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Inspired by the fact that Norway used to consume more coffee than any other country in the world. :XD:

2nd November 2009

15 days ago #9129754      

o.o what's sweden running from?

17 days ago #9128246      

nice norwegian style cofee.... now with fish XD

1 month ago #9109911      

Yup. A friend of mine drinks like 16 cups a day..
And it took a good while for Starbucks to open here, as we already have so much coffee


24 M
1 month ago #9109807      

I really feel that this is accurate. I drink alot of coffee, and spend ALOT of my time playing Sudoku. >_< It's a really accurate comic strip!

1 month ago #9105561      

It's like me and chocolate.....*nom*.....*nomnomnomnomnomnom*

2 months ago #9096628      

And i'm here drinking coffee and reading comics.

2 months ago #9095052      

the more coffee you consume, the least effective it will be


21 F
2 months ago #9091685      

This is so true, at least with me and most of my Norwegian friends! :') Also, I loved how the fish jumped out of the thermos(?) in the second to last panel!


14 M
2 months ago #9088213      

What?... Sweden, please tell me Finland wasn't there too... And don't let Aland know.

2 months ago #9085845      

The power of christ compels you

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