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How old?

How old?

I’ve drawn Denmark as younger than Sweden and Norway a few times, but that had to do with the age of the landmass. This shows how old the Nordics are as countries.

Denmark’s birth is from when it became a united country instead of tribes fighting each other, Sweden is from King Gustav Vasa's crowning and Norway, Finland and Iceland are from when they became fully independent from all other countries.

Norway is a bit tricky though, because he could also be said to be around the same age as Denmark. But this is how it's usually done.

22nd October 2010

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@Koshee Now I'm fabulous. Sh*t.

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Denmark is smug looking down on them


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@whatstheplan HAHAHA!


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@whatstheplan BABY NAPPER! Quick! throw the sparkles at him!

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bABY ICELAND OH MY GOD. GIVE ME. -grabby hands-

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Hello, Here is something to think to my nordics cousins, which are Written about in Sagas of the Orkneyingers, Finland/Kvenland is much older (links under).
As you may know Kvens are an old Finnish tribe who lived in Finland/Kvenland (same thing than Finland today) and they descentands are living in Norway today.

Our earliest “known” connection; King Fornjot of Finland
July 22, 2010 by mickisuzanne

Born about 530
Father of Kari

“” says: “Old Russian tales tell of a Finnish prince who hired a giant to help him conquer Russia from Estonia to Kiev. The giant’s name was Calewa (Kaleva). After finishing this task the prince gave the giant Kvenland as his own kingdom.”

Research suggests that Fornjot was:

– A giant (jötun), as indicated by his name
– Finland’s first and most powerful ruler
– Kalev of the Kalevala, the epic poem of Finland
– The first known direct paternal ancestor of William I of England
– A terminal ancestor of many European noble families and modern Icelandic families

He was:

– The subject of the Fundinn Noregr, the History of Norway
– Written about in Sagas of the Orkneyingers

Ancestry Back Through William the Conqueror
to Fornjot, King of Finland

John Major Jenkins, April 2004.

Part 1.

From the Sagas of the Orkneyingers (same king list found also in Heimskringla):

THERE was a king named Fornjot1, he ruled over those lands which are called Finland and Kvenland; that is to the east of that bight of the sea which goes northward to meet Gandvik; that we call the Helsingbight. Fornjot had three sons; one was named Hler, whom we call Aegir, the second Logi, the third Kari; he was the father of Frost, the father of Snow the Old, his son’s name was Thorri; he (Thorri) had two sons, one was named Norr and the other Gorr; his daughter’s name was Goi.


25 M
2 months ago #9338284        

Finland came to be no later than 1809, though the Grand Duchy had existed (on paper at least) ever since the 16th century.


22 M
2 months ago #9334240        

Norway was unified in the viking age, most likely somewhere between 870 and 890.

And Iceland shortly after.

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