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Nordic Brothers


Nordic Brothers

Sweden and Denmark have fought each other for as long as anyone can remember and holds the record for most wars fought between them. Yes, we even beat the two big enemies of Europe, England and France.
So is it any wonder we make fun of each other today? Heck, it’s a miracle we even refer to each other as “Nordic brothers”. :XD:

And what did we fight over? Well, mainly Norway, occasionally Scania, and every now an then Denmark tried to take over Sweden. Fun times, fun times.

19th December 2010


24 M
2 months ago #9191604        

I'm pretty sure that in 1658 and 1659 WE were the ones who tried to take over YOU, dude...

2 months ago #9189522        

So that's why swedes are hated in Denmark so much....


24 M
2 months ago #9179893        


Not really. According to the travelling 9th century merchant Wulfstan, Blekinge along with Möre, Öland and Gotland all belonged to the Swedes. Blekinge only became Danish in the 13th century.

2 months ago #9177755        

Remember when European borders were redrawn every second week or so, because a couple of countries had a quick skirmish? Not happening anymore. Why is that? It was fun.


25 F
3 months ago #9161742        

It's funny how everybody only seems to remember that Scania was part of Denmark once, (both Danes and Swedes) but everybody seem to have forgotten that both Bleking and Halland was once just as Danish as Skåne.

5 months ago #9121705        

I love historic battles, PLAY ON!!!!!

5 months ago #9119280        

is it because of similar thoughts they fought non-stop about, or had it just become an love-hate tradition? they have so much to fight about, but so much to don't to.

why does it seem it always ended up in the same conclusion?


14 M
6 months ago #9109789        

@dracuella Finally someone that agree. Thank you for understanding :)

6 months ago #9109754        

@00joe01 I'm with you on this! On the surface we may have differences but beneath we're very alike: we care for the same things, have the same standards and ethics and our views on life are very similar. Plus we sort of grew up together, which makes us close siblings, and everyone knows that some siblings fight like mad. All. The. Time. Doesn't mean we don't love each other :D


14 M
6 months ago #9105613        

We have been fighting a few....well..many times but deep down in our hearts we love each other as much as possible. I see this comic as a sign of our öresundic relationship. That we are fighting is just a sign for undead love. Sweden + Denmark = Forever ❤️

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