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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

All the Nordic countries claim that Santa lives within their borders (Sorry that I forgot you, Iceland).

Ever since I was a kid I liked the idea of there being more than one Santa, and I imagined them distributing the work between them and visiting each other in the summer. So no matter where a country believe Santa to live, I think they’re right. :D

22nd December 2009


19 M
23 days ago #9303055        

i like how finlands expression doesnt change at all through the entire comic


15 F
25 days ago #9301868        

America's face in the last panel. Like he just had all his dreams crushed. I know! Like a child that's just been told Santa isn't real!

28 days ago #9299856        

I love the North Pole's death glare... "HOW DARE YOU WAKE ME UP FOR THIS? I need my 6 month's beauty rest."

1 month ago #9296219        

I thought Santa lived in Finland...

1 month ago #9295896        

Vela is right theres even a popular tv show called joulukalenteri (christmascalendar) and every day of christmas comes one new episode
to sum up christmas is as finnish as it gets especially if youre eating christmas ham


14 M
1 month ago #9295645        

Well you can actually meet Santa here in Finland in Rovaniemi, even in the summer season i think, so the Finns clearly win this one


17 M
2 months ago #9285927        

That freaky stare Finland has . . . It's creepy!

2 months ago #9285768        

SANTA LIVES IN ALASKA! I'm kidding. ;)


13 M
2 months ago #9279619        

@KofodDane Actualy, people are angry about our "zwarte pieten", which help "sinterklaas". "Sinterklaas" is realy a different person. One of the complaints was that the "zwarte pieten" are/were depicted as dumb and subserviant. Now we are expirimenting with "pieten" with other colors: blank and blue, yellow, orange, green.

2 months ago #9276824        

I think Denmark and Santa looks a lot like each other, due to the colors.
I mean, isn't it easy to think that Santa is Danish if you just look at him, and forget all about the fact that he lives in the North Pole and everything?
Also, apparently black people are furious about Netherlands, having a black Santa. I mean, COME ON! What is UP with THAT?! They should be HONOURED to have a black Santa! I mean, COME ON!!!!

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