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Obama is in Town

Obama is in Town

America’s excuse is that he is worst kind of republican ever. :XD:

Denmark saying, "The master negro" needs some explaining.

The Danish words for "downer" ("nedern") and "the negro" ("negern") sound very alike. That has hilarious results when people from certain parts of the country try to say, "That’s such a downer". These poor people are not being racist. They just mean to say “downer” and it comes out as "the negro" because of their dialect.

On top of that we often use the word "master" instead of "very". ("That was master cool!")

So if people with a certain dialect want to say that something is "Very much a downer" it comes out as "It’s the master negro".

It's hilarious. :XD:

4th October 2009
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7 days ago #9339675        

That's so rood>:(


21 M
1 month ago #9324568        

All hail King Negro Obama the Tyrant of Health Care and Failed Military Activities! - Republicans being sarcastic. They don't actually worship him.

2 months ago #9309007        

To add to Iroquois comments I am both a black American and Native American. You will never get a universal answer (black, afro-american, african-american, people of colour) or consensus. depends who you talk to . Better to just respect our diversity rather than quibble over verbiage.

I also lived in Uganda and Kenya (and briefly in Mauritius) and the cultural divide between Black Africans and Black Americans were as distinct I suspect as among Scandinavians. i could go on and on, but I'm just enjoying binge reading these comics.

3 months ago #9300480        

@Ice0tea humon has lots


3 months ago #9295884        

can you do a comic on åland

4 months ago #9279534        

Super nederen, måske...?._.

4 months ago #9276713        

In which part of Denmark do we say ''It's master negro'' as ''It's a big downer''?
I don't think I've ever come across a dane using ''master'' instead of ''very''... :l
Are you maybe talking about ''super''? Or what?._.

9 months ago #9195720        

@iroquois Thank you for the great response! Don't worry, it's not just the Americans who are crazy white people. For example, the Dutch government changes its official word for immigrants about every ten years because the previous one became sort of offensive, and people started complaining about it. Some people even say there should be no word for it at all, since having a word for a group of people counts as discrimination in their eyes.


22 F
9 months ago #9195336        

oh gosh, referring to my last comment, I do NOT think that ALL PROTESTANTS ARE CRAZY! I'm not religious so I forget to be conscious and respectful of religion sometimes. I'm so sorry ahh


22 F
9 months ago #9195326        

@harmenator (sorry, I didn't know you had responded!) @morri is correct, we use 'people of colour' or 'black.' (People of colour refers to anyone who isn't white, not just blacks.) For the record I am Native American, not black, so other people of colour might disagree with anything I have to say on this.

As you know, calling someone "nigger" is like calling them a slave (not ok). And you're right, "negro" was what people used after slavery became illegal, so should carry less weight; but civil rights didn't apply to free black people until MANY years after slavery ended, so many whites still treated blacks very badly, so 'negro' is still very degrading. The black-reclaimed version is "nigga," but it's really only okay for blacks to use it. (there's not much value to owning something if other people decide to use it without permission.)

We (Americans) can sometimes use the words freely in discussions, like I did above, and most people don't take offence that way. But lots of people usually don't use them as slang anymore simply because they were created in a really racist culture, and are still very racist to this day. They are very offensive because of they were made to make blacks feel less important than whites. We didn't stop using the words to erase the history, or so that they go away completely: we have to use them respectfully, so that we aren't lessening the struggle that minorities have gone through for equality for >150 years. We aren't trying to keep future generations from knowing about them, in fact the opposite: we're raising future generations to know that slurs carry a cultural significance, and to never use them to hurt others.

However, I TOTALLY agree that Americans put way too much weight on cuss words and censorship of certain language. No one is subjugated by the use of the word 'fuck,' and if it isn't degrading then why are we censoring it?? it's so silly. When I lived abroad, my friend had a really good summary of America: "When the pilgrims left England, they brought their crazy protestant beliefs to America and all the non-protestants stayed behind. Now, all the crazy white people are in the US and all the sane white people are in Europe."

I hope that all made sense! Sorry if I didn't do a good job answering your question! Americans and words, man. We're pretty dumb.

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