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I Love You

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I Love You

The Nordics saying ”I love you” in their respective languages.

Norway really tries. No, the fish was not an accident. It’s supposed to be there. Fish and skis is the traditional getup for Norwegian men when trying to impress a lady. Flowers and bowties are just fancy modern stuff, but you gotta' keep with the time.

Inspired by this
The little thing at Denmark’s feet is a ghost that will show up in a later comic. I had never drawn it before and doodled it on the top of the page, then realized that it would look cute next to Denmark here.

Sweden is giving Åland an USB key instead of flowers. Then America jump in pointing and yelling, “GEEKS!!!”
What? No, he wouldn’t yell that other thing. They’re not birds with long pink necks, silly head.

There’s a posibility that Iceland isn’t actually asexual, but self-sexual. We will never know, because the result is the same: We’re not getting a piece of him.

Finland with Sister Sweden because nobody else can make him say it. Yes, he has to be all special and say it in a way the rest of us don’t understand! >:C

17th June 2010


25 M
28 days ago #9117961      

I hate Norwegian bokmål, or nynorsk for that matter.
Thankfully we have plenty of awesome dialects, "I love you" in my dialect would be: Æ ælski dæ

1 month ago #9109853      

Awww <3

2 months ago #9088837      

@ThorsomeTarmukas, "rakastama" is a III infinitive form of the verb "rakastaa", so it's not a word by its own right. About the Finnish infinitive forms:

2 months ago #9087160      


That is good to know :D
I still suspect that 'rakastama' comes from 'rakkestama' - to take somebody into your own sleigh team, or to form a united sleigh team. It makes sense from the stone age hunter-gatherer mindset, when people pulled their family sleigh together. It is an honour to be accepted into one's sleigh team.

And that interpretation would also explain why estonians do not use that term for love - because estonians became sedentary much earlier than finns.

2 months ago #9085781      

@ThorsomeTarmukas, This comes a bit late, but since nobody else hasn't answered your questions about Finnish etymology...

'Rakastama' means "beloved by", but it can't use alone. For instance "monien rakastama näyttelijä" means "an actor loved by many".

'Rakas' means "beloved one" or "dear", and may be a noun or an adjective. "Rakkaani" is just a form of "rakas", and means "my beloved one" or "my dear". Another word which is close to '"rakas" is "rakastettu", which means about the same, but is less usual, and more formal and a bit pomp. "Rakastaja" means lover.

There is actually another Finnish word meaning the same as "rakastaa" (to love), which might sound more familiar to Estonians, and that is "lempiä". However, this word is a bit oldfashioned if used to mean "to love", and nowadays if it is used, it usually means "to make love". So there is a risk of misunderstanding, if you'll use it in Finland. It is mostly used in old songs like "Sua lemmin kuin järjetön mä oisin", which means "I love you like a fool", but could also be translated "I fuck you like a madman".

2 months ago #9084404      



26 O
3 months ago #9060912      

That's pretty much why everything else with the Finnish language has happened. :P So that we can say what we like and nobody understands. Well, let's not count the Estonians in here, they understand... sort of. Why don't you do a comic about Estonia "lending" their national epic from Finland? Kalevala vs. Kalevpoeg?

3 months ago #9055735      

Not fair, I want a piece of Iceland! XD


16 F
4 months ago #9049241      

I knew Sweden loved him :D

4 months ago #9035545      

really good

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