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Nordics like Fish


Nordics like Fish

Many many Swedes and Norwegians have suggested that I made a comic about “surströmming”, which is mainly a Swedish dish, but can also be found in some parts of Norway. It smells so bad that it is mainly eaten outside in the summer, and many Swedes enjoys exposing Danes to it just to see their look of horror at the smell.

Hákarl is a special Icelandic dish made of rotten shark, that is more traditional than normal, though you can still find it in supermarkets. It is said to be the most disgusting food in the world.

Pickled herring can be found in all Nordic countries, and is particularly popular in Denmark. In fact, a Danish adult who doesn’t like pickled herring is seen as rather weird.

And non of this is of course supposed to be eaten like this. You are supposed to put it on bread. :XD:

And to the newcomers: “Skål” is the Nordic word for “cheers”.

28th December 2009

5 days ago #9313104        

As an Icelander giving you a helpful tip.... don't eat Hákarl. Just don't. I'd really recommend the sheeps head, or rams testicles pickled in whey.... any of those before you try Hákarl. Hákarl tops the scale of gross in Icelandic food (hmm.. although rare, partially developed blackbird eggs might come close for some people). Hákarl should be taken as a object lesson in how desperate people can be to make something edible. And to maintain tradition.

Also, it should be known that Icelanders tend to consume cod liver oil on a fairly regular basis (particularly in the winter) because they don't add minerals or vitamins or anything else to their drinking water like many other countries, and it provides the nutritional kick needed. Its icky (even to icelanders), so they have actually developed flavor-reduced cod liver oil, making it more palatable. I mention this just to say our taste buds are the same as the rest of yours, and to reiterate that Hákarl is an acquired taste at best, even in the country of its origin.

21 days ago #9303948        

You are absolutely right! :D

22 days ago #9302896        

eh? they don't cook it?


15 F
24 days ago #9301871        

Poor Denmark. He has crazy neighbors.

27 days ago #9299886        

No, the most disgusting food in the world is stinky tofu. It smells like someone tried to make Hákarl with used feminine hygiene products and misery.


20 M
27 days ago #9299750        

Look, fermented herring is just one of those things you have to TRY. It smells horrible, and if you have preconceptions, you won't even try it. But once you taste it, it is SOOOO GOOOOOOD!

1 month ago #9298026        

Im Not Really a Lover Of Fish, But Most Of The Nordic People Eat It Cx ;-;

1 month ago #9297807        

we eat rotten fish ,,kæst Skata,, fermented Stingray. We eat it at 23 Desember.


99 O
1 month ago #9296435        

Who looked a shark that spent weeks under ground and said "Hmm. I bet this tastes good!"? o.O

1 month ago #9294167        

Yes, but fermented is not the same as rotten.

Rotten means it would be biologically unfit to be eaten. Fermented food is stored for a long time, but not enough to be declared rotten.

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