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Royal Wedding


Royal Wedding

The English are exited about the wedding for all the wrong reasons. :XD:

30th April 2011


17 F
23 days ago #9269299        

I remember the Royal Wedding, you could see pictures of it in every newspapers! Ha, it was such a big wedding ^^


18 M
28 days ago #9267184        

Such plot twist, much wow XD

2 months ago #9246488        

I love England's face in the first part.

2 months ago #9242400        

heh I bet the royal couple wish they can move to denmark, like I did :P

Royals cant transfure... or not easily.


16 M
7 months ago #9147592        

Have fun being British Kate.


999 F
8 months ago #9125828        

So this is how they act everytime there would be a royal wedding like this. >_<

9 months ago #9096775        

I never watched it but I wished them happyness :O

9 months ago #9094666        

I loved the royal wedding!^^


22 M
10 months ago #9067601        

@vines_and_youtube Massive shame.

10 months ago #9062221        

I tried to watch the marriage but the only thing I was able to see was the ring changing and the cathedral.... Was really pretty the wedding

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