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Danish household

Danish household

Out in the big world he's known as Denmark, but back at home he's known as Sjælland (Sealand/Zealand, but has nothing to do with New Zealand). He's the head of the household (has the goverment), and the wildest of the four. He's open minded (not much to people with dark skin though, but still more than the others), promiscuous, and self important. Has a tendency to look down at the others and doesn't like Jylland much, whom he consider slow and boring.

Jylland (Jutland) in turn doesn't like Sjælland either, and often calls him a Swede or Devil Island. He's a hard worker who doesn't say much and enjoys nature far more than Sjælland. He is very practical and has very few things that are just meant to be pretty. He loves porcelain figurines though.
He has a love/hate relationship with Germany as well because he lost a lot of land to Germany, but at the same time often visits him for a drink.

Fyn (Funen) is often caught in the middle of Jylland and Sjælland's fights, though she prefer Jylland. She's very sweet and nice, but is often mocked by the others for being unimportant and kinda geeky. Other times they just forget her completely.

Bornholm lives by himself on the other side of Sweden. He may be the smallest, but he is considered the best looking, and though Sjælland sometimes calls him a "backup Swede" he also absolutely adores him and has lovingly named Bornholm "Pearl of the Baltic Sea". Bornholm is a tough little guy who has fought off both Sweden and Russia, and it's a big part of his identity that he chose to be Danish, unlike Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

These are just the main four. There's also Lolland and Jylland could be three characters. :XD:

I know people will now ask me to draw the different regions of their country, but I suggest you do it yourself, as you probably know the regions and the stereotypes better than I ever will.

15th September 2011

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3 months ago #9401961        



Please for the love of god do Sweden.

2 months ago #9413643        



When I was in Denmark the people in Sjælland told me my Dutch accent made me sound like the people from the south of Jylland. I would love to go there once and fit in ;P

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4 months ago #9392957        



@accrsd omg yes


19 F
4 months ago #9386266        



What about Lolland Falster?


21 F
6 months ago #9369449        



Can you do it for Norway? :D Like "sørlending" typical "Oslo soss" and "vestlending" with a rain coat, "nordlending" fisherman that swear alot but its all normal, and "trønder with a "snus" in his lip and wine red shirt and vest( he also does "råning"


26 M
6 months ago #9366372        



@accsrd Prolly not.

10 months ago #9325417        



hey.. You know you should make fun of the different states in america if you're going to make characters for these guys!.. I has a suggestion for it too!

Make the favorite New york, after all he's the one trusted with all the money..

Have California be well.. Sister america

Make Texas fat and Xenophobic

have Virginia be classy...
...and give him an annoying little brother whom everyone insults despite producing a variety of actors, scientists, and famous test pilots!... that would be West Virginia... we allways get a bad rap in this state.. But i swear it's Kentucky's fault! (actor: Don Knotts, Scientist: Katherine Johnson[NASA], Pilot: Chuck Yeager)

... just make sure if you make west virginia a male to give him a beard and obsession with shooting animals... and occasionally eating roadkill...



99 M
10 months ago #9323350        



Can you do this for finland?


15 F
10 months ago #9321781        



@thedanishme Yeah, I'd rather be in the dark if the truth will disgust me.

10 months ago #9321724        



@6ArTrA6 i wont describe the ingredients for you, many danes think its disgusting, i think its delicous

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