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Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms

I shamelessly stole the idea from this

I just wanted to make one that also made fun of the other coat of arms. :D

25th August 2010

17 days ago #9235166        

@Rollen We have bald eagles with weed I tell you BALD EAGLES!


22 M
17 days ago #9235123        

nobody can tutch us we got horny lions i tell you HORNY LIONS!

19 days ago #9234500        

In czech republic, they have a royal lion with 2 freaking tails! In america, we have a bald eagle holding some arrows and some weed.

19 days ago #9234235        

Ahh memories. this was the first SATW comic i ever read :3


13 F
20 days ago #9233238        

damn I just love Finland :D

23 days ago #9231454        

I love how almost all the Nordics has chosen lions for the coat of arms, except for Iceland. In which, Iceland probably has the coolest one since there is a lot of symbolism in the creatures.

2 months ago #9194993        

Loving the pompous lions Sweden. :)

2 months ago #9192386        

This is my favourite comic. There's no shame in stealing ideas, if you're doing it right, I suppose. Then "inspiration" is a more fitting name.


26 M
3 months ago #9182283        

I chuckle each time I see this :P

4 months ago #9165562        

Maybe the dancing Scottish and the Norwegian Lions should dance together sometime.

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