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Sports in Finland

Sports in Finland

I kid you not. The wife carrying competition is very popular in Finland, though it doesn’t actually have to be your wife. And the winner gets the woman's weight in beer.

But I think Sister Sweden would be a bad candidate if the carrier was serious about winning. Too much groping and fondling would take place for the poor guy to ever reach the finishing line. :XD:

28th August 2010
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14 days ago #9326285        

He looks so happy though, heh.


25 M
1 month ago #9311843        

Any sport that rewards the winner with beer is a great sport in my eyes. Yay beer.


2 months ago #9302583        

Eh. In Equestria, wife THROWING is a popular sport.

2 months ago #9295999        

best sport ever

4 months ago #9273796        

@Vederai, then come to my childhood village of Sonkajärvi: the birth place of this noble sport. :)


14 F
6 months ago #9237711        

I'd like to see this in real life lol

10 months ago #9152007        

Wouldn't mind sister sweden troubling me a little bit xD ♥

10 months ago #9143358        

Same in Estonia.. sad that we weren't mentioned.. again

11 months ago #9137892        


Sure, but imagine the amount of beer!

11 months ago #9131315        

I may just have to make a trip to Finland...

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