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Nordics like Fish


Nordics like Fish

Many many Swedes and Norwegians have suggested that I made a comic about “surströmming”, which is mainly a Swedish dish, but can also be found in some parts of Norway. It smells so bad that it is mainly eaten outside in the summer, and many Swedes enjoys exposing Danes to it just to see their look of horror at the smell.

Hákarl is a special Icelandic dish made of rotten shark, that is more traditional than normal, though you can still find it in supermarkets. It is said to be the most disgusting food in the world.

Pickled herring can be found in all Nordic countries, and is particularly popular in Denmark. In fact, a Danish adult who doesn’t like pickled herring is seen as rather weird.

And non of this is of course supposed to be eaten like this. You are supposed to put it on bread. :XD:

And to the newcomers: “Skål” is the Nordic word for “cheers”.

28th December 2009

1 day ago #9276830        

lol poor Denmark

20 days ago #9269093        

I'm an American with no real connections to Scandinavia, but I was brought up thinking that everyone said "Skal" (i don't know how to put symbols in) after they toasted.


17 F
25 days ago #9266987        

It's making me wanna taste surströmming and Hákarl ...

29 days ago #9265154        

iceland is cute

1 month ago #9261860        

Hmm, I wonder if they all like licorice. The Nordic countries all like it, but everyone else seems to find it terrifying.

I think it would be interesting to try surströmming, but I don't like fish...

2 months ago #9245965        

I wonder who the first guy was to eat rotten fish, and how drunk was he?


46 M
3 months ago #9233869        

Just found this article about surströmming:

Swede set to 'disarm' 25-year-old herring tin:


21 M
3 months ago #9233494        

being tasted surströmming, i have to say it would taste pretty good with dark bread, good butter and some boiled eggs, with maybe onion to flavour

3 months ago #9224599        

My neighbour has relatives in Sweden and when they meet him they bring this surströmming with them. You could smelled it in the hole area. Horrible thing!


34 F
5 months ago #9191208        

There's a show here in the states called "Bizarre Foods" where a guy basically goes around the world trying foods that us Americans would not touch. When he was in Norway (or was it Sweden, I cant remember), he got to try surströmming and had the same reation that Denmark did, lol. It was hilarious to watch!

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