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Germany on Vacation

Germany on Vacation

German tourists dig deep holes in Dutch and Danish beaches and steal “Beware of Moose” signs in Sweden and Norway.

The two things have to be connected somehow, or the world no longer makes sense! D:

1st August 2010

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20 F
13 days ago #9359155        

wtf I never did this Xd

3 months ago #9325338        

@Canadaforeverandever this is the only logical way, all hail our moose overlords...

3 months ago #9324953        

So Germans dig holes in Danish beaches too?

I suspect they try to drown the Netherlands and Denmark to make Germany water-front. :D


16 F
4 months ago #9322215        

@Canadaforeverandever you are a GENIUS!



15 F
5 months ago #9302571        

Ok, maybe, but why? Just, why?

5 months ago #9299621        

@Mikaza-chan: Omigosh!! I think I figured it out!!!

When Sweden's moose swam across the sea to Denmark, it didn't come of it's own accord - its essence was drawn to Denmark by the Beware of Moose Sign!!!!! GERMANY IS TRAINING GIANT EVIL MOOSE TO INVADE DENMARK BY SEA!!!!!!

Denmark: NOOOOOO!!! Not nature!! Anything but nature!!

6 months ago #9277472        

I actually found a small ''Beware of moose'' sign once, only it was just a little bigger than a 5-krone:P
I often find lost stuff or just stuff that randomly appears, like a miniature moose sign.
When I took a ''What is your sixth sense?''-test, the results said that my sixth sense is finding lost stuff, and that's actually true! I DO find a lot of lost stuff!
I'm not sure if I still have the mini-moose sign, otherwise it might lie around in my room somewhere...


16 M
6 months ago #9275372        

Weird, I dig holes when I visit coastal regions of the States *gasps* I must be German!

8 months ago #9259266        

@missdisco oh god... Your right! There evil!

10 months ago #9219603        

the germans are secretly trying to sink netherlands and denmark by springing a leak!

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