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How to keep friends

How to keep friends

New guy is Austria. The silly mad scientist of the world. :D

Anyway, Denmark tying himself to Sweden and Germany is a joke on Denmark first building a bridge to Sweden, then deciding to build yet another bridge to Sweden, and now also a tunnel to Germany which he is already connected to by land. He is so freaking afraid of his neighbours leaving him. :XD:

26th February 2011

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9 days ago #9387323        

Poor Germany

16 days ago #9383776        

Did you know that Austrians are called the "Irish of Europe" for their whimsicality ? I went there and was told to go down a certain set of staircases to get from one building to another . All the way were signs "do not enter" "enter at own risk" "this passage forbidden" ---and then, near the end, "Watch your step" . . .

24 days ago #9379398        

I just read the article on the Ore... bridge. I thought naming the new island "pepper island" to complement the existing "salt island" was adorable. I hope someone puts them into a comic.


20 M
26 days ago #9377903        

I wouldn't let Denmark float away, he is still family.

Aswell, I just noticed how happy Denmark turned when he heard Austria say he was making porn with Germany.


2 months ago #9361700        

I love it! I'd watch it!


14 F
2 months ago #9360288        

It's a shame you haven't drawn Austria more often, there are endless possibilities.

3 months ago #9358273        

I am evil incarnate.

4 months ago #9340584        

1234 comments now. Everyone make a wish!

...But don't post it, or you screw it up for everyone else.

4 months ago #9339732        

As a Canadian, I love how America wants to liberate the world and spread freedom and democracy, even to the north (even though we're already free and democractic) and yet, America pushes us away or charges us an arm and a leg when we ask for anything, like military support, resources, media, etc. I'm especially ticked about Media because of the lack of shows and media they allow outside of America when we live right next door. And American companies wonder why their stuff gets pirated so much.


17 M
5 months ago #9331987        

No more drawings of Austria have been created D:

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