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Merry Disney Christmas


Merry Disney Christmas

In Sweden the Disney Christmas show is as big a Christmas tradition as the Christmas tree and presents. :D

23rd December 2012


12 M
1 month ago #9220675        

I think there should be a gif for this, like Sweden actually dancing

3 months ago #9189111        

hahah i love to watch Disney movie during the winter with hot chocolate. but i really don't like the Christmas. it is just a nice feeling to watch cartoon during winter.

3 months ago #9188582        

@aman3003 I just saw your "age" lol. has anyone noticed this before?

5 months ago #9146936        

@Schweden - Hey, this is just for fun. Of course these comics aren't illustrating real life 100%

5 months ago #9133696        

Don't touch Sweden!
He's in a Kent.e trance-Zone thing :(


100 M
5 months ago #9130137        

I thought of this one and I clicked random and here I am! DISNEY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!
Disney raised me more then my parents did.


18 F
5 months ago #9129538        

we believe in santa.. and we say Disney Land.. it's just the description that's true

6 months ago #9122737        


6 months ago #9120693        

@Lizelotte so true! In our family it's a tradition to sit down and see the same old, beloved cartoons every year and sigh and feel like a long, lost friend has come to visit once more..

*Sings* "When you wish upon a star...."

6 months ago #9117630        

Sweden is so cute when it comes to Disney land, we Norwegians are like:

'' oh, Disney land? is'nt that just when you dress up as Mickey Mouse and get a hug from Cinderella? uh... cant we just have a dress up party instead?''

or a least thats how all the persons i know reacts. Our eastern neighbor is such a cutie!

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