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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

All the Nordic countries claim that Santa lives within their borders (Sorry that I forgot you, Iceland).

Ever since I was a kid I liked the idea of there being more than one Santa, and I imagined them distributing the work between them and visiting each other in the summer. So no matter where a country believe Santa to live, I think they’re right. :D

23rd December 2009

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7 days ago #9359132        

Canada, for your own sake, get a backbone!

25 days ago #9354107        

Are there "Santas" at the malls in Scandinavia?

1 month ago #9351606        

I never understood the american myth of Santa having flying reindeers. I had met Santa's reindeers, they were as normal as donkeys or horses so to me Santa wasn't paranormal/magical, just a person taking reindeers, probably borrowed from the saami people, and travelled around being nice.

2 months ago #9344839        

My mom used to say Santa lives in Canada because we have the geomagnetic North Pole, but I'm pretty sure that's just a Canada Post ad campaign (it SO works, too; that's the only time of year I ever see anyone go to the postboxes).
Also, Santa is a Danish or Russian astronaut with a super-fast sleigh that warps time and space so he can both get to every house in a timely fashion and carry all the presents at once.


2 months ago #9343516        

Finland is the main Santa and the countries are his helpers. The elves happened because of Sealand!

2 months ago #9339536        

well you have the original saint nick who really did not live anywere and he was a world traveler and liked making wooden toys on hes journes "also learning new ways to make them"that he would give to children, after a while people did this as a tradition but some did it more than others which is were santa Claus came into the picture, every country had their own version of it. though the scandinavians celebrated this the most exept for the trees that came from england.

and if your wondering the fact that the santa has the color red is all because of the coca cola company he used to be in a green big coat or sometimes blue or wierdly enough white with yellow lining.


37 F
2 months ago #9334139        

@jxG It does.

3 months ago #9332108        

Not like it really matters, but whatever.


3 months ago #9331715        

Have you ever seen the math on this whole Santa thing?
The multiple Santas theory actually makes sense.


15 F
3 months ago #9330021        

@udac xD That makes sense!

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