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Inspired by the fact that Norway used to consume more coffee than any other country in the world. :XD:

2nd November 2009

5 days ago #9327885        

Ooooh, the fish is the best thing in the whole comic! Absolutely hilarious! :)

9 days ago #9326422        

We still do, hahaha

15 days ago #9324171        

@UnfortunateAmerican Maybe he's late for work.


30 M
20 days ago #9322316        

-What do we want?
-When do we want it?

22 days ago #9321231        

*Slowly backs away* Someone call Iceland. Please.

26 days ago #9318934        

Possessed Norway is Possessed.

2 months ago #9304398        

So, from what I could take from this, all I learned is that coffee gives you more energy and tastes better with fish (8th panel, when Norway grabs the coffee)

2 months ago #9304249        

Ok I get the coffee thing but whats with the half naked Sweden in the first panel?

2 months ago #9298785        

@durpi Yes, they just did...


23 M
3 months ago #9289602        

That's a common point between me and Scandinavian people I well suppose. <3

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