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Eurovision 2017

Eurovision 2017

*fingers in ears* It's not political!

Apparently Little My from the Moomins and Sailor Moon are Lithuania and Belarus' ascetics this year. And let's not forget that Epic Sax Guy is back.


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12th of May

Greatest Authority

Greatest Authority

On the way to the grand finals there was a Nordic Night at Eurovision and Estonia was Nordic country number 6! Obviously there is no greater authority in these matters than a song contest, so big changes must be ahead indeed...


Comic suggested by Marta.
Illustrated by Kimmy.

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25th of June
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Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015

Don't worry, colorful speech bubbles aren't going to be a thing from now on. Just this once it makes it easier to see who is saying what.

Sadly I didn't have a lot of time to make this year's Eurovision comic, but no way could anything keep me from making one!

I have to admit I though this year was pretty boring. Not because of Austria, they did a great job, but because most of the artists decided to act classy which equals super boring Eurovision for me. I need lots of stupid costumes! Crazy dancers! Huge fireworks! I need Eurovision to be weird dammit!

The host country Austria got zero points. :(

Sweden was as always stoked to win. Nobody in the world loves Eurovision more than them, so no wonder they win so often.

Australia got to join this year as a special one time thing. They did great and are welcome in the future if the powers that be allows it.

The last two times Sweden won, Denmark won the year after, so it's a bit of a running joke in Denmark to say "Oh no, we can't effort Eurovision again already!" before we've even won.


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26th of May

Eurovision 2014

Eurovision 2014

The main theme of Eurovision 2014 was Eurovision History.

But it also had two smaller themes.
1) The Danish hosts were trying to be a little creepy as a nod to Danish actors always being hired to play villains in American and English films and TV. That was the reason behind the weird stalker segment and shooting fireworks at the commentators.
2) They acknowledged that Eurovision is very popular among gays, which is why it had one female host and two males who were being very *ahem* friendly with each other.

So could it be more fitting that a drag queen who sang a James Bond themed song won?

America in the background is because The Netherlands' song was about as American as Eurovision will allow.

Overall there were quite a few good songs this year, so I encourage you to go look for them.


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14th of May

How to keep friends

How to keep friends

New guy is Austria. The silly mad scientist of the world. :D

Anyway, Denmark tying himself to Sweden and Germany is a joke on Denmark first building a bridge to Sweden, then deciding to build yet another bridge to Sweden, and now also a tunnel to Germany which he is already connected to by land. He is so freaking afraid of his neighbours leaving him. :XD:


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26th of February
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