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Dysfunctional Family


Dysfunctional Family

People become crazy axe murders for various reasons. :XD:

Inspired by a comment to one of my pictures, “It’s incredible how such a small island like Åland can keep a whole country on it’s toes. It’s like Åland rules Finland and not the other way around!”

Obviously I’m overdoing the real Finland and Åland’s relationship, but I had to illustrate just how much of a troll Åland can be to Finland, because he is the only male character who isn’t afraid of Finland at all. He has been playing his cards perfectly from the start, and now he has Finland by the balls, so to speak.

Besides, Finland needs to be put in his place every now and then. Yes, their family is a little dysfunctional at times. ;)

23rd May 2010

21 days ago #9126758      

Flapping hat
Finland's amazing dress sense


13 F
1 month ago #9116649      

aland's face in the eighth panel. :)

1 month ago #9109869      

Oh my god xD

1 month ago #9107082      

Finland's surprised face 0_0


16 F
2 months ago #9092217      

Heimrikr@ Well, people don't really go to jail for racist jokes, they apologise. Personally I love self-irony and when foreigners know that we exist. It's like an act of love. It makes me feel good and worthy of acknowledge. Of course you couldn't portray Russia this way, for example, because they don't understand humour much. But luckily it's not the way anyone would think of them. Mostly in the Nordic countries we are friendly to our neighbours and are able to laugh at each other. People moving in from far-away lands have more difficulty, but it's getting better and the younger generation is getting used to them. Where you're from isn't a taboo. I get your point, but there's no need to worry. : )

2 months ago #9088422      

wait till Aland hears that Finland was chasing Sweden with an axe :)

3 months ago #9075763      

Aland reminds me so much of a certain someone I know...

3 months ago #9073578      

Your Comics are AWESOME, and so interesting at the same time. I love to read about Scandinavian History thru your work, regards from Buenos Aires Argentina!!! (P.S.: I LOVE the Finland dude)

3 months ago #9073456      

As a Finnish person, I can validate that Brother Finland is pretty much his country in a nutshell. So is Sister Finland. ~ JJ

3 months ago #9055948      

Never let finland go out and play because he will probably play with something sharp

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