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Nordic Brothers

Northern Lights Poster

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Nordic Brothers

Sweden and Denmark have fought each other for as long as anyone can remember and holds the record for most wars fought between them. Yes, we even beat the two big enemies of Europe, England and France.
So is it any wonder we make fun of each other today? Heck, it’s a miracle we even refer to each other as “Nordic brothers”. :XD:

And what did we fight over? Well, mainly Norway, occasionally Scania, and every now an then Denmark tried to take over Sweden. Fun times, fun times.

19th December 2010

4 days ago #9328532        

Stupid Danes, we're trying to be civil but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We can't have that.

5 days ago #9328078        

@KofodDane i agree with that, completely.


15 F
2 months ago #9302725        

And England thinks that this is the worst. God, the things Norway has had to deal with. xD

3 months ago #9277905        

Yeah, the relationship between Denmark, Sweden and Norway is a sibling-like relationship.
Sure we make fun of each other, call each other names and stuff, but that's what siblings does as well.
We're treating each other like brothers(or sisters if you perfer that;)). What greater relationship could a couple of countries have together?:)

3 months ago #9276231        

Now I'm imaging a comic of england vs France


13 M
5 months ago #9250224        

Last panel:


6 months ago #9243007        

@Svamlet I think you mean "u mad brö?"


25 M
6 months ago #9242699        

@Keichwoud u mad brø?

6 months ago #9242121        

@Svamlet But WE wouldn't let YOU, dude, because YOU already had plenty of land. Now fuck off, and stop giving Sweden a bad name.


25 M
8 months ago #9191604        

I'm pretty sure that in 1658 and 1659 WE were the ones who tried to take over YOU, dude...

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