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I spy with my little eye

I spy with my little eye

The big story around here these days is that America have been spying on civilians in European countries without informing the government. It all started when Norway found out about it, and then other countries started looking into it and found that Americans had indeed been spying on civilians in their country.

But there was one thing America didn’t count on: A nation just as terror-paranoid as them. Denmark to be exact. There the government found out about the spying and sent out Danish agents to spy on the American agents. :XD:

For those who forgot, the woman with the hat is Estonia. And it is of course Sister Denmark spying on America.

12th November 2010
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7 days ago #9339728        

Love how America is even Spying on Canada, but most Canadians could care less about whats going on, though there has been a rise in terrorist threats and plots in the last few years, like a plot to derail a VIA Rail Passenger train, or a threat on the Edmonton mall in Alberta that it would be bombed or something.

1 month ago #9327942        

Omg, America look so confused in the last picture! =)


14 F
1 month ago #9327687        

@whale21 Ah, thanks. :)


20 M
1 month ago #9325626        

@Summer Denmark is the only country just as paranoid as America when it comes to espionage.



14 F
3 months ago #9303602        

Why is Sister Denmark spying on him again?


15 F
3 months ago #9301331        

Haha. Serves America right!

4 months ago #9287141        


Or we could just brutally murder all the idiots who have their heads so far up their asses, all they see is shit.


48 M
4 months ago #9279794        

I'm glad that Denmark was spying on the U.S. I wish more countries would. It was very upsetting to learn (officially, though we always knew) that the U.S. government was spying on it's own people, in it's own country.

The U.S. would be a much better and nicer place if we could only find a way to remove ourselves from our own massively wasteful and paranoid government.

4 months ago #9277884        

Hahahaha everybody is spying on everybody

8 months ago #9211181        

With the drones flying everywhere Americans be like I spy with my big @$$ eye

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