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Just a Number


Just a Number

So, uh, yeah. We have the same number system as everybody else, but we say the numbers a bit funny here in Denmark. Swedes and especially Norwegians love to make fun of that.

In case you’re wondering what numbers Denmark is saying it’s:
10 cows, 34 pigs, 52 chickens, 193 eggs, 261 nuts, which he then changes to 371 nuts.

Not even Danes will recognize these numbers the way I wrote them in English, but I was being an extreme pronunciation nazi and writing them almost exactly like they’re said in Danish.

The thing that really confuse our Northern neighbors is that with a number like 52 we don’t say “fifty two” but “two and fifty” which sounds like “two fifty”. And our word for fifty sounds like “half sixty” and 90 sounds like “half fives” and it just goes on like that.

You are allowed to be confused. And Norway had to put up with that for 300 years. :XD:

16th June 2010

6 days ago #9277383        

I didn't know what the hell Denmark was talking about until I looked at the description and then I was like: ''Ohhhhhhh, that! Omg I get it xP!''
50 = half sixty = half threes = halvtreds
70 = half fours = halvfjerds
90 = half fives = halvfems


1 month ago #9261469        

Older people in Norway, still says the numbers like that.. It's really confusing, if you're not used to it.. And everytime I'm in Denmark and I'm buying something, I just give them all my money, so they can figure out that stuff on their own.. xD

2 months ago #9260528        

Although in Sweden we often say "tjugio" which means twenty and [Number]


15 F
3 months ago #9241135        

i-im dying ---ugh of laughing too much pfft hahahahahHAHAHASHHHAHIHDıhudfhg eggrıkmfghhrıe xdx


21 M
3 months ago #9227932        

actually, in norway you can say two and fifty as well, its more old-ish, but legit, its the half sixty part that fucks with them


569 F
4 months ago #9221587        

I love Norways "brain-broke-face" :D


21 M
5 months ago #9175614        

@galagan I second Norway: *brain-broke*

6 months ago #9156652        

Because Magrethe I was danish, she was daughter of Valdemar the 4th (Atterdag), she was married to Haakon of Norway, who was the son of King Magnus.
But circumstances would that Magnus was dethroned in Norway and King Valdemar's only son died. Therefore Magrethe became the Guardian of Denmark until her son Oluf would come of age. She was never offically queen of Denmark as she was not married to the king of Denmark, and a queen could not be regent. Again circumstances resulted in Oluf dying when he was 16. Then Magrethe took her nephew Bogislaw of Pommern as a fosterson, he changed name to Erik, and he got to inherit both the danish crown and the Norwegian Crown, though not being Norwegian at all :)
The Union was created by Magrethe I of denmark, she was not queen of Norway at that time ;)


15 M
6 months ago #9156050        

Union was created by the Norwegian Queen Margaret Valdemar (1353-1412) so why is norway not having the I-fu_ing-own-all-of-the-north party

7 months ago #9143154        

In Northern Norway we say it in a similar way. I can say: "jeg er tjueto år" or "jeg er to og tjue år", which in english would be: "I am twenty two years old" or "I am two and twenty years old". Is that something we got from Denmark?

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