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How to keep friends


How to keep friends

New guy is Austria. The silly mad scientist of the world. :D

Anyway, Denmark tying himself to Sweden and Germany is a joke on Denmark first building a bridge to Sweden, then deciding to build yet another bridge to Sweden, and now also a tunnel to Germany which he is already connected to by land. He is so freaking afraid of his neighbours leaving him. :XD:

26th February 2011



Online Now
11 days ago #9263295        

It's kinda... cute... I dont know...

4 months ago #9176905        

I love living on an island.

5 months ago #9164618        

OMG, I love you Austria XD

6 months ago #9148455        

Why is Denmark so smiley at the thought of being in weird porn?

6 months ago #9148454        

German bondage, LOL!

6 months ago #9147869        

Austria rules right? ;)


23 M
7 months ago #9135204        

three guys tied together and a sausage. that's weird enough for a porn

7 months ago #9130228        

I want to know more about Germany's previous weird porn


100 M
7 months ago #9127750        

So is Austria an evil scientist in the sense that he created Nazi Germany? Because Hitler is Austrian.

8 months ago #9108613        

I wonder why Austria is blond. Only about 10-20% of Austrians are blond, we are definitely a brunette country (Nice beard though).
And why is there so much of Germany in your comics? Even Switzerland appears more often and they are smaller than us. We have Sissi and Sound of Music and Mozart and Johann Strauss and Red Bull and Falco and Bambi and the Venus of Willendorf and they just have Heidi! Not fair! Do something about it! Something about Sweden and Austria in the 30 years war or maybe America who can't believe Bambi is from Austria (I deeply shocked an American girl about that fact) or about our struggle to get the world known that a) Austria is not Australia, b) really exists, c) we speak Austrian German and not German (big identity problem!). Pretty please with hjerte strøssel on top?

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