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Not Okay

The Norwegians are very proud of their cheese cutter, so when I told them most Danes use the other type they were not impressed.

"I've never even SEEN that type. How does that even WORK? Oh my god, that's so STUPID!" XD

8th May 2013

Tagged in Denmark Norway

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4 days ago #9360135        

The norwegian kind is the only one we use in Sweden! And I agree, anything else is just silly xD


112 M
6 days ago #9359361        

@lilyvirginia Thats very normal. I dont see how thats barbaric c;

23 days ago #9355062        

We barbaric Turks don't use cheese cutters. We just cut it with a knife.

2 months ago #9343835        

sexual intercourseing Nords



246 F
2 months ago #9343728        

We have one at home. i never knew it was a norwegian invention!

2 months ago #9339432        

um why does the one danmark has look like a potatoe pealer is it just me?


999 O
2 months ago #9338261        

@NorwayViking's better

2 months ago #9336680        

And one of the best cheese-slicers I've had was bought in Denmark... (the norwegian style)

3 months ago #9333353        

I've seen more wire-and-roller types (which require the cheese to be in a large enough block to push the roller against, so the wire can cut) than either of those. Just a US thing?

3 months ago #9329356        

I've seen those in the store but I usuall buy pre shredded cheese

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