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No Flag for You

No Flag for You

The Danish flag is the oldest one in the world still in use, and pretty much nothing is known about how it came to be. According to the myth the Danes were fighting the Estonians in Estonia and were about to lose, so the Danes called upon God and asked him for help. Then a flag fell from the sky and a heavenly voice said that the Danes would win under this flag.

Thanks to that story is has become a popular joke in Denmark that God was trying to give the flag to the Estonians (it fell into their country after all) and the Danes just snatched it. :XD:

But it would seem that something did indeed happen in that war, because the Latvians have a very similar flag from the same period, so flag-interested people suspect that there might be some kind of link.

Non the less, Estonia was once again left out. :(

13th February 2012

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19 days ago #9383821          

Estonia should rearrange the blue black white stripes into a nordic cross and try again.

2 months ago #9360471          

i love estonia's flag. and so do they i think, cos everywhere i turned, there were blue black white stripes!

5 months ago #9334335          

y u so mean to Estonia?

5 months ago #9333381          

"I'm running out of white" is the best bit of this whole comic. :D



20 M



5 months ago #9329843          

That red isn't dark enough tho.





5 months ago #9326634          

You really should milk the Latvian flag story for another comic. Pair it up with Austria's as the origin legends are allmost the same but yet have important differences highlighting some of the nation's mentalities.

The Austrian legend is a very much classical heroic story of a great noble fighting a glorous battle and finding his white shirt all soaked in enemy blood but for a while line in the middle where his sword belt was. He used the shirt as a banner in the next battle and was victorious again.

The Latvian story is about a great hero being mortally wounded in a battle and laid on a table where he bled out from the uncountable cuts he sustained in that battle. The white cloth he laid on was soaked blood read but for a narrow stripe in the middle, where the hero laid. His tribesman took the sheet as a banner to the next battle against the invaders and crushed them.
It really highlights how melancholic beyond any reason Latvians are and how we revel in it.


15 F



7 months ago #9303144          

All she wanted was a flag.

7 months ago #9299671          

Estonia is always mistreated....


20 M



11 months ago #9243847          

Another reason Estland does not deserve not being Nordic.





12 months ago #9222947          

Estland über alles.

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