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It's Complicated

It's Complicated

Inspired by simply watching American news and TV series. America have very complicated feelings about breasts. :XD:

Originally America was holding a Teddy Bear, but he likes Teddy Eagles better.

11th August 2010

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15 M
8 days ago #9386449        

I love the Canada America hat therpist session on there. America looks so scared

9 days ago #9385646        

One of the redeeming things about America is his guileless guilt.

14 days ago #9383487        

Being from the Midwest (we're talking extreme conservatives) of the U.S. this is 10000% accurate.

Yasss on being comment 666!!!

14 days ago #9383055        

Awe.....Canada is America's hat again


26 days ago #9376677        

Another guess not-so-known fact about boobs: Yes, we can tell when you are looking at them. No, srsly we can. Every time. Yes even then.

And yeah it's okay! ^_^

2 months ago #9361781        

i did that once when i was messing aound witha girl


37 F
5 months ago #9334370        

America's sex drive is that of a 10-year-old boy's.


20 M
5 months ago #9325567        

American media needs to have a better definition on where the line stands. I couldn't really give much of a care as to where they draw it cause we have the internets where the line is non-existent, but I wish that common media standards like news and TV wasn't so contradictory stateside.


21 M
5 months ago #9324572        

Murikan Media in a Nutshell right there.


16 F
6 months ago #9322194        


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