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It's Complicated


It's Complicated

Inspired by simply watching American news and TV series. America have very complicated feelings about breasts. :XD:

Originally America was holding a Teddy Bear, but he likes Teddy Eagles better.

10th August 2010


13 F

Online Now
25 days ago #9299632        

@DeadlyLittleKate: Well yeah. I'm ignorant, but not that ignorant. On the other hand this is a comic about stereotypes not reality.... plus it's really cuuute.... nngh...


48 M
2 months ago #9279673        

American TV is very confused about breasts. Blood, cursing, violence... no problem. But *gasp* a breast is "unsafe" for our children! They must NEVER see one, ever!

Fortunately, actual people in the U.S. don't have that much of a problem seeing and/or touching them. Most of the time...

6 months ago #9215876        

Gotta love how he uses a plush toy to hide his boner.

7 months ago #9193120        

Pretty much, at least for certain demographics. Take me, for instance! I like boobs, but should I come into contact with them I'd more than likely react the same way America did. +1 for social anxiety!

7 months ago #9189413        

@Canadaforeverandever we don't actually say eh as much as other countries think..... And he's said it before


13 F

Online Now
8 months ago #9158708        

Canada finally said "eh!" I've been wondering where his "eh" was!


22 F
8 months ago #9157310        

HAHAHAHAHA plz do more of there! XD sweden america <3

9 months ago #9148441        

America and his Security Hat (also known as Canada).

9 months ago #9141961        

yes, like silpheed said, it, touching anyway, will likely be considered harassment, unless you are given permission to touch our boobs. and where i am from, we are not afraid to fight guys. stare too long and we will think you are a perv and will likely call you out for being one. now, i dont wear clothes that my boobs can fall out of, but there are girls who do and do not want you looking at their boobs. i dont see the logic.

10 months ago #9115210        

Um... How so? I think we manage where I live.

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