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The Napoleon War


The Napoleon War

Never mess with a neat-freak!

This is the main reason why Norway and Denmark still feel a bit funny about Sweden even today. HISTORY TIME!

The Napoleon war was basically with France one on side and England on the other, with each of them having a number of countries supporting them. At the beginning most countries supported France, and Sweden was one of the few who supported England from the very beginning.
As the war went on, more and more countries left France and went over to England, with Denmark as one of the very few who stayed with France to the bitter end.

When England won, Denmark was of course seen as one of the big loosers who deserved to be punished for staying on the "evil" side, so it was seen as only fair that Sweden got Norway. The Danes were ready to just give in and get it over with, but the Dane who had been put in charge of Norway suggested that they allowed Norway to break loose from Denmark instead. That way Sweden couldn’t touch them.

Denmark agreed to do this, and Norway finally got it’s own constitution. But that didn’t stop Sweden. When they were told Denmark could no longer hand Norway over, Sweden simply invaded Norway and took it by force. That was the last war between the Scandinavian countries.

You gotta' love how Sweden went from being one of the "good guys" to being a jerk. History is fun like that. :XD:

21st October 2009

1 month ago #9106484      

Yup. Sweden is an evil invader... Thank goodness Russia freed Finland from him.

And I just realized there hasn't been a single comic of Sweden owning Finland ages ago.


32 M
1 month ago #9101680      

I don't know if the author will read this, but would be nice if England, Prussia, Russia, Austria was added standing there all hypocrites just offering sympathies to Norway.

2 months ago #9077617      

@Helbo15 I think the fleet was Norwegian, as a matter of fact.

3 months ago #9060623      

Oh yeah that part always makes me laugh poor norway though

3 months ago #9051584      

Oh... I love soo much Napoleon War... and scandinavians.... Well Netherlands, as always, was in the same side of Denmark.... and, as always, Netherlands ended up in problems with England.... well The Brit's marine bombarded Copenhagen in 3 days 14 thousand rockets destroied un third of the buldings, more than 1000 civilians died in those days...knowing each rocket had nearly 3Kg of powder soo we can see 42 Kg(92594.15 pounds) or 1481506.4 onces of explosive.... pretty much

3 months ago #9051298      

During the WW2 Oden-operation in Norway, the Swedish goverment had two choices. Let the german troops pass throu Sweden to conquer Norway, or resist so that Germany could conquer Sweden first, and then Norway.
The benefit for Norway would have been insignificant, since the swedish army was somthing of a joke. Just like in Norway, the swedish people had been caught in the illusion of eternal peace.

4 months ago #9038630      

@Helbo15 we asked for it ourselves by making an alliance with russia prussia and SWEDEN, the alliance was made because of the high tension between france and england, denmark got the idea of the alliance so all the neutral nations was in the alliance so that they could remain neutral and trade with both france and england.

but it didnt go as planned, both france and england saw the new alliance as a threath and both wanted to do something about it, england was the only one who could do something about it and therefore sailed for copenhagen and destroyed or fleet big time.

NOTE: before the battle the english ships went to swedens coast to evade the danish cannons range, wich made a perfect opportunity for the swedes to shoot their ships but they didnt because the danish ministers tild them not to because they was afraid they would demand rewards after for their help.
some of denmarks old leaders are really awful :(


29 M
4 months ago #9031906      

you forgot to add why Denmark sided with France to begin with... ;)

the fact that Denmark in the beginning wanted to stay neutral or maybe even side with England got spoiled simply because England came and took our fleet, since then we just said screw you England we support France they at least didn't take anything from us. just too bad they lost the war. ;)

so for real we where chick offended by England taking our fleet Two times during the war between French and English

4 months ago #9025105      

Yes America, I'd like to order a few nukes... Specifically for Sweden ;)

5 months ago #9023105      

welcome to the North my friends :) brotherly love all aound...

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