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Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms

I shamelessly stole the idea from this

I just wanted to make one that also made fun of the other coat of arms. :D

25th August 2010

7 days ago #9310591        

@MarcusZMonkey Actually when it comes to the Ingrian kids, many did continue their escape to Sweden and managed to avoid being sent back to the USSR the ones that were sent back were those who had made the mistake of thinking Finland would be a safe place for them.

NKVD was the predecessor of KGB and FSB. That is to say the Russian/Soviet state police. Three different names for the same friendly organisation. One could argue that NKVD having operated during WW2 was the most politically motivated and brutal.

What I mean by saying that calling USSR or Russia out on this is still not done is, Russian leaders and the nation as a whole still refuse to acknowledge that these atrocities happened. The Finnish political leaders and a large portion of the older generations still don't have the stones to demand even a recognition of let alone an apology over these atrocities. Russia still attempts to affect Finnish foreign policy and military decisions, but nowadays they are limited to the same political tools they use with other nations and have little success.

Karelians and Ingrians are Finnic people who lived (some of them still do) in pre winter war South-Eastern Finland and North-Western Russia. If you want more information on them google Finnic people. They suffered a great deal during Stalind purges.

A straw man is an imaginary opponent or idea that a person creates to argue against. What I'm on about is that many Internet generation Finns are proud of being Finns, but are afraid to express that because national pride isn't cool. Creating an imaginary Finn who is supposedly too proud of being a Finn and attacking that imaginary creation allows them to talk about Finland and Finnish achievements without feeling quilty about their national pride.

10 days ago #9309125        

cant you make one with national animals

10 days ago #9309024        

@MarcusZMonkey The NKVD was the precursor to the KGB, only less CIA-spy-agent and more Gestapo-showing-up-at-your-door-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-make-you-disappear.

Ingria is part of Karelia, which is a large, traditionally Finnish chunk of land between Finland and Petrograd. It was ceded to Russia after the 1939 Winter War, and Finnish politics debate taking it back.

Warmongering is the act of finding problems to go to war over, whether real or perceived.

17 days ago #9304538        

@Lumberjack Russia was EVIL >:C I wonder why the kids didn't carry on to Sweden incase of something like this.

whats the NKVD?

"and calling USSR or Russia out on it is still not done."
You mean theyre still there? Russia is still tampering with finland?

"Karelians" "Ingrians" who are these guys? also what does warmongering mean?

I know that "straw men" is a metaphorical term, but I still dunnow what your on about

1 month ago #9296874        

by the way national pride inst the biggest thing but you still have to show so mething to finns who are themost proud to be finns
tecnicly being finnish is something special among all other nationalaties because of the history of finland until the time when russia ended finlands suffering ith sweden andgave it autonomy

1 month ago #9296001        

actally the finnish coat of arms is a lion with a armored hand holding a sword while balencing on a sword


28 M
2 months ago #9284400        

love the dancing one :D

2 months ago #9284374        

@MarcusZMonkey Well, what you have to understand is, that Finns value modesty to ridiculous extremes. Your average Finn will make the self-deprecating Brit look downright boastful by comparison.

The other thing you have to understand is that there is a lot of nasty stuff people in the west don't know and don't want to know about what happened in Finland after the war. After the war the allied surveillance committee arrived in Finland to oversee the fulfilling of the conditions of the peace treaty. The thing is, while this was an allied surveillance commission working under the mandate of the victorious allies, almost all the members were from Soviet Union (there were some British members, but they took a passive role) and the commission was basically a shadow government whose demands needed to be met or Soviet Union would occupy Finland.

These requirements included the disbandment of the White guard and Lotta Svärd as fascist organizations (neither actually was fascist). The approval of a legislation, which retroactively defined actions, that were not crimes when committed, as criminal. This particular piece of legislation led to, for example, president Risto Ryti being sentenced to 10 years in prison as a war criminal. He was never responsible for any war crimes, but was convicted because he gave Nazi Germany a personal guarantee that Finland would keep fighting in exchange for continued shipments of food and equipment. However his plan was to resign from the position, so Finland could negotiate a peace with USSR. He did this knowing full well what the consequences for him would be, essentially sacrificing himself for Finland (now that's what I call a statesman).

Then there was the matter of USSR demanding the return of all Ingrian orphans aged 1-16, who had escaped from USSR to Finland. In total 260 children were returned to Soviet Union and if you think they were allowed to return to their home areas, you don't know comrade Stalin too well. They were deported to areas deep inside Soviet Union.

Add to this the terror of the red state police, which was essentially like NKVD operating in Finland, and you start getting a picture of just how nasty the post-war years were in Finland. Even talking about all the crap USSR pulled in the post war years was a big no no until at least the 70s and calling USSR or Russia out on it is still not done. Any mention of the faith of the Baltic-Finnic people who were left in the Soviet Union, such as Ingrians and Karelians, was seen as warmongering and history teachers still largely ignore the subject. At the same time Russian propaganda describes Finland as a fascist nation of enthusiastic Nazis.

The fear of Soviet invasion and shame over what was done after the war to avoid it, pretty much stomped national pride out of Finnish culture. It's been slowly coming back over the past decade or two, but it's still not cool to be proud of Finland in public. And that's why so many Finns still need to create these straw men to argue against/scold. They don't want to be uncool.

2 months ago #9283451        

@Lumberjack ill read your comment on Simo later...

for now though, how would any1 grow up out of finnish pride? they kicked Russian ass with absolutely nothing in the war. its really hard to choose what to respect most, finland or the UK. man u gotta see some of the stuff they did... they made makeshift slingshots with large sticks and socks or underwear (maybe xD ) to launch egg bombs at tanks. this worked in the winter war, but ide like to see them try that on a t34. they rammed logs into tank tracks to immobilize them for capture, then fix the problem and drive off with the tank. it was all really interesting stuff on the finnish front.
I wonder if they used the slingshots to launch molotoves. man that would be cool.
they were also developing some pretty neat technology too. I think I saw something with night vision and I think it was at a late stage of the war maybe, but im not sure. the link to the site is on my pc at home so I might show u it later if u want.

also I think there should be the human arm, cos then the lion would be some kind of "special"/mutant. judging by the link under the comic I wonder if the lion is supposed to be "special"

2 months ago #9282712        

I don't know if I should be amused or exasperated by the Finns in the comments claiming that other Finns need to get a sense of humour. If you're not from Finland you're probably wondering where all these butt hurt Finns they are referring to are. The simple answer is that they don't exist. The Finns who know about the retarded lion either like it or just don't care.

The reason there are always so many Finns complaining about other Finns not being able to take a joke is very simple. National pride isn't considered cool in Finland. So these people have to create a straw man to argue with just so they can talk about Finland. It's the exact same thing with people claiming other Finns make a big deal out of Finland being recognized abroad. This doesn't happen, it's just an excuse for them to talk about Finland being recognized. It's just a way of displaying national pride while attempting to not display national pride. Sadly for them, we all see through it.

Seriously guys, It's OK to be proud of your nationality and your nations achievements. Once you grow out of all that angst about national pride not being cool or hip or whatever the cools kids are calling it these days, you'll realize that there really was no reason to try and hide the fact that you're proud of Finland and Finnish achievements.

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