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Dysfunctional Family


Dysfunctional Family

People become crazy axe murders for various reasons. :XD:

Inspired by a comment to one of my pictures, “It’s incredible how such a small island like Åland can keep a whole country on it’s toes. It’s like Åland rules Finland and not the other way around!”

Obviously I’m overdoing the real Finland and Åland’s relationship, but I had to illustrate just how much of a troll Åland can be to Finland, because he is the only male character who isn’t afraid of Finland at all. He has been playing his cards perfectly from the start, and now he has Finland by the balls, so to speak.

Besides, Finland needs to be put in his place every now and then. Yes, their family is a little dysfunctional at times. ;)

23rd May 2010

1 month ago #9296803        

you can see what happens when sister sweden and inland is putt together
anwser anintelegant homosexua(Sweden)
a badass guy prown in combat (finland)

2 months ago #9283240        

One of my favorites. Åland is such a badass.

2 months ago #9274148        

Åland you badass!


246 F
3 months ago #9267641        

"I gave up when you used to same sign for "Vodka2 and "There's a cat under the house!"
Oh dear Finland

3 months ago #9266543        

Aland is BADASS~

4 months ago #9255629        

Finland is hilarious omg


20 M
4 months ago #9250248        

this is my favorite one ever ^^


15 F
5 months ago #9241127        

haha :3


13 M
6 months ago #9220694        

So this is where the avatar came from


16 F
7 months ago #9181385        

Finland and Åland remins me of me and my younger sister

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