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Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms

I shamelessly stole the idea from this

I just wanted to make one that also made fun of the other coat of arms. :D

25th August 2010

5 hours ago #9231454        

I love how almost all the Nordics has chosen lions for the coat of arms, except for Iceland. In which, Iceland probably has the coolest one since there is a lot of symbolism in the creatures.

2 months ago #9194993        

Loving the pompous lions Sweden. :)

2 months ago #9192386        

This is my favourite comic. There's no shame in stealing ideas, if you're doing it right, I suppose. Then "inspiration" is a more fitting name.


26 M
2 months ago #9182283        

I chuckle each time I see this :P

3 months ago #9165562        

Maybe the dancing Scottish and the Norwegian Lions should dance together sometime.

3 months ago #9159342        

The Danish and English coat of arms look very similar.


21 M
3 months ago #9155094        

Can't wait to get my Special Lion pin :P


21 M
3 months ago #9153880        

@Aryllia Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for it :). It seems plausible, I had never noticed that the pads of the lilly were heart shaped before. But now, I wonder what lilly symbolise or symbolised for Denmark so that we can find it on the coats of arms.

Anyway, without knowing the whole story, and regardless of it, it just looks kind of cute, and that's a very good point ;)


33 F
4 months ago #9146034        

One thing I'll never really understand is, why Nordic folks use lions in their coat of arms... why not bear?


23 F
4 months ago #9145743        

@akwatik According to wikipedia's swedish page on Denmark's coat of arms, the "hearts" have been debated since medieval times. They may be stylized water lily pads as those are naturally kind of heart shaped, and when people stylize them further/misinterprets the symbol they look unmistakably like hearts. Furthermore, old sigils and the like didn't exactly have very high definition so that kind of finer detail would most likely be informed through insistent terminology rather than visual evidence. ("why do you have hearts in your coat of arms?" "I'm telling you they are lily pads!")

Given how long this has been debated though, this is by no means a definite answer XD

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