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Better late than never


Better late than never

A lot of Europeans have asked if I would do a comic about how some Americans act like they personally ended WWII, and the irony of "Do you speak German? No? You're welcome!" of course being that a lot of countries outside of Germany are taught German in school. Not because of WWII, but because Germany is a big and important country so it helps to understand the language. Even I who can only speak very little German understand quite a bit of it, and I don't even know why. :XD:

Next after Sweden and Norway, Germany is Denmark's best friend, especially in the tourist season. They have always had a bit of a "I hate to love you" relationship ranging from Denmark still imitating Germany when they were at war, to Germany still wanting to go to Denmark even after it felt betrayed when Denmark briefly got it's border control back.

Even during WWII Nazi Germany treated Denmark nicely (Well, as nicely as Nazi Germany could treat anyone) and made it possible for Denmark to ship 99% of it's Jews to Sweden before Denmark got invaded and then made an agreement with Nazi Germany that the remaining Danish Jews weren't allowed to get killed and not be sent to the really bad concentration camps. Danish Jews became quite popular in the camps they went to because the guards would usually steal the food that was sent to people in the camps, but only stole cigarettes and candy from the Danish Jews thanks to the agreement, so they had something to share with people.

And that is the long answer as to why Denmark don't want America to beat Germany up. The short answer being "because he wants Germany to visit his beaches" :XD:

28th April 2012

25 days ago #9117088      

Meanwhile in the Uk "You should thank me"
America "For what?"
Uk "That you don't speak french"

28 days ago #9113987      

God dammit America Germany was almost finished with poor sausage!

1 month ago #9109666      

I'm one of the rare Americans who studied foreign languages from a young age, thanks to an experimental program at my elementary school that started in kindergarten. Interestingly, they started us with German! Ended up studying it for twelve years! (Aber ich habe es am meistens vergessen...) <-if that even makes sense, IDEK anymore

1 month ago #9108467      

Actually, it was a really close vote when they decided what language they would speak in America... German almost won. You should make that into one comic... Except that it doesn't have anythind to do with Scandinavia.

2 months ago #9096684      

The decline of the English language in America really is sad. I'm in college and I see people with errors that would be made in grade school. We really need to address it. >.<

2 months ago #9094958      

It makes me so sad to see the ridiculous nature of language in america, because one, we have no official language, two, the most spoken language is Spanish, and three, most people who are taught English do not take the time to learn how to speak and write correctly. I recently read an article about how a healthy amount of football (the american kind, nichts Fussball,) players accepted into colleges on sports scholarships had no clue how to appropriately read or write.

2 months ago #9092456      


Those are the usual options in Sweden as well.

2 months ago #9089414      

One of the many problems with the American educational system.

2 months ago #9087543      

Poor Germany D:

2 months ago #9085651      

Yeah, I see stuff like this a lot, usually about Arabic now. A lot of Americans make no effort to learn another language but give people a hard time when they struggle with English which most American's don't even properly speak anyway....

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