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Judgement Day


Judgement Day

At the moment Denmark is being sued for handing over war-prisoners to USA. Denmark claims it did not know USA used torture.

Denmark have been kissing up to USA a lot since the war started, to a point where Denmark have lost more soldiers per capita than any other country (Obviously USA have lost the most soldiers overall).

He just really really wants a big strong friend...:(

24th January 2011

14 days ago #9271563        

It was like that here as well.
Did you have Corporal Punishment in Canada then?

No no I was there for only a day so I enjoyed the time that I spent there.

I can't find my notes on how to do the Past tense and I've forgotten how to do it..


17 F
14 days ago #9271246        

At first, it was religious people who was teaching to students (and some institutors by then). In Québec, it was mostly catholic and in other Canada's provinces, protestant and the church had all the rights to command and implant educational systems. It has changed because people in western was influenced by Pestalozzi and wanted a new education. So, the church had to revise its programm. Then, after the second world war, things' changed and the church let education to the government. In Canada, educational system is up to provincial governments and the one in Québec decided to do it the way they thought it was best.

How many time? :O

Hm, it this way, it's better to use «gros» (big or fat). If you say it «une grande voiture», people will think of a limousine because it literally means "a tall car".
But if you say "big sister" or "big brother", there it'd be «grande soeur» or «grand frère». (I hope I am not confusing you at all ^^') [we say «grand» and «grande» because older sisters and brothers are generally taller than us]

«m'a» = je vais , I will
«m'acheter» = to buy something for yourself

15 days ago #9271128        

Hm? Why would they do that?

It is but that's with every new language.
Oh it is! I loved my time there.(Be it a small time)

Yeah you guys don't say Grand do you?(It means big)
Why have "m'a" twice? o:

Ah well for the time I've been here there hasn't been one made. Maybe Dayvi will make one someday :P


17 F
15 days ago #9270963        

Well, I freakin' dunno o_O They never explained that in history classes, I must do some research about it...
Until the late 1940's (and maybe 1950's), it was 9 years of school (some say it was free until the 9th grade and you had to pay for the 10th, 11th and 12th grade). Then it was university,( which only rich people had access to it and some talentful students who succeeded to have scholarships). Why did it change in two different systems through the country? I don't know.

Lol x) But yeah, it may be very hard for foreigners to understand when they're not used to it xD

Toronto *o* Such a beautiful city ♥

You're learning teach «conditionnel présent»
«Si je gagnais/remportais à la loterie, je m'achèterais une grosse voiture.» -> international and written french
«Si j'gagne à 'loterie, m'a m'acheter un gros char» -> spoken quebecker french :P

PS: Do you know if there's a private messaging system? 'Cuz we're totally out of the comic's topic!


17 F
16 days ago #9270736        

"Since I thought that Canadian's education would be the same throughout it.."
No absolutely not. Canadian's school system is pretty alike to the american's one except in.. Québec.
French canadian is a way different than european french (there's also a "little fight" between French and Quebeckers, because both think their french is the best. Also, Quebeckers are pissed off because French people can't understand our french (which is a stereotype, 'cuz normally, we do understand each others, except for idiomatics expressions and we're both happy to say "Hey, you're from France or Belgium!" "Hey.. Are you a Quebecker?")). The accent is the biggest difference. And then come idiomatic expressions...
"Why isn't it taught there if French is taught in other provinces?"
You mean French or English? English is taught as a second language, so is French in other provinces :)
"I was in Canada believe it or not so I do know :P" If I'm not indiscreet.. where and when? :o
"I like learning French though I'm not the best at it :) " Hahaha, it's ok! (it's also very nice!) French grammar is incomprehensible, so... ^^'

18 days ago #9269635        

Ah one of those Frenchies :P
Yeah I figured.Well I was talking to a Canadian a while back and she said that she had to learn French(She lives in Alberta) in school. So I naturally thought you would learn English as well as French, Since I thought that Canadian's education would be the same throughout it..
Ah well that's nothing new(for the fat one) but I've never heard of them being fake.For the first one it's just a stereotype sure there are fat people but that's in every country.
A lot are unfounded.
I was in Canada believe it or not so I do know :P
Though French there is meant to be very different to the other French speakers( at least in France for example)
Why isn't it taught there if French is taught in other provinces?
I like learning French though I'm not the best at it :)


17 F
19 days ago #9269293        

It is more "as a Quebecker". Quebeckers dislike anglophones and it's worse when it's against America.
Um.. simple and unkind prejudices, I was told that Americans were fat (and if they were not, they were fake, full of plastic surgeries), they don't respect and consider others and stuff like that I don't remember (and don't want to because it was unfounded).

Haha, no :) I'm a french-native speaker (and proud to be!) I live in the province of Québec, which means the official language in here is french. You may find some schools and unversities (two unis') in english, at Montréal and perhaps at Québec, but the rest is entirely french (and the majority doesn't fluently speak english, except in big cities like Montréal).

19 days ago #9269276        

As a foreigner what prejudices did you have of the U.S?
A lot of Americans are friendly yes and like to ask people where they are from.(Well I probably would anyway)
Wouldn't know English already though? Since you'd be taught English in school..
Yeah it's bad but things are changing now : /


17 F
19 days ago #9269272        

America's a big freak o_o

@Automatan: At least, you've got a good President (but with Republicans on the other side, which is... y'know, not that great..).
I don't live in the USA, but they show a image that isn't true to all of the americans. I've gone to your country twice, I was full of prejudices but it changed because I met nice American. I remember when I was in NYC and Washington D.C and some people were curious about me, where I was from, and they also helped me with my english (because it s*cked before XD ). It's sad to have in mind American are egocentric because they're nice!. (Yeah, some aren't nice, but we can't love everybody as humans :P )

5 months ago #9188222        

I live in the US.....I'm disappointed with us country is so screwed up, you guys thinking were a world power and all should think differently. you guys will survive, our government will collapse the way its going at the moment. I'm thinking of moving to Norway, Sweden or Denmark. Your guys countries sound much nicer than mine.

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