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Coffee Thief

You do not break into Finland’s house, even if he is out of the country! >:C

Finland was known for their fantastic snipers in World War 2, especially a man named Simo Häyhä.

Yes, I’m back. Feels good man. :D

29th September 2010

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37 M
10 days ago #9386680        

Conclusion: Don't mess with Finland (especially if you're Åland) :D

12 days ago #9385597        

So--Finland should do well in sniper Olympics ?


20 M
24 days ago #9379646        

Here is a song sabaton made to honor Simo Häyhä.

24 days ago #9379367        

Maybe there's Finnish in my family too.


29 days ago #9376835        


4 months ago #9337454        

Quite a range! No wonder the Finnish .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge was used for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat

4 months ago #9337451        

Do you remember the last time the Swiss army was fighting in a war? Me neither 'cause their role during the ww2 was being businessmen more specifically a bankers. Finland and Norway have active conscription too so not even that is so amazing. (Sweden had this system until 2009)


14 M
5 months ago #9335631        

@Dan Häyhä can't lose to a human being so it's not that hard to know.

5 months ago #9335178        

omg how did he see dat

5 months ago #9332216        

I read my comment for a while ago, and now I have a message for you kiddies: You can words today.

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