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Long Cold Nights

Long Cold Nights

I have had this comic on my computer for a month now, because I wasn’t sure if I should post it. Too much naked skin.
Then I showed it to a friend who said I had to post it. I’m still a little nervous about it though, so let’s see for how long this will stay here. ^^;

Anyway, this comic is based on the “What happened in the Nordic people’s huts doing those long cold winter nights” jokes.
I once had a substitute history teacher who was very fond of insinuating that all countries in the north f***ed like rabbits as soon as they had a bit to drink and the first snow fell, and prevented the Vikings from getting their rocks on in England. She was a crazy but fun lady. :XD:

Another joke in here, is that the Finns claim that the only reason why Swedish women get pregnant is because the Finnish men come over to help them out. :XD:

29th August 2009
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29 M
11 days ago #9327587        

I love Finlands smile when he enters the room


15 F
24 days ago #9322606        

@Kylis155 No, everybody loves sister Sweden+Finland :3


16 M
1 month ago #9312080        

Am I the only one who thinks that Finland and sister Sweden are kinda cute together?


16 M
2 months ago #9303945        

Looking closer, in the 5th pannel... Awn, are Denmark and Norway smilling at each other?

2 months ago #9299506        

@Canadaforeverandever Well in the beginning, I thought that way, but as I got further into the comics, I realized it wasn't a secret after all;P

2 months ago #9299267        

@KofodDane: Secretly? Since when?

2 months ago #9298916        

Hilarious and the Denmark and Norway thing was cute

3 months ago #9276671        

I love how Denmark and Norway is secretly gay:P


22 M
6 months ago #9235084        

don't be like that sverige you enjoy that too!


20 F
6 months ago #9234215        

why you make finnish girl look so... anoying person... ;<

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