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Black Pete


Black Pete

In the Netherlands Saint Nicholas is a separate person from Santa, and like Santa has his elves, Saint Nicholas has his Zwarte Piet (Black Pete).

Dutch people will usually claim he is just covered in sod from the chimneys, but his clean clothes makes it pretty obvious Black Pete is inspired by a caricature of black people, but it should be noted that Black Pete is not supposed to be an African. It's more like a sort of magical being that has it's looks inspired by the caricature.

6th December 2012

1 month ago #9105500      

soooooooo true @iNielsBoonstra

2 months ago #9086523      

It is sod from the chimneys why they are black. They simply bought new ones when that was needed, but the sod on their skin wouldn't wash of.

2 months ago #9083054      

I think Black Pete is Mr. Pop.


17 F
2 months ago #9081042      

Because if you think about it: You must be really racist to think about slavery the moment you see a black guy. The Pieten, as Humon explained very accurately, are seen as semi-magical beings who bring candy, presents and fun. No child thinks about a black guy when they see a Piet, let alone a slave. Really.

3 months ago #9072960      

it is a for tradition for childeren dont make a big deal about it when i was small and i saw them all i thought was candy, toy's and more candy. and not slave

3 months ago #9072105      

I feel it's very racist. Traditional or not, he's "traditionally" dumb and somewhat uncivilized, and there are serious reacists out there, so giving them more material, even if it's in good humor or as a part of tradition, is ignorant. I actually liked their alternative - I know a bunch of Zwarte Piets have been painted orange or blue instead, and I'm completely fine with that.


16 M
3 months ago #9070817      

Saint nick was black.........


24 M
3 months ago #9070795      

Sinterklaas! I love that holiday, and stupid united nations wants to abolish it because some black people are offended -.- I feel offended myself because of that. It's like white people can't do anything that offends other skin colors but the other way around seems fine for some reason...

4 months ago #9045096      

Poot have some effects

4 months ago #9032323      

@Tzenker there are a lot of traditional, cultural things in many countries that are kinda racist. Many are done away with. Just because something is traditional doesn't mean it isn't bigoted, especially when seen through the eyes of the minority group being caricatured.

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