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All Work and No Play

All Work and No Play

After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 the Scandinavian countries took good care of the Hungarian refugees, and the Hungarians were so grateful for all the help that they worked extra hard and only had short breaks so they could pay the Scandinavians back. Unfortunately it made the other workers look bad, so it had to be explained to them that they had to rest more and relax a bit. The Hungarians were amazed that they were told to just sit around and eat food and drink beer and thought they had gone to heaven. XD

I asked a Hungarian what the Hungarians stereotypically looked like, and he said, "He should have an impressive moustache! We are famous for our mustaches!" so that us why he ended up like this.

16th October 2012

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19 days ago #9383840        

Few realize that American Film industry in early days and through golden era 1950's classic Hollywood films was driven by the genius of Hungarian artists, technicians, sound and light experts, and directors.
Also the Manhattan Project (to perfect atomic bomb) had unusual number of Hungarian physicists and lab technicians.
Actress Hetty Lamar, beautiful Hollywood film star, when still in Europe, spied on german munitions plants; she had a degree in physics and invented a bomb gun--sight which gave the allies the best capabilities for shooting down Nazi airplanes.


22 F
2 months ago #9366677        

Your stereotypical Hungary is very good. :) We also like cooking, and feeding our guests, we have really cheap alcohol, so most hungarians drink a lot. And when someone asks us "how are you?" we start complaining about kinda everything :D And yeah, sister Hungary has to have braids

3 months ago #9354560        

I thank the Nordic countries for taking refugees

Also as an idea if you were to create an Austria Hungary
It would funny if they were Siamese twins

Idea inspired by countryballs


24 F
7 months ago #9300609        

I like how you made a stereotypical Hungary, it shows the truth. ;) You should involve us a little more with Sister Hungary, it would be great! :) Btw, I didn't know you help us out...thanks Nordic countries! :)


9 months ago #9264816        

And today is the day we remember this revolution :) Also, I didn't know you helped us like this, so thank you Scandinavians! BTW How cruel...

10 months ago #9254334        

@00joe01 naaah.... :)

11 months ago #9246882        

I really liked this,but you could use Hungary in more of your comics. Imean, he could be in the drunken pary,cause we'we got plenty of (good) alcohol (aaand good gastronomy,fantastic history, many inventors, nobel-prized scientists,etc...). We'we got even something common witn the norden countries,because we are linguistically related with the Finns and the Estonians.
Ps.: and pleeeeeease make a Sister Hungary (with braids ;) )

11 months ago #9246684        

:) ...ok, ok, ok... gotta admit that one went straight in :D So true. And you know the saddest thing is, having travelled all around the world, worked in America, China, New Zealand, Finland, ...I see Hungarians ARE working - yet they seem to not advance much (much to thank for that to the corrupt politicians, biased media, uninformed crowds... who vote for short term benefits, rather than a coherent strategy). But I guess Norway would have a lot to say about this now, with this - now absurd - fight over the grants it's giving to Hungary... the nerve of the Hun politicians, dear Lord. "Hello, Norway. I'm Sister Hungary. And I just want to say... uh,... the fact that "he" is leader around here doesn't mean we're all liek that. Can I apologize in his name?"

PS: for those of you who are not informed - corruption has got to the point that the PM now wanted "control" over _foreign_ grants (like Norway's) to Hun civil societies... _He_ thought it was not going to the "right" places, and tried to grab them with an excuse like the grants' flow is not being documented enough (


19 M
11 months ago #9237687        

I want to have Hungary in the second as my avatar ;> He's so adorable!


14 M
1 year ago #9210170        

@nortland PRISA FIKA!

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