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Come and get it Big Boy

Come and get it Big Boy

Denmark did at one point hit rock bottom. We were losing land fast, and finally the king just had to accept that Denmark was never going to be a great empire again. In desperation he tried to give Denmark away to Prussia, but not even they wanted us! The king even asked them three times, but every time the answer was, “No. Fuck off”! D:

There were various reasons why they didn’t want Denmark at the time. One was out of fear of pissing off England and France who would see that move as an attempt to become a colonial power, and even though Denmark wasn’t worth much on it’s own it could have done a lot of damage in Prussia’s hands, what with still owning Greenland, Iceland and the Virgin Islands, not to mention controlling all shipping in and out of the Baltic Sea. Denmark didn’t have the means to do much with those areas, but Prussia could have placed military bases on them. USA, Russia, England and France would have seen that as quite a threat.

But one of the reasons was also that the Danes didn’t speak German, and at the time Prussia was more interest in collection the German speaking countries rather than just hoard land.

Nazi Germany taking over Denmark had noting to do with Prussia not wanting us. He’s just there for comedic effect. :D

26th December 2010

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2 months ago #9329293        

@butler That's mainly because the USSR's only military strategy was copied from the legendary Zapp Brangian:

2 months ago #9325838        

I found this site by looking up pictures from Hetalia...does this comic not remind one a tiny bit of Hetalia? (This is the only time Prussia resembled the Prussia on Hetalia though with the "Prussia is awesome" thing).


18 M
5 months ago #9281227        

USA at this time was isolationist though (Prussia)

@KofodDane, America is only partially responsible for the success of beating the Nazis. They came in late, only after the UK, France and Russia had been fighting constantly with the Axis powers. USSR actually suffered 90% of the Allies casualties. They gave a lot more than the US.

5 months ago #9277915        

I think you should make more comics about Nazi Germany's control of Denmark:) I evilly ship those two countries like I evilly
...freaking...uh...Mufasa and um...Scar...
Perhaps also make a comic about America saving Denmark from Nazi Germany?:D



25 M
8 months ago #9235332        

Denmark hardly controlled all the shipping into the Baltic by this point. You could and still can enter the Baltic through the Göta Channel in Sweden.

9 months ago #9205619        

"Preußen ist genial"

...according to Google Translate at least.

1 year ago #9142791        

I was quite surprised when I learned how many islands you guys have.


100 M
1 year ago #9133928        

According to Napoleon Prussia was hatched from a cannonball.

1 year ago #9133774        

Well life goes on, ashes to ashes @mrnewwanderer
Goodnight my freind

1 year ago #9133768        

@CharlesXI I wasn't just referring to Icelandic history. But to everyone. History as we know it will one day be forgotten and replaced by what-will-be the current history.

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