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If it was Hetalia


If it was Hetalia

I was watching a music video about the Nordic countries from Hetalia, and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of relationship my characters would have if they were paired off like in Hetalia.

Needless to say, the dynamics would be a lot different. And poor Iceland is all alone. :XD:

1st October 2009

17 days ago #9255539        

This is priceless, being a hetalia fan makes it even better XD

1 month ago #9247164        

But Iceland has Hong Kong...

2 months ago #9226916        


3 months ago #9205978        

Noooooo! Finland, don't hit Sweden! He's too sweet!


18 F
4 months ago #9181304        

I've seen hetalia Iceland paired with Hong Kong though.

5 months ago #9160157        

Me too!
Now imagine these guys singing it XD


22 F
7 months ago #9129250        

I had to google and see what hetalia was after this,
and the scene when Norway was criticized the seller (Denmark) it was me in a nutshell,
I hate noisy, fussy sellers, I much rather go home empty-handed, or find another seller / shop
thank god for that Nordic sellers do not behave like that, and that this only happens to me on vacations.

7 months ago #9114824        

I'm liking the way Iceland is just mile me :) *sparkle*

7 months ago #9114029        

Nope in Hetalia that I know iceland is shipped with norway

9 months ago #9061933        

i know how you feel , Icey. *forever alone*

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