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Every summer when tourists start wandering about in other countries there will be stories about them getting attacked by cows. And for some reason most of these stories come from Switzerland.

17th April 2012


23 M
1 day ago #9135196      

noooooo!!! cows are gentle animals!
especially the calves, they're so cute <3

11 days ago #9128774      

But now I see it coming O.o

1 month ago #9108460      

Because there are a lot of cows in Switzerland. Duh.

1 month ago #9105653      

they never see it coming...

2 months ago #9096686      

O3o...not the cows!


18 M
2 months ago #9078076      

Switzerland, you crazy damn genius you.

3 months ago #9074124      

I'm Swiss and I've been waiting for something starring Switzerland! This is awesome. ~ Sora

3 months ago #9056859      

Run Denmark , RUN!


29 M
3 months ago #9052092      

Hahahaha we have the first Cow guard. xD

4 months ago #9034669      

He He... A good banker never tells his secrets

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