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Stop Talking

Northern Lights Poster

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Stop Talking

A very Scandinavian joke.

Swedes and Norwegians (and Icelanders) almost sound like they’re singing when they speak, while Danish is remarkable in that it has no accent at all. It’s very flat, not unlike German. Yet Danes are still somewhat understandable to Swedes and Norwegians, because Swedish, Norwegian and Danish are more or less the same language, so to them it sound like “Danes are speaking with a potato in their mouth”

But now the secret is out. We don't actually talk like that when we're alone. We only do it to annoy Swedes and Norwegians. :XD:

And yay! Norwegians making fun of the Danish language
And a Dane making fun of the Norwegian language (Danish without subtitles. Sorry)

1st September 2009

21 days ago #9322777        

Poor Norway in the last panel.


22 M
2 months ago #9305525        

Well, to be fair, the Swedes are the worst ;)


15 F
2 months ago #9305366        

@Slazmir i did not know that omg xD


22 M
2 months ago #9303985        

@Kanine You sure do have a more "melodic" accent than we do!

2 months ago #9303044 hehe
to all non danes and norwegians this i snot real its just for fun...


15 F
2 months ago #9300339        

do norwegians(aka me) and swedes really almost sound like were singing when we speak? like for real??

2 months ago #9299644        

"We only do it to annoy Swedes and Norwegians. " hahaha! Well that explains the looks I see when taking Swedish/Norwegian tourists around Copenhagen by cycle-taxi.

2 months ago #9298765        

Well, despite the fact I have no idea about those languages, I really enjoyed the first video (the second one is forbidden)... Is it really that hard to speak?

2 months ago #9297406        

Another saying is that we all speak the same language in Scandinavia, just that the norwegians can't spell it and that the danes can't pronounce it. :D

3 months ago #9276681        

Well, we do actually have many dialects in Denmark.
The main ones are Zealandish, Jutlandish, Funeish, Bornholmish, and there's dialects on all of the smaller islands.
But even on Zealand, Jutland, Fune and Bornholm, there's more than 1 dialect, for example, in Zealand there's North Zealandish, South Zealandish, West Zealandish, Copenhagenish, Middle Zealandish, and there's also Risdansk, which is the royal Danish language, and probably also the original one.
As for Jutland, there's Middle Jutlandish, North Jutlandish, West Jutlandish, East Jutlandish, and the hardest one to understand is South Jutlandish, which is completely ununderstandable.
I'm not so sure about Fune or Bornholm, but they have at least 1 dialect each.
I think we might have about 100 or so dialects. About that.

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