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Germany on Vacation


Germany on Vacation

German tourists dig deep holes in Dutch and Danish beaches and steal “Beware of Moose” signs in Sweden and Norway.

The two things have to be connected somehow, or the world no longer makes sense! D:

31st July 2010

2 months ago #9219603        

the germans are secretly trying to sink netherlands and denmark by springing a leak!

2 months ago #9208459        

The hole-digging is because hole-digging is fun. The sign-stealing is because they match his colours.

3 months ago #9189332        

sorry, you´ll know it early enough... xD


24 M
3 months ago #9179481        


3 months ago #9176820        

Must be the most stupid yet the cutest thing I've ever seen x3


27 M
4 months ago #9163158        

Didn't know that this was a stereotype to dig holes as german.... At last I'm not weird for digging random holes in Minecrat when I'm at the beach :)

4 months ago #9158694        


Holy... your AVATAR......!

4 months ago #9158693        




I promise I won't tell anyone!

And it totally won't be all over the Internet where anyone can read it, so it's OK!

5 months ago #9155617        

mwahahaha, they´ll never know our evil plan...

6 months ago #9137407        

Anyone here fans of the Vlogbrothers? This made me think of something John was talking about in one of his videos.
He went on a family trip to the Netherlands while writing one of his books and they kept running into Dutch people who would mention that they didn't really think highly of Germans.
He'd start off thinking it's because of the second war and the whole occupation thing, but they would quickly correct him and they would say "no, it's because they keep digging holes in our beaches".

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