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Judgement Day


Judgement Day

At the moment Denmark is being sued for handing over war-prisoners to USA. Denmark claims it did not know USA used torture.

Denmark have been kissing up to USA a lot since the war started, to a point where Denmark have lost more soldiers per capita than any other country (Obviously USA have lost the most soldiers overall).

He just really really wants a big strong friend...:(

24th January 2011

4 months ago #9188222        

I live in the US.....I'm disappointed with us country is so screwed up, you guys thinking were a world power and all should think differently. you guys will survive, our government will collapse the way its going at the moment. I'm thinking of moving to Norway, Sweden or Denmark. Your guys countries sound much nicer than mine.

6 months ago #9150790        

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha... Just waiting for that one. XD

6 months ago #9140624        


6 months ago #9134101        

Wait I thought it's Russia who lost most soldiers overall?

7 months ago #9115532        

i have to agree i must admit im also american but to be honest i think this placed is rather ...... screwed. sure we have a lot of freedom but to be honest our goverment is messed up right now it seams like alot of the power goes to people who lie the best. and the education system well lets just say there's a reason for us being pretty big in foreign exchange .

edit. sorry for my poor spelling.


19 M
8 months ago #9098368        

America and all that being the "best" country in the world. Bullshit. I'm not a fan of the relation Danish politicians have made with USA.. I guess I'm not the only one.

8 months ago #9096785        

....... *fujoshi thoughts of Denmark* Yup.....

9 months ago #9075116        

@christmassysocks HAHA.... how naughty of us.....XD

9 months ago #9075066        

@TimMogens So do I - DenNor is my OTP ;)

9 months ago #9066530        

2christmassysocks I have some pictures of him being a bad boy but it's in APH style.... and he is naugthy

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