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Germany on Vacation


Germany on Vacation

German tourists dig deep holes in Dutch and Danish beaches and steal “Beware of Moose” signs in Sweden and Norway.

The two things have to be connected somehow, or the world no longer makes sense! D:

31st July 2010

1 month ago #9102510      

I'm with you @Nightshade624 hugs?

2 months ago #9098606      

Who wants to go to the beach!!!

2 months ago #9096457      

Kva!? That explains it! I actually was driving in summer in Norway and saw some plates missing. It was Germany! WTF? Why?

2 months ago #9095903      

@ araglass

I like to dig holes in beaches...hugs?

3 months ago #9057779      

*goes to the beach* *sees Beware of Moose sign* THERE'S MOOSE HERE?!?!
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *runs*


25 F
3 months ago #9057399      

hmm i love digging holes too... finnally something in common with the stereotype! XDDD
ok and the fear of be called nazi...

3 months ago #9057393      

'No longer'? When did the world ever make sense? ^^

4 months ago #9035826      

well German are crazy, I must say... XD

4 months ago #9028792      

Aw common, everybody loves to dig holes in the sand <3 ;D
Nice towels you got there! :D

4 months ago #9024562      

ZoologyFTW: that happens to people all around theworld dont worry :)

in denmark we have a town called "Snave" with basically Means "make out" its on the Island of Fyn (the middle one) in some of our "backwater" country. Things just move.... slloooooooowwwweeeeeerrrrrr there. and denmark is already pretty slow. in other Words, if you are NOT bored there you have ADD, ADHD or just a quite amazing fantasy...

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