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Dysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional Family

People become crazy axe murders for various reasons. :XD:

Inspired by a comment to one of my pictures, “It’s incredible how such a small island like Åland can keep a whole country on it’s toes. It’s like Åland rules Finland and not the other way around!”

Obviously I’m overdoing the real Finland and Åland’s relationship, but I had to illustrate just how much of a troll Åland can be to Finland, because he is the only male character who isn’t afraid of Finland at all. He has been playing his cards perfectly from the start, and now he has Finland by the balls, so to speak.

Besides, Finland needs to be put in his place every now and then. Yes, their family is a little dysfunctional at times. ;)

24th May 2010

Tagged in Norway Denmark Finland Aland Sweden

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9 days ago #9385762        

Laughed till I got the hiccoughs from this one.


29 F
11 days ago #9384949        

I don't know who I love more in this one, Aland or Finland! XD

12 days ago #9384661        

Geez, Aland turned terrifying fast XD

13 days ago #9384167        

I want everyone who watches Hetalia to invasion APH Finland doing this.


27 days ago #9376565        

Åland is so hard core it's cute.

1 month ago #9375100        

"Now go out and play", it's like now "Go out and play 'Let's Kill the Scandinavian Boys with an Ax!'"


16 F
2 months ago #9362365        

Finland reminds me of Russia from Hetalia....

2 months ago #9360331        

Haha. Finland is such a crazy bastard. He is my favorite character of the bunch.

3 months ago #9357358        

@Ice0tea huge mate , for example theres 8 tones for cantonese where compare only 6 tones for mandarin. that even make it more difficult for mainland chinese people to learn (in the past) . this is also one of the main reason why cantonese has been replaced by mandarin historically(by Dr Sun Yet Sen) . it would be easier for you white people to learn mandarin and i have met a lot who can speak fluent mandarin here in UK(very rare of them can speak fluent cantonese though ). XD

3 months ago #9356859        

@melvyn215 i know and it's more spoken. Also do you know the exact difrence?

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