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Obama is in Town


Obama is in Town

America’s excuse is that he is worst kind of republican ever. :XD:

Denmark saying, "The master negro" needs some explaining.

The Danish words for "downer" ("nedern") and "the negro" ("negern") sound very alike. That has hilarious results when people from certain parts of the country try to say, "That’s such a downer". These poor people are not being racist. They just mean to say “downer” and it comes out as "the negro" because of their dialect.

On top of that we often use the word "master" instead of "very". ("That was master cool!")

So if people with a certain dialect want to say that something is "Very much a downer" it comes out as "It’s the master negro".

It's hilarious. :XD:

3rd October 2009


22 M
25 days ago #9123016      

Herre negern ;)
O' på Sy'fyn @DanishFaroese

2 months ago #9104522      

............................NO EXCUSE!!!!..........................

2 months ago #9095807      

The way I see it, nigger is a patronizing term while negro is a descriptive term for people with a dark skin. How else would you describe them?

I am surprised by how Americans ban words and believe that bans thoughts. Bleeping curses on television just draws attention to it. Or is it to make sure the youth will remain ignorant of these forbidden terms? Even if that would work, people would find new words and give them the same emotional value. And then those would be banned, and after a while the whole dictionary would be bleeped out.

2 months ago #9095044      

Brilliant indeed. Keep the good work.


22 F
2 months ago #9093493      

@Harmenator they are different words, but they mean the same thing in the USA. I live in a very liberal community, but people here do not use either word.

That aside, the american stereotype in this comic is sooo funny and these comics are brilliant

2 months ago #9085830      

Ive officially died... these are too brilliant

2 months ago #9084615      

Negro and nigger are two different words.

2 months ago #9084022      

This is pretty insulting to us Americans. The n word is not something you would hear in polite company and I find it rather mean of you to make us look so racially insensitive.

3 months ago #9073063      


4 months ago #9051382      

@DanishSalmon well but they cal always use it as an excuse...... Well I think that people should stop thinking in Black concience, white concience and start to think in Human concience

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