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Matter of Perspective

Matter of Perspective

Don't be silly, Canada. :)

13th June 2010

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112 M
9 days ago #9359326        

@Funnyface Maybe Canada is just a really big hat?

29 days ago #9354006        

Canada is a bit bigger than the USA. I kinda think of it Canada's way.

2 months ago #9345007        

But... But we have a much bigger land area! *sigh* though i guess a ton of it is tundra or taiga and we have a low population density, hence the abundant hair in comparison to his body size...


22 M
3 months ago #9328300        

We're bigger and on top, that makes America our bitch..



21 M
3 months ago #9328020        

Canada, unleash your Polar Bears, we won't stand a chance!


32 F
3 months ago #9323525        

We have better neighbors than Canada. Suck it, Canucks.

4 months ago #9321559        

first time seeing an expression like in second and third panel on Canada. All the other times he's either sighing or smiling a little

5 months ago #9297231        

its so clear that canada and america are mexicos fancy sombrero.

6 months ago #9287252        

It's a matter of perspective, all right...from my perspective, just the very thought that Canada would ever even think such a thing is incredibly funny...

6 months ago #9286800        

BTW, @21ft1st don't be a dick.

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