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I Love You

I Love You

The Nordics saying ”I love you” in their respective languages.

Norway really tries. No, the fish was not an accident. It’s supposed to be there. Fish and skis is the traditional getup for Norwegian men when trying to impress a lady. Flowers and bowties are just fancy modern stuff, but you gotta' keep with the time.

Inspired by this
The little thing at Denmark’s feet is a ghost that will show up in a later comic. I had never drawn it before and doodled it on the top of the page, then realized that it would look cute next to Denmark here.

Sweden is giving Åland an USB key instead of flowers. Then America jump in pointing and yelling, “GEEKS!!!”
What? No, he wouldn’t yell that other thing. They’re not birds with long pink necks, silly head.

There’s a posibility that Iceland isn’t actually asexual, but self-sexual. We will never know, because the result is the same: We’re not getting a piece of him.

Finland with Sister Sweden because nobody else can make him say it. Yes, he has to be all special and say it in a way the rest of us don’t understand! >:C

18th June 2010

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3 days ago #9389815        

Is breá liom tú!

5 days ago #9389220        

Ich liebe dich :3

11 days ago #9385732        

Awwww. . . .


17 F
19 days ago #9381982        

Ti amo :3


24 days ago #9379142        


28 days ago #9376591        

Knowing how to say "I love you" in different languages has its advantages. ♥


15 F
1 month ago #9375579        

Volim te ^^

1 month ago #9374922        

Mahal kita hihi :3

2 months ago #9365839        

ik hou van jou lol


14 F
2 months ago #9364819        

I would say "Eg elske deg".

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