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Coffee Thief


Coffee Thief

You do not break into Finland’s house, even if he is out of the country! >:C

Finland was known for their fantastic snipers in World War 2, especially a man named Simo Häyhä.

Yes, I’m back. Feels good man. :D

28th September 2010

2 days ago #9314982        



14 M
9 days ago #9311432        

Finland protecting his coffee

16 days ago #9308495        

Well it looks like there's something the same between this Finland and what I've heard about the one from Hetalia (though I have yet to see) and that's they are nasty good with guns!

22 days ago #9303641        

I knew that from the...y'know, the thingy underneath the comic...

I can't words today.


24 days ago #9302611        

Simo Häyhä vs. William Tell in a friendly marksmanship competition. Who would win?

That would be something to see.



Online Now
1 month ago #9295992        

finns are the haviest cofee drinkers in the world

2 months ago #9289414        

@ShylokVakarian Maybe, but Finland had Simo Häyhä, who is the most deadly sniper in human history.

2 months ago #9287128        

Damn, and I thought Russia had good snipers...they had good snipers, right?

2 months ago #9283473        

@Lumberjack oh I see. I remember someone earlier told me that it was to do with recon. cant remember what he said exactly

2 months ago #9283304        

@MarcusZMonkey The difference between a sniper and a marksman is not defined by the range from which they shoot but by their strategic purpose. A marksman operates as a part of a squad or platoon, supporting an advancing force from a distance or providing long-range capability in defensive positions. Snipers operate either alone or more often in pairs, going after designated high value targets, either persons or material, often in hostile territory. For snipers reconnaissance is also a more prevalent part of the job description.

Kids who get their information from playing Call 'o dudy seem to think that everything with a scope on it is a sniper rifle and everyone shooting with a scope is a sniper. Snipers and marksmen often use identical equipment and tactics, it's the strategic purpose that defines the designation.

BTW in Finnish there is only one word for both and it translates better as marksman. However based on what his role in the overall strategy of his unit was, Simo Häyhä was most definitely a sniper.

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