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The Napoleon War


The Napoleon War

Never mess with a neat-freak!

This is the main reason why Norway and Denmark still feel a bit funny about Sweden even today. HISTORY TIME!

The Napoleon war was basically with France one on side and England on the other, with each of them having a number of countries supporting them. At the beginning most countries supported France, and Sweden was one of the few who supported England from the very beginning.
As the war went on, more and more countries left France and went over to England, with Denmark as one of the very few who stayed with France to the bitter end.

When England won, Denmark was of course seen as one of the big loosers who deserved to be punished for staying on the "evil" side, so it was seen as only fair that Sweden got Norway. The Danes were ready to just give in and get it over with, but the Dane who had been put in charge of Norway suggested that they allowed Norway to break loose from Denmark instead. That way Sweden couldn’t touch them.

Denmark agreed to do this, and Norway finally got it’s own constitution. But that didn’t stop Sweden. When they were told Denmark could no longer hand Norway over, Sweden simply invaded Norway and took it by force. That was the last war between the Scandinavian countries.

You gotta' love how Sweden went from being one of the "good guys" to being a jerk. History is fun like that. :XD:

21st October 2009


17 F
3 days ago #9266963        

Aouch, poor Denmark!
This is very instructive though! :D

2 months ago #9228483        

Truth, turned into comedy. haha

3 months ago #9215736        

@Shitzadorina everything works out :D and everyone is happy... now :)

3 months ago #9215348        

@Penguin I guess that's true, and then we had to let you go. And now we're friends. Yay!

3 months ago #9215278        

@Shitzadorina in a way you freed us from Denmark, jayy :D

4 months ago #9194238        

Poor Norway, but considering how Sweden lost Finland I am not surprised he needed to fill that empty seat. And I guess we tried to get on terms with Norway, as we did allow them to keep most of their new constitution, and we did let them go without a war 1905. Though, I know it was a reluctant decision.

Sadly, the short union did not help public decisions seeing how when Norway was invaded during World War 2, Sweden didn't help. Whereas during the Finnish Winter War the public opinion of helping Finland became so high that they made a loophole in the neutrality decisions, and allowed for some support. I know many Finns says this doesn't count, but considering how Norway got treated when we might have been able to assist some, the Swedish-Finnish bonds were just older, longer and apparently more deep.

@Bookworm13 What do you mean? Humon has a drawing of Sweden and Finland when Finland was supposedly friendly with Sweden. Before the split.

4 months ago #9188304        

ahem without the prussians you d al speak french now :P


20 F
4 months ago #9186178        

Although Sweden did invade us (only took them 3 weeks to win) they did let us keep our constitution.


36 F
4 months ago #9182195        

Sweden has always been a jerk. And yes, I am a Finn.

5 months ago #9157685        

Why is France nowhere to be seen as she was the main force in the Napoleonic wars?

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