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Not Okay


Not Okay

The Norwegians are very proud of their cheese cutter, so when I told them most Danes use the other type they were not impressed.

"I've never even SEEN that type. How does that even WORK? Oh my god, that's so STUPID!" XD

8th May 2013


22 F
5 days ago #9275042        

It is true we are proud of our cheese cutter but depending on the cheese we also use a knife, we use knife on "soft" cheese.

18 days ago #9269764        

@kroelle well, i think thats how it looks, buts hard to see, so i might use a potato peeler, then i am just wrong. But i, at least, use more knife's then a peeler. Dont know why.


23 F
18 days ago #9269634        

@Netherlands don't you use a potato peeler? I would think the string on the danish cheese cutter would break?

1 month ago #9260665        

We use the danish type for patetos... The more you know!


22 M
2 months ago #9253178        

emmmm.... people have a TOOL to cut cheese? A knife is not good? lol

2 months ago #9247695        

Huh. I grew up using a Danish cheese knife and had no clue. Now I know who to blame next time I mangle my cheese. ☺️

2 months ago #9245281        

And most of my people use knives!! >u<

2 months ago #9240669        

I never use the Original Norwegian ones. They're really bad if you want a perfect square piece. I prefer our version.

3 months ago #9233683        

I mostly use the roller-and-single-wire type, mainly because I've only owned the one cheese cutter. I find it's more practical than either of the ones shown.


53 F
4 months ago #9208230        

Norwegian cheese cutter. I own and use 3... The other kind ? (that Danes use ) useless

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