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Brand New Equipment


Brand New Equipment

The penis museum in Iceland finally got a human penis. The world is a better place now. 8D

10th May 2011

1 month ago #9173504        

Aww yes good old Drjóli. for those of you that don't know saying Drjóli is kinda like saying Willy in english


25 F
2 months ago #9161760        

Hahaha. The other comic-strips around 500-700 comments. This one 1200 comments! AHAHA

2 months ago #9154663        

so happy for iceland ^_^

3 months ago #9147682        

am i the only one here asking how they hot hold of it?


19 M
3 months ago #9143297        

@JustMe we won't

3 months ago #9141967        

Ah Iceland, never change

3 months ago #9140984        

Noooo our Dalahorse! :'(

3 months ago #9140600        

at first i thought it was rotten shark!

3 months ago #9130231        

So very traumatizing...but Iceland is so happy!

4 months ago #9127803        

I have to go to Iceland. I'm sure. Definitely.

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