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I spy with my little eye


I spy with my little eye

The big story around here these days is that America have been spying on civilians in European countries without informing the government. It all started when Norway found out about it, and then other countries started looking into it and found that Americans had indeed been spying on civilians in their country.

But there was one thing America didn’t count on: A nation just as terror-paranoid as them. Denmark to be exact. There the government found out about the spying and sent out Danish agents to spy on the American agents. :XD:

For those who forgot, the woman with the hat is Estonia. And it is of course Sister Denmark spying on America.

11th November 2010

30 days ago #9118746      

If I remember things right, it was brother Sweden, the nerd, who informed others about this. And by mr. Snowden, the most agressive spy was not America but his father, sir England (GCHQ).

1 month ago #9114654      

Loooook beehiiiiiind yoooooouuuuu

2 months ago #9098818      

No wonder they stopped spying on other countries and started spying on American civilians.


19 M
2 months ago #9098388      

Stop the spying! And things with Germany. US. please stop it..

2 months ago #9097269      

why is Estonia there but not Iceland

2 months ago #9096671      

I'm starting to really like Denmark.

3 months ago #9078563      

@silpheed i agree partly. im more for small self sustainng communuties. everyone will by default start to care for one another because they are screwed without them.


35 M
3 months ago #9072351      

The only fault the American people have is we voted the politicians in, people including most citizens forget the republic part. We can't actually tell the politicians what to do outside threatening not to vote for them again.

Still funny.

3 months ago #9061975      

Its not so much 'we' involved. If the people actually had anything to say about it, it probably wouldn't be going on. Our government is haywire :(

4 months ago #9051387      

@MalacoXMarabou Oops. Its supposed to be American.

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