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Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

The English are exited about the wedding for all the wrong reasons. :XD:

30th April 2011

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2 days ago #9391702        

Jesus CHRIST England!

18 days ago #9383787        

British celebrated royal wedding, Queen's jubilee, birth of prince George with relief to forget bad economic downturn. These were actually boosts to the economy -- brought lots of tourists.

22 days ago #9381583        

They are the BRITISH royal family, not English. These cartoons spread the lie that England and Britain are the same thing. Makes me sad.

25 days ago #9379634        

England is scary. O_O


4 months ago #9350110        

XD England's face

5 months ago #9329505        

England is so happy it's scary… in a bad way…


7 months ago #9302633        

Now a Limey Prince has been accused of sex scandal and Buckingham palace is denying it and running damage control.


15 F
7 months ago #9301338        

Look at nervous Canada and America. Like they aren't used to their father acting this way!


24 F
7 months ago #9300897        

I have to admit that the Royal Wedding was wonderful ^_^ A saw it 3 times it weird? :D

8 months ago #9293658        

funny thing is there hasn't been any real scandals. the only thing scandalous I've seen is how fast kate is pumping out royal babies.

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