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Christmas Traditions


Christmas Traditions

The boys are here dressed as a horrifying mix of various Scandinavian Christmas traditions.

The goat costumes are from the Christmas billy-goat. It’s the oldest Christmas tradition in Scandinavia, and most likely predates Christianity, and is therefore a heathen tradition that was simply absorbed by the new religion in these parts of the world. Usually it’s made of straw but in some families people even dress up as it.

The candles are from Santa Lucia procession A Swedish tradition that has spread to the rest of Scandinavia, though it remains most popular in Sweden where girls from all over the country compete to become the Lucia of the year.

And finally the flags as decoration on the tree is a Danish tradition that started during the Nazi’s time in Denmark where the Danes weren’t allowed to use their flag, and therefore used it as a Christmas decoration. This later spread to the rest of Scandinavia.

In the December calendar picture on the traditions are separated, with Denmark showing of his beloved Christmas beer, and added Finland as Santa because in Finland they take Santa very seriously, and Iceland with a baby doll in his mouth because in Iceland they have 13 Santas and they don’t just give naughty kids coal, their mother eats them! (The picture isn’t up yet, but will be tomorrow).

29th November 2010

11 days ago #9130256      

god, for a second this looked like a satan ritual.
Dont ask me hwo i know what that looks like.

1 month ago #9114660      

The smart answer is that Scandinavia is still a pagan region. 0_0


19 M
2 months ago #9098378      

You're right Norway! :)

2 months ago #9096419      

In Norway (Denmark and Sweden too) Christmas still being call Yula (jul på nosk) and it has nothing to do with religion. Sure we sing the Christmas classic, but it's hard to find any crib. Normally Christmas is the feast of love and family in Norway with a lot of hearts everywhere.

3 months ago #9067232      

in norway we didn`t adobt any word for x-mas, but the norse had a holyday on the 21.12, at that time they cellebrated for longer days.
after 21 of desember the days gett longer, more day light, easy said "only 4 month to spring".

3 months ago #9066498      

good tradition, I'll dress like a goat next x-mas

4 months ago #9032065      

Denmark "Don't touch my christmas tree!"

4 months ago #9028786      

Tempted to try them all this year


18 F
5 months ago #9023155      

@dracuella Well, that's true, but we usually save that one for last, right? We have other songs, such as "Et barn er født i Betlehem" and "Højt fra træets grønne top", where we just "dance" (walk) around the tree. :D

5 months ago #9008924      

It's probably just as well they tend to be Lutheran.

It does my cultural-Protestant soul good. Ha!

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