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Black Pete

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Black Pete

In the Netherlands Saint Nicholas is a separate person from Santa, and like Santa has his elves, Saint Nicholas has his Zwarte Piet (Black Pete).

Dutch people will usually claim he is just covered in sod from the chimneys, but his clean clothes makes it pretty obvious Black Pete is inspired by a caricature of black people, but it should be noted that Black Pete is not supposed to be an African. It's more like a sort of magical being that has it's looks inspired by the caricature.

6th December 2012

23 days ago #9279527        

Or I guess Saint Nicholas could be played by a black person in white face, kinda like here, hehe. Piss EVERYONE off!

23 days ago #9279526        

I think probably a lot of the debate around the potential racism here could be done away with if Zwarte Pete was actually played by a black person (and maybe they talked about the history of freeing slaves, whatever), instead of a white person doing a caricature. Just a thought.

1 month ago #9274834        

Children love zwarte piet more then they love saint nicolas (I used to find saint nicolas scary when I was a little kid XD)

I once played a zwarte piet, that was really fun :D children think you're awesome and their parents really appreciate you ^_^

1 month ago #9273538        

Black pete is based off slaves which are believed Saint Nicholas bought and set free. nowadays its changed so its because of the chimneys, but still a lot of people find them offensive

3 months ago #9250496        

No, black pete is a giant family how love to help sint nictolase. The early blacb petes where white, got coverd in sud, and that got in their skins. It stayde like this for the next genergtion, etc etc, only making it worse. The are NOT based of slaves.

3 months ago #9247556        

Is Black Pete supposed to be a Svartalf, perhaps?

3 months ago #9244220        

Cosmopolitan_lunatic said: "I know a bunch of Zwarte Piets have been painted orange or blue instead, and I'm completely fine with that." So now I have a picture in my mind of Braveheart handing out candy to the kiddies.


17 M
4 months ago #9230724        

it is a party for children and evryone who plays black pete always said that he is a hero for the children. Even the black children look up to him. There are just a couple of people who don't understand our culture about a man that gives children presents and his helpers who give candy. It is all blown up by the media. Only 2% of the people in the Netherlands find St. Nicholas racist. He even freed the slaves and they offerd to work for him as he was an old man.


19 M
4 months ago #9222559        

I do not see why this tradition has been labeled as racist

6 months ago #9178303        

@Brogard Everything is racist nowadays. Googles employees being mainly white? RACIST!!! So they are firing white people and hiring black people to "even it out, and therefore not being racist". They are sacking and choosing their employees entirely based on their race. Isn't that the definition of racism?

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