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Come and get it Big Boy


Come and get it Big Boy

Denmark did at one point hit rock bottom. We were losing land fast, and finally the king just had to accept that Denmark was never going to be a great empire again. In desperation he tried to give Denmark away to Prussia, but not even they wanted us! The king even asked them three times, but every time the answer was, “No. Fuck off”! D:

There were various reasons why they didn’t want Denmark at the time. One was out of fear of pissing off England and France who would see that move as an attempt to become a colonial power, and even though Denmark wasn’t worth much on it’s own it could have done a lot of damage in Prussia’s hands, what with still owning Greenland, Iceland and the Virgin Islands, not to mention controlling all shipping in and out of the Baltic Sea. Denmark didn’t have the means to do much with those areas, but Prussia could have placed military bases on them. USA, Russia, England and France would have seen that as quite a threat.

But one of the reasons was also that the Danes didn’t speak German, and at the time Prussia was more interest in collection the German speaking countries rather than just hoard land.

Nazi Germany taking over Denmark had noting to do with Prussia not wanting us. He’s just there for comedic effect. :D

26th December 2010


100 M
5 days ago #9133928      

According to Napoleon Prussia was hatched from a cannonball.

5 days ago #9133774      

Well life goes on, ashes to ashes @mrnewwanderer
Goodnight my freind

5 days ago #9133768      

@CharlesXI I wasn't just referring to Icelandic history. But to everyone. History as we know it will one day be forgotten and replaced by what-will-be the current history.

5 days ago #9133762      

Yep, whilst your Icelandic history is short (except for the history's behind that) Scottish history will live forever and has been found more and more over the years. As well as the Iron Age. I was driving with my family when we came upon a field that had an iron aged standing stone right in the middle! Although Scotland did lose a lot of land from the English as in the early years the Scottish border was down to Yorkshire and growing plus we also had the Isle of Man witch is now self governed. I can tell this by driving around. The north of England (rightful Scottish land) looks just like Scotland!

5 days ago #9133743      

@CharlesXI I know that we can always document it, but what I meant is that the next generations won't find the current events as historic as we do. For example, my great grandfather witnessed the British occupation of Iceland in 1940 when the navy reached the Reykjavík harbour at 7 AM, he was there to see our King Christian X to bid Icelanders farewell when Iceland became a republic. I find those things amazing but they are more legendary to me while it's historic to my grandfather. When I die, the young generation won't know about it since there won't be anyone to tell them about it, they might know about it but it won't be historic to them. Eventually history itself will absorb all events which we consider important or what we have actually experienced.. Tolkien may have exaggerated about few of that industrial thing (yes, he was kind of technophobic and hated huge manufacturing industries. I guess had a semi-good reason though) but his post-modernism sounded very truthful.

5 days ago #9133652      

Well Tolkein is known to egsadurate a little as I've found out in The Hoobit (he drags on a lot)
But it's true we can't really know about the ancient civilisations that consumed the world thousands of years ago. The world is still young ;) but that was then when people didn't write or script. Know however we can detail and write down what happened years ahead 0-0

5 days ago #9133642      

@CharlesXI It is isn't it? The most wonderful thing about it is that it expands as we breathe. :) But it everyone has a unique view on personal history or known history (for example, we're aware of the Franco-Prussian war and the French Revolution, but it is not as historic for us since there are none today who live to tell the tales). The sad thing about history is as Tolkien said: History becomes legend, legend becomes myth and will eventually be forgotten. Who knows? Maybe after 2000 years or so from now, the world wars might be forgotten. Just as Spartacus was history once, now he's just a legend.

6 days ago #9133409      

Ah history. It never stops amazing me :)

6 days ago #9133372      

@CharlesXI It's sad that Germany got the blame, yes. The German Confederation wanted their land back (Lorraine) which France took earlier from them. The cause of the Franco-Prussian war was mainly because of Alsace-Lorraine and since that region had mostly German inhabitants, the German Confederation wanted it. But France wanted it because it would show their strength and stability by conquering it. France declared war on Prussia in order to regain its superiority. Previously, ever since Napoleon and before him, France had been Europe's superpower and the most powerful. Now the Prussians were getting bigger and would soon become the new superpower. Prussia won the war with its military superiority and supports from Austria and the other German states. They regained their land from France and the confederation united and became the German Empire. France was still angry and vowed that they would re-take Alsace-Lorraine (the vow was called Revanchism) and the countdown to World War I began. With most European nations building up their hatred for others which would eventually lash out in 1914.

Yet for some reason, Germany was blamed for what everyone did. German national pride is returning slowly today, but if it were up to me I would give them some of their old eastern territories and Alsace-Lorraine back. But not all of them of course.

Also, Germany never "invaded" Belgium, the Belgians and the British just saw it that way. They weren't going to keep it, they just went through in order to reach France.

6 days ago #9133199      

Bloody hell that's a lot! You must be at university;)
Great Britain had control of china but did have a lot of trouble with them as the boxer rebellion started plus the Brits did not like the Turks as they had big wars over who had what part over Arabia. The nepolionic war didn't help either but remember the thirty years war and various other wars before this agitated Europe as well. Britain only went to war as they had a treaty with Belgium for if Belgium ever got invaded Britain would have to act :) Germany was about to win the war until the treaty of Versiia. America wanted trade and wanted Germany to be in favour for them. France hated Germany as they had invaded them twice in the past few decades but Britain wanted to make them pay huge amounts of marks and wanted them to say that they were the ones who started the war :(

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