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Every summer when tourists start wandering about in other countries there will be stories about them getting attacked by cows. And for some reason most of these stories come from Switzerland.

17th April 2012

7 days ago #9312007        

well... once a cow charged against me here in Mexico...... Was not funny at all O___O

23 days ago #9302402        

Switzerland used Cow. It's super effective!

1 month ago #9298579        

Switzerland's face in the last panel reminds me of Agent 300's patented Creepy-Ass Smile...


28 F
2 months ago #9273722        

Ohhh sadly this is very true. But really, I live up here, went wandering and have never been attacked by a cow....

3 months ago #9270567        

cows incoming

4 months ago #9260404        

I love his smug face when switerland says "they never see it coming"


16 M
6 months ago #9218398        

For some reason I picture Switzerland's character having the the same voice as that radio guy


22 F
7 months ago #9191923        

This reminded me of that YouTube video of the kid being chased by the cow xD

7 months ago #9182863        

Cows kill more people a year than sharks.

8 months ago #9171585        

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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