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Just a Number

Just a Number

So, uh, yeah. We have the same number system as everybody else, but we say the numbers a bit funny here in Denmark. Swedes and especially Norwegians love to make fun of that.

In case you’re wondering what numbers Denmark is saying it’s:
10 cows, 34 pigs, 52 chickens, 193 eggs, 261 nuts, which he then changes to 371 nuts.

Not even Danes will recognize these numbers the way I wrote them in English, but I was being an extreme pronunciation nazi and writing them almost exactly like they’re said in Danish.

The thing that really confuse our Northern neighbors is that with a number like 52 we don’t say “fifty two” but “two and fifty” which sounds like “two fifty”. And our word for fifty sounds like “half sixty” and 90 sounds like “half fives” and it just goes on like that.

You are allowed to be confused. And Norway had to put up with that for 300 years. :XD:

17th June 2010

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21 M
16 hours ago #9361870        

I think I get the point


666 M

Online Now
1 day ago #9361666        

And I thought Roman numerals were confusing.


112 M
8 days ago #9359580        

@onyxmind Its almost like a derp.

1 month ago #9348964        

norways brain-broke face should be an icon.


2 months ago #9346007        

The Dutch are another member in that club. We count almost exactly the same as Germans.

Let me also use 23 as an example.
Three and twenty (just like you)
Drieëntwintig (how we write it, when writing numbers in full)

And we go about three digit numbers the same way, too:
547 is said as five hundred seven and forty
Written as vijfhonderd zevenenveertig

There's one advantage to all this: learning to count in German (and in Danish, apparently) is fairly easy for us Dutchies! :D

2 months ago #9339480        

in norway we have dialect that does that but we just say the number backward like two and fifty but ive never seen a person say anything with halvs in it well some do but we avoid it to not make dumb people more confused.

3 months ago #9333039        

They partly explain how it works here:

3 months ago #9332156        

Eh, you get used to the system. It's like currency in Harry Potter: If you love it enough, you'll remember that 17 sickles make a galleon, and 29 knuts make a sickle.

In all fairness, though, I still cannot remember how many feet are in a mile...5000-something...


3 months ago #9331307        

Yup, we use the same system.
For 2 Digit numbers, lets use 23 as a example:
three and twenty

Strangely this only applies to 2-digit numbers - in 3 digit numbers the first digit comes first, then the third digit and finally the secound digit (again, just like in Denmark)
i.e.: 547
Fivehundred seven and fourty
Fünfhundert sieben und vierzig

I was really surprised that we aren't the only ones using this silly system. To me its about as nonsensical and counter-intuitive as the imperal measuring system.

3 months ago #9331086        

Danmark.. learn to count ....

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