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Coffee Thief


Coffee Thief

You do not break into Finland’s house, even if he is out of the country! >:C

Finland was known for their fantastic snipers in World War 2, especially a man named Simo Häyhä.

Yes, I’m back. Feels good man. :D

28th September 2010

4 days ago #9210851        

@Keichwoud true. thx god that i live in the Nordics. btw... >///< any Danish coffee you could recommend? cafe or anything :3 planing to go to Denmark :3

7 days ago #9207783        

@SniperWolf @muumipipo I'm certain that if you visit someone in Spain and ask if you could have some coffee, you would get some. But I have a feeling that the Nordics have a rather unique "coffee culture".

9 days ago #9205911        

@Keichwoud I've always taken that for granted. Isn't it a thing everywhere? Or is it just that all of the Nordic countries have a serious caffeine addiction? :D

11 days ago #9203757        

@Keichwoud are not all country like that? or at least ask if someone want coffee or tea D:?

12 days ago #9203502        

@SniperWolf In Denmark, when you visit someone, you get coffee. When someone visits you, you serve coffee.

27 days ago #9189377        

i feel like the entire Scandinavia are addicted to coffee. i take at least 20 cup off coffee every day sometime more.

3 months ago #9146795        

i alwayes thought there would be a comic with russia and finland saying haw finland is badass and dousnt give a shit how powerful russia is, but i think we all got that message already

3 months ago #9146103        

@observingalien15 ok

3 months ago #9146102        

@MarcusZMonkey the reason why he didn't use a scope on his rifle because scope lenses reflected light, endangering his cover to be discovered by his target.

I think scope isn't that necessary for sniper, as its main purpose is to give better visual to his target. And shooting things with a fancy sniper rifle doesn't make you a sniper, it's the man who pull the trigger that matters. Simo Hayha was nicknamed as the White Death and late US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle nicknamed as Devil of Ramadi not because they uses fancy sniper rifle, but because they are trained to be a sniper. Look 'em up at google or bing or whatever your search engine is, i'm sure their wikipedia pages are on the top of the list. Credibility on wikipedia aside, i'm sure those page could give you the big picture...

3 months ago #9145740        

@observingalien15 but he was a scopeless sniper, doesnt that make him a sharpshooter or a rifleman? i know it dipends on the ranges he sniped from but i still cant find out. im soo useless at research sometimes lol. too much irelivent junk i get lost in. thats y i have support at college

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