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The day after


The day after

A silly little follow-up to this

What Sweden fails to realize is that he is the last person in the world Finland would want to know about this. :XD:

3rd May 2010

21 days ago #9126559      

@CanadaHaz, I feel your pain!

2 months ago #9104041      

@CanadaHaz you too :)

2 months ago #9099829      

and sister Finland saves it all :D

2 months ago #9092583      

@DanishAmerican123 it is.

I had nice time talking to you as well. Sleep well. :)

2 months ago #9092580      

@CanadaHaz I had a very nice time talking to you and hope I have the chance to again but now I must sleep bye :) Nice meeting you CanadaHaz :)

2 months ago #9092577      

@CanadaHaz wow that is pretty damn windy :)

2 months ago #9092574      

@DanishAmerican123 We had that problem too. Other times we would play chicken by leaning all our weight into the wind and the last one to stand up or the one to fall on their face because they hung on until the wind died down won.

Sometimes here, adults have to lean in to the wind or get knocked back.

2 months ago #9092569      

@CanadaHaz wow, in Iceland small children sometimes have to lean forward so they dont get air born.

2 months ago #9092568      

@DanishAmerican123 yeah. My cousins have a wind storm and they are all "we had branches everywhere" and I'm like, dude, we get mother fucking trees laying around after the wind!

2 months ago #9092564      

@CanadaHaz HAHA nice

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