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Stop Talking


Stop Talking

A very Scandinavian joke.

Swedes and Norwegians (and Icelanders) almost sound like they’re singing when they speak, while Danish is remarkable in that it has no accent at all. It’s very flat, not unlike German. Yet Danes are still somewhat understandable to Swedes and Norwegians, because Swedish, Norwegian and Danish are more or less the same language, so to them it sound like “Danes are speaking with a potato in their mouth”

But now the secret is out. We don't actually talk like that when we're alone. We only do it to annoy Swedes and Norwegians. :XD:

And yay! Norwegians making fun of the Danish language
And a Dane making fun of the Norwegian language (Danish without subtitles. Sorry)

1st September 2009


14 M
10 days ago #9133524      

Norway is always neutral.


22 M
26 days ago #9122978      

It's true, we have the most boring accents in Denmark.. :(


31 F
1 month ago #9113656      

Btw i think u guys do have accent! I can hear the accent esp when u speak english! And i cannot tell norwegian from danish so i think they all sound the same!


31 F
1 month ago #9113654      

Muhaaa i have no clue, but its funny regardless! So why dont they just speak english? Lol.

1 month ago #9110521      

so danes dont have an accent?

1 month ago #9109924      

Hahahah yup

2 months ago #9091728      

@Dagnis I don't


21 F
2 months ago #9091669      

Finished watching the video where the Dane makes fun of the Norwegian swimming rules and almost cried with laughter, then after reading some comments, I understood a bit more about how he's making fun of what the rules sound like when the words are directly translated into danish and I almost fell down on the floor laughing while rewatching it! Hilarious! Bit annoying for my flatmates I think, hahaha!

2 months ago #9085388      

I have a Finnish friend who was once participating to some Nordic conference. In the beginning everybody was supposed to give a greeting in a language of another Nordic country. The only other Nordic language he could speak was Swedish, and he wasn't very good in it. But he was good in imitating Danish, so he asked to be the first to address the conference, and imitated Danish. Everybody else was fooled, but the Danes looked at him in a bit funny way.


18 F
2 months ago #9084066      

This was so funny, and it's true. We Swedes and the Norwegians say that the Danish is talking with a potato in their mouth. xD

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