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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

All the Nordic countries claim that Santa lives within their borders (Sorry that I forgot you, Iceland).

Ever since I was a kid I liked the idea of there being more than one Santa, and I imagined them distributing the work between them and visiting each other in the summer. So no matter where a country believe Santa to live, I think they’re right. :D

22nd December 2009

6 days ago #9135462      

Soooo true boy

11 days ago #9132141      

America's such a weirdo. It's probably the only trait of his I identify with. XD

1 month ago #9113940      

Stop harassing Canada god dammit!
I love Norway's fish! *giggles*

1 month ago #9112866      

heh funny

1 month ago #9109901      

I've never forgotten how I envision America say ''PRESENT'' and I use it to make people do as I say xD


13 F
1 month ago #9109028      

yet Canadian children learn that santa lives in the north pole.

1 month ago #9106544      

@Wolfer And Korvatunturi is in Finland.

1 month ago #9105743      

That is very nice, my first idea of Santa was when I read an old book for children about Santa and a fox. Santa in this book was very tiny so I thought he could teleport


19 M
2 months ago #9098766      

Santa lives on Greenland! ;)


21 F
2 months ago #9096309      

Technically we Finns think that Santa (Joulupukki) lives in Korvatunturi ;)

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