 months ago #9325864        

@Mecharic *The world

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