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I spy with my little eye


I spy with my little eye

The big story around here these days is that America have been spying on civilians in European countries without informing the government. It all started when Norway found out about it, and then other countries started looking into it and found that Americans had indeed been spying on civilians in their country.

But there was one thing America didn’t count on: A nation just as terror-paranoid as them. Denmark to be exact. There the government found out about the spying and sent out Danish agents to spy on the American agents. :XD:

For those who forgot, the woman with the hat is Estonia. And it is of course Sister Denmark spying on America.

11th November 2010


14 F
24 days ago #9303602        

Why is Sister Denmark spying on him again?


15 F
27 days ago #9301331        

Haha. Serves America right!

2 months ago #9287141        


Or we could just brutally murder all the idiots who have their heads so far up their asses, all they see is shit.


48 M
2 months ago #9279794        

I'm glad that Denmark was spying on the U.S. I wish more countries would. It was very upsetting to learn (officially, though we always knew) that the U.S. government was spying on it's own people, in it's own country.

The U.S. would be a much better and nicer place if we could only find a way to remove ourselves from our own massively wasteful and paranoid government.

2 months ago #9277884        

Hahahaha everybody is spying on everybody

6 months ago #9211181        

With the drones flying everywhere Americans be like I spy with my big @$$ eye

6 months ago #9204685        

@DanishGirlDK @Katherine This is my favorite comic now! Also, did you get the song reference?

Also, Sister Denmark is the best avatar ever!

7 months ago #9184910        

Why is America spying on every Nordic minus Iceland? Why does Iceland get to escape being speed on?

8 months ago #9164701        

@txag70 Oh yes, the bush administration f**ked up. But I think it's important to look into the actions of agents to make sure they where only doing what they where told to do. Their orders where bad but that's their job.
But as I mentioned there have been many cases of individuals in the NSA abusing their power and going further than permitted. And the government has admitted on more than one occasion to listening to phone calls and reading emails of people who where up to three steps removed from a phone line or email that they suspected where terrorists.


19 M
8 months ago #9164666        

@Bonnefeta Just to be clear on the facts here the data collected was metadata: meaning that the actual content of the message or phone call or email was not collected by the NSA. The NSA could not read the emails because only metadata was collected. And even then, they had to get warrants from FISA courts to do so. (this ought to be done through civilian courts, I concede that.) I do not defend the actions taken but I think people are trying to shoot the messenger here. This is all a result of massive privacy invasions as a legacy of the Bush-era government that need to be taken down immediately.

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