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How old?

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How old?

I’ve drawn Denmark as younger than Sweden and Norway a few times, but that had to do with the age of the landmass. This shows how old the Nordics are as countries.

Denmark’s birth is from when it became a united country instead of tribes fighting each other, Sweden is from King Gustav Vasa's crowning and Norway, Finland and Iceland are from when they became fully independent from all other countries.

Norway is a bit tricky though, because he could also be said to be around the same age as Denmark. But this is how it's usually done.

22nd October 2010

5 days ago #9136036      

welsh, welsh, welsh.... at least a bit of history

17 days ago #9128282      

Banned your history? I highly doubt that. We were never your oppresors, and Finland was mostly indipendent even under swedish rule. In fact, I have heard from finlanders that in Finland history older than the world war was long considered unimportant. Maby partly due to the civil war that no one seems to be willing to talk about.

18 days ago #9127756      

Oh my... Russia as it is was born in 1991..

22 days ago #9125438      

cute,cute,cute :D

24 days ago #9123525      

Even when Iceland was little he had sparkles!

24 days ago #9123524      

Yeah I believe that but what about Canada?
(although this is Europe not north america so,yeah)but still....…
…..........…….hmmmmmm nevermind!XD X)

26 days ago #9122148      

Finland was born way before that. That is the year we took back our independens. Finland was independent before Sweden banned our history. Our language they could not take away. It was secretky tought like Kalevala.

30 days ago #9118812      

Little baby Iceland *squeaky bubble eyes*

Kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO

1 month ago #9117723      

Norway was really becoming its own country in 875 when Harald Hårfagre united Norway to one kingdom, witch also made him the first king of Norway.

1 month ago #9117719      

what they looks like to me:
Denmark: a student who like to get drunk and captured by the cops
Sweden: a kid secretly being jealous of Denmark
Norway: just The cutest little kiddo
Finland: anyone else just wanna squeeze his tiny checks?
Iceland: the born of a angels of devils

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