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Colourful Scandinavian Houses

Colourful Scandinavian Houses

While at the MCM London Comic Con I was next to the Polish artist Kinga (she has a patreon too) who told me about the word Kurwa.

This is not the first time England has been peeping.


Written by Dayvi.
Illustrated by Jenny.

Sister Finland England Poland Finland Sweden Sister Poland
4th December 2017
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7 years ago #9707653        

Awww, no 100th birthday wishes for Finland yet? (It’s okay, we give you until midnight before we break out the molotovs. I know, I’m too kind.)

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7 years ago #9707897        

Yes - where's the special birthday greeting for Finland?

I was looking forward to seeing all the other Nordic countries celebrate Finland and possibly even the Finnish characters smiling?

I mean once in a hundred years it might be OK to smile at least?

Happy 100 Finland!

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7 years ago #9707399        

Finland is 100 years old tomorrow. 6th of December is the Finnish independence day

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7 years ago #9706810        

I know it's a meme and a joke that's older than me, but why does everyone think Ikea furniture is so impossible? I have assembled no less than two beds at midnight with a dog insisting my lap was a pillow. Is it because people don't look at the instructions? Because you do kinda need those.

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7 years ago #9706790        

Come now, it isn't _that_ hard to assemble IKEA stuff. The trick is to read ahead to see what it's gonna look like, which usually helps in figuring out why certain seemingly illogical steps must come first, and then follow it very carefully (down to noticing exactly which of the several types of screws in the box go where and when), and then it's usually fine. Most people I know here in Sweden have multiple IKEA objects in their home, and I am no exception. It used to be of lower quality which is probably where it gets its bad rep in (primarily) America from, but it's improved vastly since then. :)

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7 years ago #9707418        

"Finland’s 100 years of independence is celebrated this week with blue-and-white light shows across Finland and in almost 30 countries around the world. The excitement has been gathering pace up to the last minute, and 50 iconic venues and buildings across the globe will be illuminated with blue and white lights in honour of Finland’s centenary of independence."

Country, city Site to be illuminated;
Argentina, Buenos Aires The Usina del Arte cultural centre
Australia, Adelaide Adelaide Town Hall
Australia, Brisbane Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge
Australia, Canberra Telstra Tower, the Old Parliament House, Malcolm Fraser Bridge, Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre(Parkes)
Australia, Hobart Railway Roundabout Fountain, Elizabeth Street Mall and the Kennedy Lane Tourism Precinct
Australia, Perth The Council House building and Trafalgar Bridge
Austria, Vienna The Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro The Christ the Redeemer statue
Bulgaria, Sofia The National Palace of Culture
Canada Niagara Falls
Cyprus, Nicosia The White Walls building
Czech Republic, Prague The Dancing House designed by Frank Gehry
Estonia, Tallinn Stenbock House (The seat of the Government)
Estonia, Tartu The Vanemuine Theatre, Võidu sild Bridge, Kaarsild Bridge
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Lion of Judah monument in front of the Ethiopian National Theatre
Greece, Athens The Arch of Hadrian
Hungary, Budapest Elizabeth Bridge
Iceland, Reykjavik Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre
Ireland, Dublin Mansion House, the residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin
Israel, Tel Aviv Tel Aviv City Hall
Italy, Rome The Colosseum
Kazakhstan, Astana The bridges across the Ishim River, St. Regis hotel
Latvia, Jelgava Railway Bridge
Latvia, Riga The Tower of the Town Hall in the Old Town, the Railway Bridge across the Daugava river
Mexico, Mexico City The Angel of Independence monument (Ángel de la Independencia)
Mozambique, Maputo Maputo Fortress
Netherlands, Alkmaar Stadskantine Alkmaar
Norway, Oslo Holmenkollen ski jumping hill
Poland, Warsaw The Palace of Culture and Science
Portugal, Lisbon Belém Tower (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Russia, Lumivaara Lumivaara Church
Russia, Moscow The Embassy of Finland
Russia, Petrozavodsk The National Theatre
Russia, Saint Petersburg The Museum of Ethnography
Serbia, Belgrade Ada Bridge, Palace Albania
Sweden, Borås Accumulator tank
Sweden, Stockholm Globen
Switzerland, Montreux The Mannerheim memorial
Ukraine, Kiev The Embassy of Finland
United Kingdom, Newcastle The Gateshead Millennium Bridge


7 years ago #9706705        

Omg is the last panel a reference to this meme? :D

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7 years ago #9706982        

I don't get why so meny people on the internet jokes about the impossibility of assembling IKEA furniture. I mean it's not even that confusing, just follow the usually very clear instructions that comes with your package. It's as easy as building LEGO and even a 5 year old child can do that.

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7 years ago #9707293        

Come on, now - England may be dull, but Scandinavia certainly doesn't have a monopoly on colourful houses! Check out our local Welsh harbour town:

7 years ago #9706851        

This, My dear children is why you read instructions.

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