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No Flag for You


No Flag for You

The Danish flag is the oldest one in the world still in use, and pretty much nothing is known about how it came to be. According to the myth the Danes were fighting the Estonians in Estonia and were about to lose, so the Danes called upon God and asked him for help. Then a flag fell from the sky and a heavenly voice said that the Danes would win under this flag.

Thanks to that story is has become a popular joke in Denmark that God was trying to give the flag to the Estonians (it fell into their country after all) and the Danes just snatched it. :XD:

But it would seem that something did indeed happen in that war, because the Latvians have a very similar flag from the same period, so flag-interested people suspect that there might be some kind of link.

Non the less, Estonia was once again left out. :(

13th February 2012

9 days ago #9130686      

Aww why :(


14 F
13 days ago #9128098      

I needz muh flag!

21 days ago #9122283      

I feel your pain sister! @estoniaNordic

27 days ago #9117915      

Cruel ;_;

1 month ago #9107244      

I love the welsh flag it's the only flag that has a dragon on it without being a royal standard.


14 M
1 month ago #9106336      

@QueenOfTalk Maybe it's not the oldest flag but it's still beatiful isn't it?

2 months ago #9101171      

I thought that the Wlesh flag was the oldest still in use? Eh, I suppose it's debatable.


14 M
2 months ago #9100090      

Estonia! You can just take a flag with blue, black and white on it.........
;( Not just the same.


24 M
2 months ago #9092606      

lol reminds me of Eddie Izzards joke "no flag, no country -- you cant have one" :P

2 months ago #9087773      

And that´s how capture the flag was invented

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