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Long Cold Nights


Long Cold Nights

I have had this comic on my computer for a month now, because I wasn’t sure if I should post it. Too much naked skin.
Then I showed it to a friend who said I had to post it. I’m still a little nervous about it though, so let’s see for how long this will stay here. ^^;

Anyway, this comic is based on the “What happened in the Nordic people’s huts doing those long cold winter nights” jokes.
I once had a substitute history teacher who was very fond of insinuating that all countries in the north f***ed like rabbits as soon as they had a bit to drink and the first snow fell, and prevented the Vikings from getting their rocks on in England. She was a crazy but fun lady. :XD:

Another joke in here, is that the Finns claim that the only reason why Swedish women get pregnant is because the Finnish men come over to help them out. :XD:

29th August 2009

2 months ago #9198112        

norway denmark is the cutest thing ever in this comic ^^


13 F
4 months ago #9145025        

Sweden + Sister Finland! <3 xD

4 months ago #9142857        

Their faces in the final panel. Priceless!

4 months ago #9142782        

Denmark and Norway <3


20 F
5 months ago #9122025        

Aaaaweh denmark and norway looks so cute ^-^


28 F
6 months ago #9096902        

Aww, we see mr. F smile <3


21 F
6 months ago #9096134        

Way to go brother and sister Finland! :D


15 M
7 months ago #9081870        

Hahah. It's true, Swedes are very prude.

8 months ago #9044088        

Mmmm... SatW DenNor? Almost as cute as Hetalia DenNor.

8 months ago #9041894        

Because Sweden doesn't want the others to know he is. Thats why he said "They did it too, they won't make fun of you" to himself.
Plus, Denmark and Norway are not really his type, i assume xD Or he just doesn't want to admit it ^_^

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