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Just a Number


Just a Number

So, uh, yeah. We have the same number system as everybody else, but we say the numbers a bit funny here in Denmark. Swedes and especially Norwegians love to make fun of that.

In case you’re wondering what numbers Denmark is saying it’s:
10 cows, 34 pigs, 52 chickens, 193 eggs, 261 nuts, which he then changes to 371 nuts.

Not even Danes will recognize these numbers the way I wrote them in English, but I was being an extreme pronunciation nazi and writing them almost exactly like they’re said in Danish.

The thing that really confuse our Northern neighbors is that with a number like 52 we don’t say “fifty two” but “two and fifty” which sounds like “two fifty”. And our word for fifty sounds like “half sixty” and 90 sounds like “half fives” and it just goes on like that.

You are allowed to be confused. And Norway had to put up with that for 300 years. :XD:

16th June 2010

19 days ago #9124209      

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!*thump!* "oww!"
(looks at screen again)


50 F
30 days ago #9115553      

*brain broke* - Yep, right with you there, Norway. O.o

1 month ago #9109856      

I'm Norwegian, and I don't get it at all..
Some people here do say ''to-og-femti'' and such, but that's just confusing xD

2 months ago #9094759      

@Askr dont say sorry, you can see its frustrating? made a mistake after learning it it half a month! but im determined to learn!!!!!!!


24 M
2 months ago #9094267      


So and you have a difference between indeterminate and determinate nouns and her adjektiv. ^^
(I'm learning norwegian currently) :)

Oh and sorry for this! but "ihr habt" :P


100 M
2 months ago #9092228      

I just noticed norways face and can't stop laughing!

2 months ago #9090262      

All your sounds sound like just about whatever...And you seem to lose the consonats totaly and its ME being called a jerk. The more northeren you come from it seem danish just turn into sound, not always but mostly. And the Scania youth bussy to travel to Copenhagen puking beer shouldnt be a pic of Swedes .-)

2 months ago #9086363      

@Harmenator still crazy

2 months ago #9084706      

Actually French counting is pretty normal until you get to 70. 70 is pronounced sixty-ten, 71 as sixty-eleven and so on.
80 is completely ridiculously pronounced four-twenty, 90 as four-twenty-ten, and 99 as four-twenty-ten-nine.

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