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The day after


The day after

A silly little follow-up to this

What Sweden fails to realize is that he is the last person in the world Finland would want to know about this. :XD:

3rd May 2010

1 month ago #9292670        

I cracked up so hard at the last panel.


18 O
2 months ago #9288934        

Ahh, the constant battle between Finland's love, and his vengeance.


246 F
3 months ago #9267608        

Sister Finland is so cute ♥ But Sweden's gay, poor her... :/

3 months ago #9262868        

The fact that Sweden points out that Finland's a good kisser.... Could there be something there ^.^

4 months ago #9260946        

I love how sitser finland acts tewords sweden...

4 months ago #9259610        

i want Sweden to hit it off with Finland!! at least for a few comics and then they can go back to hating one another ;)


20 F
4 months ago #9256202        



16 F
7 months ago #9197668        

I think I'm kinda into Sister Finland. She is adorable! *w*


22 F
8 months ago #9157293        

just love this so much hahahahaha XD

10 months ago #9126559        

@CanadaHaz, I feel your pain!

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