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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

All the Nordic countries claim that Santa lives within their borders (Sorry that I forgot you, Iceland).

Ever since I was a kid I liked the idea of there being more than one Santa, and I imagined them distributing the work between them and visiting each other in the summer. So no matter where a country believe Santa to live, I think they’re right. :D

22nd December 2009


17 M
14 days ago #9285927        

That freaky stare Finland has . . . It's creepy!

14 days ago #9285768        

SANTA LIVES IN ALASKA! I'm kidding. ;)


13 M
23 days ago #9279619        

@KofodDane Actualy, people are angry about our "zwarte pieten", which help "sinterklaas". "Sinterklaas" is realy a different person. One of the complaints was that the "zwarte pieten" are/were depicted as dumb and subserviant. Now we are expirimenting with "pieten" with other colors: blank and blue, yellow, orange, green.

28 days ago #9276824        

I think Denmark and Santa looks a lot like each other, due to the colors.
I mean, isn't it easy to think that Santa is Danish if you just look at him, and forget all about the fact that he lives in the North Pole and everything?
Also, apparently black people are furious about Netherlands, having a black Santa. I mean, COME ON! What is UP with THAT?! They should be HONOURED to have a black Santa! I mean, COME ON!!!!


53 F
1 month ago #9275820        

13 jólasveinar (trolls who are Santa) live in Iceland. We know that Grýla and Leppalúði have a bunch of other children (over 34 in total) - They probable go to foreign lands during the Christmas season, as those 13 oldest "own" Icelands population itself. Grýla, also comes to town during Christmas, she is very hungry and is always looking for naughty evil children to eat.

1 month ago #9274371        

Just to throw it out there, North America generally accepts that Santa lives at the North Pole - and said Pole is within Canadian borders. Thus, Santa is a Canuck.


17 F

Online Now
2 months ago #9266986        

Well, in my head, Santa was living in Yukon, Nunavut or perhaps Greenland x)


19 F
2 months ago #9265519        

I'll still say that Santa lives in Finland. There is Santa's village in Lappi after all :3

2 months ago #9258483        

@sunflower98 I know, it doesn't suit her

3 months ago #9246673        

Whoa, North Pole is wearing a Santa costume

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