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Coffee Thief


Coffee Thief

You do not break into Finland’s house, even if he is out of the country! >:C

Finland was known for their fantastic snipers in World War 2, especially a man named Simo Häyhä.

Yes, I’m back. Feels good man. :D

28th September 2010

13 hours ago #9135498      

i wonder what ranges hayha sniped from with all those tricks not to be seen. he doesnt sound much like a sniper cos they do realy long ranges almost impossable for the naked eye.

19 hours ago #9135274      

they also sunk a tank division by shelling a lake

19 hours ago #9135266      

finland was soo jenious back in the war. took out tanks by ramming logs into the side of tanks tracks to stop them moving, then they waited behind trees for the crew to come out to see what the problem was, then they mostly got shot and the finns repair the tank and drive off. they did this all the time! who needs bazookas?!

1 day ago #9135025      

This is by far my favorite.
And MarcusZMonkey yes Simo Hayhä did not have a scope because of the reflection. He also put snow in his mouth so the steam from his breath would not be seen. Though sadly he was shot by a exploding bulet in his jaw and did not wake up untill the war was over. Also he was caled the white death.

6 days ago #9132263      

soooo, what happened to brother Sweden and sister Finland coupling?

15 days ago #9126763      

When people get angry :(
They don't.....uh.....try a genocide on other people.....

29 days ago #9115630      

i mean sharp sight to snipe without scope. I think the weapon was modified with a simple filing tool to make the foresight even sharper. Finnish gadgets, I LOVE EM ALL :D

29 days ago #9115592      

With a shotgun ha.. guess thats there to show his skills without a scope. did this cos sniper scopes cause reflection on front lens which reqirers sharp eye sight. People used to to call him the hawk sniper! Or so i hurd. Anyway, good to see Finland's being recognised for having balls by the rest of the world :D

1 month ago #9102518      

I love Finland.

2 months ago #9096562      


The Winter War was part of the WW2. Simo fought in Winter War, yes, but it is as correct to say that he fought in the WW2. Winter War is more specific information, but WW2 says a lot more to people who don't know much of the wars of Finland (which is propably quite a portion of people living on earth).

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