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Inspired by the fact that Norway used to consume more coffee than any other country in the world. :XD:

3rd November 2009

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24 days ago #9354022        

What was Sweden doing

29 days ago #9352198        

whats was Sweden doin to make him sneak back to his room in the middle of the night with his shirt off? little confused there

1 month ago #9351965        

Kind 'a hard to read but once you figure out what he's saying it's funny as hell.

"I've got the caffeine patch! each patch equals twelve cups of coffee! You could stay awake for days with no side-affects! AHHH!!! Sorry."


25 M
1 month ago #9349905        

The power of Christ compels you! Haha



15 M
2 months ago #9341227        

@piir2 The Wikipedia page is ranking them by cups per day, this comic is based off kilos per day or whatever. I'm guessing that means we drink generally stronger coffee, but I'm not sure

2 months ago #9337358        

I guess now that we've slowly starting to learn how to brew a proper coffee, we're getting ahead.


3 months ago #9331712        

Woah. Was sure Italy or maybe one of the arabic states would be #1.

3 months ago #9327885        

Ooooh, the fish is the best thing in the whole comic! Absolutely hilarious! :)

3 months ago #9326422        

We still do, hahaha

3 months ago #9324171        

@UnfortunateAmerican Maybe he's late for work.

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