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Matter of Perspective


Matter of Perspective

Don't be silly, Canada. :)

12th June 2010

1 month ago #9247643        

Canadians, we're just to nice.


16 F
3 months ago #9198225        

Kanada always gives in! :D

5 months ago #9165360        

America is such a dick.

6 months ago #9148443        

Did Canada just call America his Prison Bee?

6 months ago #9148090        

Haha, America really is Canada's boxers...

7 months ago #9116952        

One day, one day.

But for now we give you style! :D

7 months ago #9109858        

Hahahah, cute <3

8 months ago #9097471        

I like our silly hat <3

8 months ago #9095907        

Canada is large geographically, but hey, in terms of population, we win.

8 months ago #9088108        

I'd like to see America try that with sister Canada. She'd knock him on his ass without breaking a sweat.

Edited because my tablet doesn't like swearing.

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