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Merry Disney Christmas

Merry Disney Christmas

In Sweden the Disney Christmas show is as big a Christmas tradition as the Christmas tree and presents. :D

23rd December 2012

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5 days ago #9375012        

Sweden is so cute!

1 month ago #9363646        

@PurpleBlasian The is the face of pure happiness .

1 month ago #9361728        

It's the same for many people in DK. My family and most of our friends, watch it too. Well. The danish version of it


14 F
1 month ago #9360132        

legit, the entire family gathers around the tv, and watches the cartoons together


2 months ago #9359012        

@AwesomeNorseAmerican: You know you can delete failed posts, right? And edit them?

3 months ago #9343809        

Me: *ahem*
MOOOOOOOOMMIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE! can I please go live in Sweden!?!?!?!?!

3 months ago #9343648        

Me: *ahem*

4 months ago #9334327        

@WindyGoofball I love that face XD

4 months ago #9326953        

No lie, that's adorable.

5 months ago #9319735        

Swedens face is so adorable

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