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Eurovision 2010

Eurovision 2010

Eurovision is a freaking joke-goldmine to me!

Norway won last year, so they hosted. This was their song this year

Sweden didn’t get in this year, and usually they’re among the favourites. The Swedes were not happy about that at all, and there has been a lot of talk about boycotting Eurovision next year. The song that didn’t get in

Finland didn’t get in either, but they didn’t make much of a fuss. Their song

Iceland gave 12 points to Denmark but only got 3 in return. They were not happy about that at all, and they have made Facebook groups just to complain about that. Their song

Denmark ended up as number 4, which pissed the Swedes off because the song writer originally offered it to them but they said no, so instead Denmark chose it. Denmark’s song

Spain had trouble with a fan who ran onto the stage and meddled with the dancers.

Greece had a very testerone fuiled show and “OPA!” has become a quite popular word.

UK came in last as they often do. They say it's because everybody hates the. Their song

Turkey got in second place, and will be remembered for a long time for their “robot”

And of course Germany won with the song “Satellite”
I have to admit that I love when countries that enter with a minimal stage show wins. :)

Oh, and a small group of Americans had sneaked in were waving American flags. So out of place and silly. :XD:

And let's never forget the wonderful flash dance
Gotta' love the woman in the Swedish house who waves a gay pride flag. Oh Sweden, your closet is so transparent. :XD:

30th May 2010
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27 days ago #9331868        

I'm American, and this comic is what convinced me to watch the online stream of Eurovision once it rolls along this year.


21 M
1 month ago #9327998        

It's obvious from that last picture that Germany still has some conquistador tendencies... lol

1 month ago #9327486        

Eurovision always brings out the character in us Europeans :3.

1 month ago #9325152        

Well, I did say that our song was horrible when it was chosen for the Eurovision. God, I hate that song.



16 F
2 months ago #9322234        

poor Finland... but satellite was a good song...

2 months ago #9319258        

*crocodile tears to get ice cream*


15 F
3 months ago #9302566        

I love how Denmark shoos Iceland away. And how Germany crashes down on them with a satellite. And basically everything else.

3 months ago #9300093        

@AdrianRO get outta here. > : (


18 M
5 months ago #9267183        

Am I the only one who thinks that Sweden's song that year wasn't good enough to qualify?

6 months ago #9260043        

Opa means grand father in dutch... This akward...

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