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Never Happened


Never Happened

Far more people in England than USA think the moon landing never happened.

15th May 2013


16 M
1 month ago #9112551      

WELL ok The MOON LAndings were proved to be real. When they send the satalites up there, that is when we find out the real truth... / prove it to everyone else...

1 month ago #9110804      

Why England is so incredulous?? :((

1 month ago #9108516      

@Whitechocolatelover The people there are so brainwashed most of them would believe anything the goverment tells them.

2 months ago #9096267      

I heard that North Korea says they sent someone onto the sun. Ridiculous!

2 months ago #9085701      

Poor America. His father doesn't believe him. :(

2 months ago #9082108      

@Yugoslavia man, even Brazil can into space.... but no Poland cannot into space

2 months ago #9079278      

@TimMogens I see what you did there because Polan can into space!

3 months ago #9060762      

I think the Mythbusters did an episode on all those conspiracy theories about the moon landing being fake. :)

3 months ago #9059463      

It's true - I had to do a whole History topic on it...

4 months ago #9034692      

well soo you could let Poland to go there so Poland would be pround to say he can into space....

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