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Nordics like Fish


Nordics like Fish

Many many Swedes and Norwegians have suggested that I made a comic about “surströmming”, which is mainly a Swedish dish, but can also be found in some parts of Norway. It smells so bad that it is mainly eaten outside in the summer, and many Swedes enjoys exposing Danes to it just to see their look of horror at the smell.

Hákarl is a special Icelandic dish made of rotten shark, that is more traditional than normal, though you can still find it in supermarkets. It is said to be the most disgusting food in the world.

Pickled herring can be found in all Nordic countries, and is particularly popular in Denmark. In fact, a Danish adult who doesn’t like pickled herring is seen as rather weird.

And non of this is of course supposed to be eaten like this. You are supposed to put it on bread. :XD:

And to the newcomers: “Skål” is the Nordic word for “cheers”.

28th December 2009

5 days ago #9131870      

Jeg synes der mangler noget karrysild.


21 M
11 days ago #9127922      

@AoimaouDT But it's rotten, poisonous shark that have been buried for 12 weeks! How's that not disgusting? :/

12 days ago #9127524      

There must be something worse than Hákarl, because I think it tastes good :)


31 F
17 days ago #9124274      

This is the cartoon i saw at random page that got me hooked to this site, lol. I knew nothing about how fish is eaten in scandinavia, but kinda make sense to preserve resources. Read an article about how overfishing lowers the fish population to a dangerously low level, and then recently learned that one of my fav sushi, toro sushi, is actually from an almost extinct bluefin tuna, i was shocked. Maybe should try this stuff huh, thats what we will end up eating anyway if fish were to go extinct thanks to humans. I dont know where to get it here in the States thou...

23 days ago #9119503      

So alone!

26 days ago #9116998      

I used to love pickled herring. Then I had some from a bad batch. Ten years later the smell still makes me nauseated :(

1 month ago #9109745      

Hmm I guess I am "pretty weird". I will eat a quarter of rugbrød with pickled herring only once a year - at the traditional xmas lunch party. I cover it up with loads of curried egg salat and wash it down with snaps.

1 month ago #9106547      

Ah... Poor Denmark.

1 month ago #9105749      

Seeing surströming and what it really is makes me feel lucky I am half Portuguese, dodged that bullet

1 month ago #9101259      

meheheeh, THat s cherrysh :D

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