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Better late than never

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Better late than never

A lot of Europeans have asked if I would do a comic about how some Americans act like they personally ended WWII, and the irony of "Do you speak German? No? You're welcome!" of course being that a lot of countries outside of Germany are taught German in school. Not because of WWII, but because Germany is a big and important country so it helps to understand the language. Even I who can only speak very little German understand quite a bit of it, and I don't even know why. :XD:

Next after Sweden and Norway, Germany is Denmark's best friend, especially in the tourist season. They have always had a bit of a "I hate to love you" relationship ranging from Denmark still imitating Germany when they were at war, to Germany still wanting to go to Denmark even after it felt betrayed when Denmark briefly got it's border control back.

Even during WWII Nazi Germany treated Denmark nicely (Well, as nicely as Nazi Germany could treat anyone) and made it possible for Denmark to ship 99% of it's Jews to Sweden before Denmark got invaded and then made an agreement with Nazi Germany that the remaining Danish Jews weren't allowed to get killed and not be sent to the really bad concentration camps. Danish Jews became quite popular in the camps they went to because the guards would usually steal the food that was sent to people in the camps, but only stole cigarettes and candy from the Danish Jews thanks to the agreement, so they had something to share with people.

And that is the long answer as to why Denmark don't want America to beat Germany up. The short answer being "because he wants Germany to visit his beaches" :XD:

28th April 2012

3 days ago #9329557        

I loved Germany on the last pic! *-*


21 M
6 days ago #9328282        

In all honesty if Russia hadn't joined it woulda taken nukes to end WW2 in Europe, and if Murika hadn't joined Russia'd have lost a great deal more lives and taken a great deal more time to conquer Germany.

And you'd all be Russian Speaking Communists.

You're welcome!


6 days ago #9328272        

@MadsTheLama #9326257 Unless Germany would have defeated the Soviet Union.


22 M
11 days ago #9326288        

It's funny how only the Dutch, Belgians and Canadians remember that was Canada was an important part of WW2 as well....

11 days ago #9326257        

To say it like this: If USA hadn't joined, all of Europe (Except England) would've talked russian. Since the Soviet Union was making it's way to Germany, they might not have stopped there :/


20 M
11 days ago #9325907        

While America joining up was definitely a turning point in the war, none of the Allied powers could have won it alone. It was a team effort and may be one of the times that America was most unified with most European countries. At least in terms of working towards a common goal.

13 days ago #9325333        

I'm reading these comments and thinking "The Russians killed more Germans (in one battle may I add) than the US did during the entire war." All the countries worked together, they deserve the right to say that, just as much or even more so than we do!


21 M
15 days ago #9324579        

B*tches please - we totally saved your asses! <Russia has left the war> -Germany pulls it's other hand back, which happens to be holding a machine gun chainsaw- <America has run away> <King Europe has become King Nazi>

*Waits for the butthurt*


32 F
17 days ago #9323721        

How about a strip about obnoxious Europeans, usually Brits, chiding America for "being late for WWII"?

America was late for WWII in the same way that a policeman is late for a murder.

1 month ago #9312517        

I speak a little Russian.

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