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If it was Hetalia

If it was Hetalia

I was watching a music video about the Nordic countries from Hetalia, and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of relationship my characters would have if they were paired off like in Hetalia.

Needless to say, the dynamics would be a lot different. And poor Iceland is all alone. :XD:

2nd October 2009

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26 M
7 days ago #9387253        

@TomatoPotatoRose Because he says he's going to have a wank in his room.

18 days ago #9381697        

Why is Iceland holding porn?

24 days ago #9378016        

XD In Hetalia it was rumoured that Iceland was in a relationship with his fridge...

1 month ago #9369056        

I don't think Finland would be abusive towards Sweden. :/

I've seen aph Iceland paired with Norway, Hong Kong, Turkey, Russia and Sweden's fridge. The last mentioned is my favourite.


2 months ago #9366418        

It happened again! Haha! Now for the Anglo-French Rivalry!

2 months ago #9360404        

Actually, Iceland is dating a fridge from IKEA. (✿◠‿◠)


20 F
3 months ago #9353498        

Actually, Iceland is not alone. Either he is shown as Norways little brother or Norways boyfriend, or in a relationship with Hong Kong. I personally dont like the last pairing though, but thats just me.

3 months ago #9349013        

*slides sweden's fridge to iceland* there, perfect~

4 months ago #9344203        



17 F
4 months ago #9344188        


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