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Just Another Morning


Just Another Morning

Happy Independence Day Finland. :XD:

There’s no point to this. I just wanted to make a comic that had Finland, Sweden and Åland’s characters bouncing off each other.

This comic could have gone on forever, but I had to restrain myself. In my head Finland and Åland’s fight just keep escalating without any of them really getting hurt, and it ends with all of them drinking coffee together because Sweden timed it perfectly. :D

5th December 2010

28 days ago #9121692      

Finland will get his well deserved revenge


36 F
1 month ago #9109620      

That is awesome!

2 months ago #9098830      

Awww this is so sweet <3
Åland gets the axe and Sweden gets the coffee ready! Best way to start off the day <3

2 months ago #9095514      

@Gafloff i like other couples but those are so cute too :)

2 months ago #9090297      

I like how Åland hates Finland and loves Sweden

Because it's so true.


25 F
2 months ago #9087767      

@SavolaxMitsu okay thanks :)

2 months ago #9087146      


Åland pronounce Oland, Å is swedis and mean river.
Åland = River land
The Finnish name of the island, Ahvenanmaa, = Perch land

3 months ago #9080715      

Just a Finnish blood! Don't worry. He just kill you


25 F
3 months ago #9072033      

@DanishSalmon hm don´t know. may be becaus its kind of hard to say it because there is an aprupt stop in the flow of the word ^^ exspecially because i don´t know how it is pronounced. i speak it like i would a german word say...

btw land means here country, too

3 months ago #9071491      

@DanishSalmon well, you would just got mad tring to pronounce ão..... so: Let it be, Let it be. whisper words of wisdom, let it be

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