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Better late than never


Better late than never

A lot of Europeans have asked if I would do a comic about how some Americans act like they personally ended WWII, and the irony of "Do you speak German? No? You're welcome!" of course being that a lot of countries outside of Germany are taught German in school. Not because of WWII, but because Germany is a big and important country so it helps to understand the language. Even I who can only speak very little German understand quite a bit of it, and I don't even know why. :XD:

Next after Sweden and Norway, Germany is Denmark's best friend, especially in the tourist season. They have always had a bit of a "I hate to love you" relationship ranging from Denmark still imitating Germany when they were at war, to Germany still wanting to go to Denmark even after it felt betrayed when Denmark briefly got it's border control back.

Even during WWII Nazi Germany treated Denmark nicely (Well, as nicely as Nazi Germany could treat anyone) and made it possible for Denmark to ship 99% of it's Jews to Sweden before Denmark got invaded and then made an agreement with Nazi Germany that the remaining Danish Jews weren't allowed to get killed and not be sent to the really bad concentration camps. Danish Jews became quite popular in the camps they went to because the guards would usually steal the food that was sent to people in the camps, but only stole cigarettes and candy from the Danish Jews thanks to the agreement, so they had something to share with people.

And that is the long answer as to why Denmark don't want America to beat Germany up. The short answer being "because he wants Germany to visit his beaches" :XD:

28th April 2012

5 days ago #9277976        

Oh okay, so you did make one after all...Nice:3
Pretty amazing how Denmark has learned to speak German now:XD:

1 month ago #9261858        

Yeah, Norwegian resistance was amazing. There is something about the Nazi effort and failure to build the first atomic bomb here ( if anyone is interested.

2 months ago #9259731        

Well, yes, if it wasn't for the Norwegians the Nazis might have had a nuke before America did. Thanks Norway! and if it weren't for the British, Canadians, and French resistance, D-Day might not have been possible. But it did get to the point where we were practically fighting the Japanese all on our own. bottom line, team effort won the day.

2 months ago #9259449        

I'm betting you understand more German than you think! I know enough German to be dangerous and I was able to at least read a bit of Danish when I was in Copenhagen (Swedish was a little easier)

4 months ago #9202717        

@mrnewwanderer agreed.

5 months ago #9196601        

@Katherine Katya! you're back :) I missed you too

5 months ago #9195643        

shhhh... let them think whatever they want, duuuuude...
And hi, Ísak! ^_^ I missed you.

5 months ago #9193208        

@Jawshk Really the country that gets downplayed is Finland. Next to nobody who I ask about WW2 even knows Finland was involved. They singlehandedly almost defeated the Soviets in the Winter War, they then invaded Russia with German reinforcements on their side and later helped Russia fight the Nazi's, while offering haven to any who escaped Germany even while allies with the Nazi's. Yet everyone overlooks their involvement, at least among the people I've talked to. If this is common knowledge in other countries then cool, but here in America people know nothing about it somehow.


19 M
5 months ago #9190354        

A lot of people are doing the complete opposite in these comics and downplaying the effect that the USA had on WWII. The USA essentially beat the Japanese Empire by themselves (with very little help). They also provided much needed reinforcements to Europe. The US provided a large amount of equipment and men to the western font, it helped split the German force. Sure, the Americans didn't "win the war" but they did contribute a decent amount in Europe, and a lot to the East.

5 months ago #9189891        

@DeadlyLittleKate I have no idea why they do it. Americans think they've won every war there is. Even though they did nothing in WWI except supplying the British and they lost the Vietnam war. And it's not like they joined WWII because they sympathized someone. They just take all the credit because they want more of their pointless war pride (thankfully that pride is diminishing today). Of course, I'm not referring to every single American, just those nationalist gun-lovers.

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