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Judgement Day

Judgement Day

At the moment Denmark is being sued for handing over war-prisoners to USA. Denmark claims it did not know USA used torture.

Denmark have been kissing up to USA a lot since the war started, to a point where Denmark have lost more soldiers per capita than any other country (Obviously USA have lost the most soldiers overall).

He just really really wants a big strong friend...:(

24th January 2011

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2 months ago #9339693        

Why is America even the judge? xD

3 months ago #9331871        

By the USA? Dose that mean he is in America? And that was a really bad fallacy.


48 M
3 months ago #9327682        

@AmeriSwede - That's what I said. It's not "anecdotal". It's observation, which is the definition of "scientific" proof - direct observation, rather than impressions or beliefs. And after talking to the people who work in my Doctor's office about 2 weeks ago, they confirm that what I said was true for every person they see and not just myself. They also confirmed that they now have ten times the amount of paperwork that must be filled out and mailed to government agencies than they were doing just a couple of years ago. They've raised rates, hired special "paperwork" staff, and reduced the time that the Doctors (six of them) see each patient. And they're still making less money in their overall practice, now.

My point below was not about comparisons of evidence. It was about governmental interference in medical practice making the entire medical system worse for everyone involved. Which it has most definitely done. If you want to disagree with me on that point you're welcome to, but I believe there are millions of people who would disagree with your opinion.


21 M
3 months ago #9324599        



3 months ago #9324374        

@KOakaKO Sorry, but that's not what anecdotal evidence is. It has nothing to do with whether or not it's a first person story, and everything to do with people using stories (or "anecdotes") as a substitute for scientific evidence.


48 M
4 months ago #9318352        

Don't give me "nice try", as though you know something I don't. What I wrote was not "anecdotal evidence", what I wrote was my own experiences with the medical system in the U.S. That was an eyewitness account, my personal experiences. Which are actually DIRECT evidence of how these policies affect people in the U.S. "Anecdotal evidence", as you call it, is a third-person heresay account of how something affected somebody else. This is not that. This is my own life I was writing about.

Here is the wikipedia description of the "Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality":
"The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), formerly known as the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, is one of twelve agencies within the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The agency began as the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research and was tasked with producing guidelines. However, it became controversial when it produced several guidelines which would reduce medical drugs and procedures. This included concern from ophthalmologists on a cataract guideline and concern by the pharmaceutical industry over a reduction in the use of new drugs. When the agency produced a guideline which concluded that back pain surgery was unnecessary and potentially harmful, a lobbying campaign, aided by Congressmen whose backs had been operated on, changed the name of the agency and "wound down" the guidelines program."

In other words, your "agency" has been discredited because it was shown to be biased - rather than showing factual information, which is what they were supposed to do. They were corrupt, and they lied. They are not a truthful source of information. This is why, when I show numbers or statistics, I show them from many different sources. Choosing only one source is almost proof that you only want to show one point of view, rather than the actual facts.

As for your last comment... I'm assuming you don't live in the U.S., because everyone here knows that the U.S. government is rapidly spending the country into bankruptcy. And you would know that the U.S. government has no interest in "looking after it's citizens", a concept that only a very young person would actually believe. People around the world see us as "rich", for some reason, when the truth is that the U.S. can't pay the bills it keeps promising year-to-year. Eight years ago we had a National Debt of about 7 or 8 Trillion U.S. dollars. Today, we have a National Debt of 18 Trillion dollars.

The U.S. is no longer "rich", if we ever were. (And if we ever were, little people like me never saw it.) The U.S., if it were a person, has maxed out all his credit cards... sold the second car... taken another mortgage on the house... rented out the extra room... had several garage sales... and STILL can't pay his bills without taking out new credit cards. If we don't do something drastic in this country in the next ten years, we will end up just like Greece is today - because we can't afford all the crap that our government is paying for right now. Personally, I think shopping-online channels should be outlawed in Washington D.C., because our own Senators can't seem to stop themselves from BUYING anything that anybody wants to sell them. We are GOING BROKE here, and they just KEEP spending money we don't have! It's really, really stupid...

4 months ago #9313645        

@KOakaKO Actually, my numbers were from the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, rather than from an article. I will trust that over anecdotal evidence. Nice try, though.

I'm sorry you look down on "government handouts," but I'm sure the richest country in the history of the world can afford to look after its citizens.


48 M
4 months ago #9313361        

You're apparently reading an article and repeating numbers. Schools are always making new doctors, but the number is rapidly going down because so many of them are retiring - many of them retiring early because they don't want to deal with all the new paperwork, which was bad enough already. There is no growth, it's definitely a decline.

The statistic that you quote about "visits" to the doctor doesn't include what I was talking about. My "visits" to the doctor are twice a year, which used to be once a year until another federal rule was enforced - about 3 years ago. I have to travel to my doctors office, sign paperwork for a prescription, carry that piece of paper to the pharmacy, then wait there until they fill it. Every month. Last year I went to the doc's office twice a year and re-filled prescriptions over the phone. 3 years ago I went to their office once a year, and re-filled the prescriptions over the phone. I'm burning a lot of petrol, I'm using a lot of my own time, I'm wasting a lot of time for the doc's office and the pharmacy, I'm generating huge amounts of paperwork... all for something that was very simple to do about 3 years ago. And it's all because of the grand-sounding "healthcare reform" that people love to say is such a good thing.

Oh, and on top of all that... I had to drop my health insurance because the payment rates suddenly became twice as much as they were before this so-called "reform". I couldn't afford it anymore. The U.S. government says, "but, you can apply for 'obamacare' now...", which is basically another welfare program that the U.S. can't afford to pay for. So it adds billions, if not trillions, to the National Debt.

I didn't apply for the welfare program. Which means I now have to pay a penalty on my federal tax documents of something like $150, I think. So... I HAD health insurance, they "reformed healthcare", the rates for the insurance went WAY up, I couldn't afford it, I refused to beg for government handouts for the poor, and NOW I'm being fined by the federal government for not having health insurance.

Please, please, tell me how ANY of this makes ANY sense at all. I'd love to hear it.

4 months ago #9311546        

@KOakaKO: Actually, the number of primary care physicians has increased slightly in the last few years -- not decreased. The problem is that it has still increased by significantly less than the population growth. Do note, of course, that the growth is national, while there may be significant local shortfalls.

The average amount of visits to the doctor per year is 4 per American as per 2014. Why is yours so high?

I don't know about the 50% price increase, but prices have gone up for the middle class, down for the lower class, and down overall.

It does strike me as peculiar. Why are people in your area being screwed over so hard?


48 M
5 months ago #9301328        


*sigh* You're right, of course. And I know you were using a collective "you". It's just SO frustrating to think of how many of my fellow countrymen are overseas being obnoxious examples of WHY everyone should dislike them, and then by extension everyone ends up disliking the U.S. as a whole. And it's doubly frustrating to know that there's really nothing I can do about it.

Social programs are good, though I disagree that a completely socialist government would be a good idea. (I used to feel that way, but time and experience tends to change that opinion.) Still, even an idea as good as "reforming healthcare" (for example) turns into an ugly nightmare thanks to our idiotic government 'leaders'. It's not just the conservative side, it's both sides. It was the Democrats who put down 15,000 pages of 'we will control everything' and immediately demanded that Congress vote on it, even going so far as to say "you'll find out what's in the bill after we make it law". Both sides have done things as stupid as this, which is why very few people have any trust or faith in them at all anymore. And, of course, it leads to the Congress we've had for the past decade - who are so invested in just ARGUING with each other that they couldn't agree that water is wet, even if that was the goal of both sides.

(side note: On the subject of that 'healthcare' bill - thanks to governmental interference I now have to drive 20 miles to visit my Doctor's office about 14 times a year instead of 2, I have to hand-carry prescriptions on paper to the pharmacy instead of using phone calls, I now have to sign or fill out about 6 paperwork forms at every visit instead of giving one signature, I have to repeat like a trained parrot my birthdate to every person I see in the office which is usually about 16 times {which makes me feel like a childish idiot and isn't something I ever had to do before}, the costs of the office visits and prescriptions have gone up about 50%, AND the Doctor's office itself now has approximately ten times as much paperwork to do for every office visit - with many new and severe penalties if they get ANY bit of it wrong. Many older Doctors have just given up and retired, including my Uncle Jim, which means we now have fewer Doctors. There's more, I could go on, but this side-note is only meant to show ONE small example of just how SCREWED UP everything gets in our everyday lives when government decides it's going to get involved. And these are the things you won't see on BCC or SkyNews, which is why I wrote this.)

Perhaps the most frustrating part is talking to ignorant Americans. I have to explain to them, for example, that ALL of the Allies won WWII - and that we couldn't have won without the Soviet Union, who had about 40 times more casualties in the war than the U.S. or Britain did. Too many of these people have been raised to believe it's "ALL about you", and that they are still GREAT people even if they're wood-block stupid and ignorant of basic facts. If you tell somebody like this that the Soviet Union was vital to the war effort, they completely block you out of their 'great' little minds and just start repeating that "Russia is bad, period" - usually not even realizing that the USSR was more than just 'Russia'.

That's just one example of 'America-centric' small mindedness. There are many others, and I could type for an hour about it. My only defense is something that I posted on another page of SatW - it's all about numbers. The U.S. is the third-largest country in the world by population, and with 320 million people to choose from you end up with a LOT of self-important idiots traveling abroad and making complete fools of themselves and their country. Add that on top of the governmental stupidity running roughshod over peole in other countries... and it seems to me that we probably DESERVE to be despised by the rest of the world. Regardless of how one person, like myself, might feel about the whole mess.

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