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It's Complicated


It's Complicated

Inspired by simply watching American news and TV series. America have very complicated feelings about breasts. :XD:

Originally America was holding a Teddy Bear, but he likes Teddy Eagles better.

10th August 2010

28 days ago #9115210      

Um... How so? I think we manage where I live.

28 days ago #9114839      

No @dalekkittehs it's a eagle

1 month ago #9109378      


1 month ago #9109197      

Is he... Hiding a boner?...

2 months ago #9098630      

Oh America always acting so big and tuff. He is so cute and cuddly with the Teddy Eagle <3

2 months ago #9077821      

You cant spell FREEDOM without EAGLE!


35 M
3 months ago #9072298      

Well we like boobies but tell ourselves not to look or touch or its sexual harassment. Yet we sell clothes that let them hang out public, go figure!

3 months ago #9067054      

lol I love Canada. we need to be more like canadians

3 months ago #9063132      

The stuff eagle is the best! Seriously funny.

3 months ago #9054741      

America, you wet-willy

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