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How old?

How old?

I’ve drawn Denmark as younger than Sweden and Norway a few times, but that had to do with the age of the landmass. This shows how old the Nordics are as countries.

Denmark’s birth is from when it became a united country instead of tribes fighting each other, Sweden is from King Gustav Vasa's crowning and Norway, Finland and Iceland are from when they became fully independent from all other countries.

Norway is a bit tricky though, because he could also be said to be around the same age as Denmark. But this is how it's usually done.

22nd October 2010

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10 days ago #9387127        

But... Olav Tryggvason (the viking who founded Nidaros in 997) was king of Norway around 997. Which means Norway is older. Harald Hårfarge united the small kingdoms to a country, or the kingdom of Norway. He did this around 800-900 i think. So Norway is older than 100 years. :) More like 1000 years old ;)

24 days ago #9379481        

Oh My Gosh Iceland looks so CUTE!


17 F
2 months ago #9368861        

Norway was united as a country around year 885


25 M
2 months ago #9366419        

What's Norway doing to that poor fish? I know he loves his fish, but...



20 F
2 months ago #9366409        

Even though I typically adore and love SATW in every way, and check back almost every other day for new comics, this one has always bothered me. It doesn't really offend me as a Norwegian, because I do not believe the age of my country has anything to do with me as a person or with the nation and the people as it is today. However, I can't agree to this one. It would simply be wrong to state Denmark's birth to when it became a unified country, but only count the other countries from when they became fully independent last. Norway did not seize to become a country just because it was under Danish rule, and specially while under Sweden, Sweden had close to no control at all over Norway. That is why 1. Norway counts its independence day as July 17th, 1814 and 2. Norway should have been counted as born when Harald Hairfair first united the country. The same goes for Iceland and Sweden.
While I understand that Humon was probably taught in school that Denmark became a country in the 11th century, and that it is so deeply integrated in her that she didn't even question it, but the same goes for at least Norwegians. We are also taught that our country became a country when Harald Hairfair united us. It is not fair to count from different criteria depending on which country it is.
Other than that, again, I take no offence to the comic, and I am in no way upset with Humon. Just keep drawing, because I cannot express how much I love SATW :)


47 M
2 months ago #9365626        

It is a bit misleading since it count Denmark birth from it was united the first time not when it was the last (so far) time by Valdemar Atterdag, but it count the other countries only from they become fully independent.
And unlike the other three Sweden was in theory at all time independent just with the Danish king, no other Danish authorities had any power in Sweden (in theory at least and the break in the 1520 come after the Danish disrespect for that theory went to far).
So either count only from full independence and move Denmark's birth to around 1340.
Or use semi-independence and leave Denmark, but change Sweden to the 12th century Norway to 1814 and Finland to 1809.

2 months ago #9360742        

@Koshee Uuuuuuuugh


26 M
3 months ago #9358848        


3 months ago #9358802        

@Koshee Now I'm fabulous. Sh*t.

3 months ago #9358492        

Denmark is smug looking down on them

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