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How to keep friends


How to keep friends

New guy is Austria. The silly mad scientist of the world. :D

Anyway, Denmark tying himself to Sweden and Germany is a joke on Denmark first building a bridge to Sweden, then deciding to build yet another bridge to Sweden, and now also a tunnel to Germany which he is already connected to by land. He is so freaking afraid of his neighbours leaving him. :XD:

26th February 2011


17 F
17 days ago #9269280        

Denmark panics because he's not connected to the others.
I don't wanna imagine Iceland...

1 month ago #9263295        

It's kinda... cute... I dont know...

5 months ago #9176905        

I love living on an island.


18 F
6 months ago #9164618        

OMG, I love you Austria XD

7 months ago #9148455        

Why is Denmark so smiley at the thought of being in weird porn?

7 months ago #9148454        

German bondage, LOL!

7 months ago #9147869        

Austria rules right? ;)


23 M
7 months ago #9135204        

three guys tied together and a sausage. that's weird enough for a porn

8 months ago #9130228        

I want to know more about Germany's previous weird porn


100 M
8 months ago #9127750        

So is Austria an evil scientist in the sense that he created Nazi Germany? Because Hitler is Austrian.

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