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Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms

I shamelessly stole the idea from this

I just wanted to make one that also made fun of the other coat of arms. :D

25th August 2010


22 F
12 days ago #9272530        

@Jess_the_epic uhm.... I don't think you really paid much attention. it's not 'some weed' it's an olive branch.... the bald eagle is holding an olive branch...

"In the Bald Eagle's stronger right talon, Thomson placed the olive branch suggested by the second committee whose designs had female figures representing Peace and Liberty holding the olive branch. The Eagle faces toward this ancient symbol that Thomson called "the power of peace."

In its left talon, the Eagle holds the power of war symbolized by the bundle of 13 arrows."

22 days ago #9268275        

Lol'd at Denmark's lions because in Russian "blue" is "голубой", which also means "gay" :D


14 M
25 days ago #9267515        



14 M
25 days ago #9267514        



19 F
25 days ago #9267245        

hahaha whenever I see this it makes me happy ^_^


15 M
2 months ago #9250287        

To me Finland looks like he is thinking about what he can do with that sword


25 M
2 months ago #9248329        

Not to worry Finnland... at least your Coat of Arms isn't a sheep...

2 months ago #9247271        

We have three golden slightly strange lions or a lion and a unicorn holding a shield that want to kill each other. Depending on what you see.

3 months ago #9235166        

@Rollen We have bald eagles with weed I tell you BALD EAGLES!


22 M
3 months ago #9235123        

nobody can tutch us we got horny lions i tell you HORNY LIONS!

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