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Just Another Morning

Just Another Morning

Happy Independence Day Finland. :XD:

There’s no point to this. I just wanted to make a comic that had Finland, Sweden and Åland’s characters bouncing off each other.

This comic could have gone on forever, but I had to restrain myself. In my head Finland and Åland’s fight just keep escalating without any of them really getting hurt, and it ends with all of them drinking coffee together because Sweden timed it perfectly. :D

6th December 2010

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10 days ago #9359298        

Can this please be animated?

20 days ago #9357192        

:3 i really like this commic. There should be a continuation of this

2 months ago #9343443        

My absolute favorite!

2 months ago #9338702        

Probably my favourite comic so far.


3 months ago #9335173        



34 M
3 months ago #9332533        

I... i kinda wnat to see the extended directors cut

3 months ago #9329517        

Verey different pjs

3 months ago #9326662        

Omfg, that was hilariously awesome.


16 F
4 months ago #9322067        

Finland with glasses is so CUTE :3

4 months ago #9320582        

This will always be one my favourite comics. It's cute AND hilarious

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